Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication for Glasgow to Fiona Shepherd at glasgow©, by post or by tax on 0141 353 2803 and for Edinburgh to Henry Northmore at, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Mark Robertson, Henry Northmore and Fiona Shepherd.

Ticket information

Tickets for most shows can be obtained in advance from:

Tickets Scotland 239 Armlt: Street. Glasgov.’ 013.1 204 51531,

Tickets Scotland 121/ Rose Street. lrltttlitittilt. 0131 .720 323-2.

Ripping Records 01 Smith Bridge. ';1:-,1:);/‘t;,";to_

Way Ahead (11.11 3:10 meet.

Thursday 26


I 50 Cent 8. G Unit Sli(‘(‘. l‘inniexlon Qua}. 0870 040 4000. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()l"|'. ()\er- l—l\ \how. See The 24.

I The Dirtbombs and The Mutts King ’l‘ut'x \Vah Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £8. Detroit'x \otll garage \L‘lL‘l‘tlll\.

I Mondo Generator and Winnebago Deal Barl'l). Zoo (‘Ixtle Street. 0370 007 (1000. Split. £7. ()\er»~ I4x \how. lixcryone'x linourite nudd) baxxpla) er tthat‘x Nick ()lixeri ol‘ Queens ol~ the Stone Age. l‘or thoxe who ha\en't been pa) ing attention thexe laxt l'ew )earsl get\ up to wine hijiub with hix new band.

I I Am D, Mogul and Recliner Barll} (llp\l;lll'\). 2o0 (‘|_\de Street. 0870 007 000‘). 8pm. 1.4.

I Figure 5 and Chief Nice’n'Slea/x'. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 555 9037. Spill. £5. .-\ l.o\ e NllINiL‘. Hate Racixin night. featuring mod rockers Figure 5. I Brutally Impaled, Urban Poetry, Sinnus and Nothing But

im" ~~


The first time PJ Harvey poked her long neck above the musical parapet with a single called ‘Dress’ she was the archetypal indie kid: DMs, black clothes and songs of alienation. There was a spark, however, that suggested more, and a little over a dozen years later she’s one of our foremost songwriters. Her wardrobe may have changed but that unquantifiable element that makes her brilliant remains consistent.

(Mark Robertson)

. Car/mg Academy, gow, Sat 4 Sep. .g.

p '

Vengeance 'l‘he ('alliouxe. IS t'ninn Street. 248 0600. 7.50pm. £4.50 (adxance). to (door). ()\'Cl'-l—l\ \ltow. Metal line-up.

I Basement Breaks The 13th Note Cale. 50 (ill King Street. 553 1038. 9pm. Monthl} gathering of Scottish hip hop talent.

I The Cage, Somnus and Pop Rocket Soundxet. Soundhaux. 47 Hyde Park Street. 22] 465‘). 8.30an

.~ it , ' ,5 Tickets are available from:

£4.50. Weekl} show case ol‘ local hitlltlx.

I Neon Underground, Definitive, Crisis Project and

Horizon Rockers. l4 Midland Street. 22] 0726. 8pm. liree. Indie rock night.

I Clearfall The Bunker. 193 l‘)‘) Bath Street. 22‘) I427. l0pm. l-‘ree. Hard-gigging local outlit.

I Sticky Fingers Studio One.

(il‘t)\\‘ellot' Hotel. (il'thVClltH' 'l‘errace

toll H_\re\ Roadl. 34l (filo ‘lpm l-rec, Rolling Stone\ tribute act

I Open Mic 'l‘chai ana. 42 ()Iago lane. 55" 4524. Split l~ree. l-ortnightl} \t‘\\l(‘ll.

I Das Contras Heamcene. 5 (‘reww ell lane. 334 07?» S 30pm lice. laidback background \Ulllltl\. I Battle of the Bands .\lacSorlcx\. 42 Jamaica Street. 24S S5Sl. 0pm. l-ree

I Phil’s Session l‘txgt- lit-.itlia. 232 Woodlandx Road. 504 l5‘lb. Spin. l'ree. \Veckl} 1am.

I The Vagabonds 'l‘he Scotia. ll2 ll-l Sltk‘ls\\cll Street. 552 Shh‘l. 0pm. liree. Popular cm er\.

I Jam Session Samuel Dow'x. (37 7| Nithxdale Road. 425 0107. 3.30pm. Free. Hoxled b_\ Independence.

