The guide to events in central Scotland

Thursday 26 August Thursday 9 September 2004

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i\.'\ w. ' " ' 13:: .' ' f: z " -- : . 2 '. ' Cuckoo's Nest, Ricky Gervais and Mark Thomas. plus how a reader's love for The List was misrepresented on Radio Scotland.

Highlights Beauty and the Beasts:

6 Clare Danes Since crashing into our world as a young Juliet opposite Leonardo Di Caprio. Clare Danes has matured into a very fine actress indeed. Now. she’s taken on a British film by Richard Eyres. and is setting out to prove that Stage Beauty is more than skin deep.

8 Hellboy Comic lovers will already know this amazing story inside out. The rest of us have a treat to look ton/yard to. in the shape of this beastly tale of Beelzebub, brilliantly adapted for the big screen. Miles Fielder looks at how it was made.

10 My Architect Great movies about architecture are indeed a rare thing. But here's one that will blow your mind. We talk to the man who has made a documentary masterpiece.

57 Oasis on DVD Definite/y Maybe bucked the trend of cynicism to give us belief in our right to excitement.‘ So said the NME in 1994. Ten years on, Oasis are releasing the whole album and a lot more besides on DVD. Mark Robertson takes a look.

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