I Live Music .\1e(‘huill~.4ti High Street. 552 2H5 0.30pm. l‘ree. New band\ night.


I Slam ’l‘he .-\rche\. 253 .-\rg_\ lc Street. 505 “DR. 'l‘he \enerable Slant duo celebrate the releaxe til then new album it’tll' /t'm lll their \piritual home. bel'ore heading oil to the Highlandx to take their tunk} beat\ to the part\ «it the countr} other dance actx cannot reach.

I The Primary 5, Eleven Mile Creek and Freeway King 'l‘ut'x Wah \Vah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). Huillplll. E5. l‘.\—'lccll;tgc l-anclub drummer launchex hix new band'\ album Nun/i l’u/t’.

I Pagan, The Vanity Set and Apathetic 'l'he ('atliouxc. l5 l'uion Street. 24S (i000. 7pm. £4 tadmncel. E51tltufl').()\el‘~l»l\ \lit)\\. \lt‘ltll llllt' up.

I Repeat to Fade, Kai-Axa and My Electric Love Affair Harll}. 200 (‘l_\tle Street. 0870 ‘)07 090‘). Spin. .\llil.:\ ha\ e been dexcribed ax e\'ei'_\thing li'oni “audio rape' to a 'golltic tlil'gc'.

I The Darkest 'l'he lien}. 43 ('l_\de l’lace. ()lo‘LS 205 5| l. Spin. U0. Tribute to the Darknexx. themxehex a popular hair metal tribute act.

I Azzuri, Fred and Charlemagne Nice'ii'SleaI}. 42l Sauchiehall Street. 333 0637. ()pm. [3. Local rock/pop \ountlx.

. ~ 1’. .3" Tickets Scotland: 239 Argyle Street. 0141 204 5151 Tickets Scotland: 127 Rose Street. 0131 220 3234

Ripping Records: 91 South Bridge. 0131 226 7010 Way Ahead: 0141 339 8383 Ticketmaster: 0870 169 0100

I RUSh Sli(‘(‘. (ilthgow. l4 SUP.

I Leann Rimes (‘dee .»\uditoriiun. (ilttxgtm.

la (N ll) SOP.

I Jesse Malin Garage. Glaxgow, 22 Sep.

I D12 SE('('. Glaxgow. 23 Sep. I The Bees King Tut's. Glasgow. 24 Sep.

I The Datsuns QML'. Glasgow. 2‘) Sep.

I Embrace Barrowland. Glasgow. 30 Sep.

I The Wonderstutf Barrowland. Glasgow. l Oct.

I Slipknot and Slayer SECC. Glasgow, 3 ()et.

I Janis Ian Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 3 ()ct.

I The Music (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 4 ()cl.

I Bowling For Soup ('arling Academ}. Glasgow. 4 ()ct.

* Blues Explosion ('arling :\L".ltlt‘lll}. (il;l\g0\\. ()Cl.

ir Elvis Costello Barrow land. Glasgow. b (let.

I The Ordinary Boys Liquid Roomx. Edinburgh. b Oct: Garage. Glasgow. 7 ()et.

28 me LIST 26AL1Q—9 Sec 209.:

I Razorlight Barrow land. Glasgow. 7 ()ct.

I Avril Lavigne Sli(‘(‘. Glaxgow. 7 ()ct.

I Maroon 5 Barrowland. Glasgow. 8 ()ct. S()l.l) ()l'l. I Cowboy Junkies l'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 9 ()ct.

I The Delagdos Barrowland. Glasgow 9 ()ct.

I Goldie Lookin’ Chain Garage. Glasgow, 9 Oct.

I Katie Melua Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 1 1 Oct. I Lloyd Cole 1 the Commotions Barrowland. Glasgow. l2 Oct.

* Ian Brown Carling Academy. Glasgow. l4 & l5 ()ct.

I Franz Ferdinand Barrowland. Glasgow. I5 & lb ()et. SOLI) ()l'T

I The Finn Brothers l'sher Hall. Edinburgh. lb ()ct; Royal ('oncert Hall. Glasgow. l7 ()ct. * The Calling (‘arling Academ}. Glasgow. lb ()ct.

I Biffy Clyro Barrowland. Glasgow. 1‘) ()cl.

I Sarah McLachlan Ro}a|

(‘oncert Hall. (iltlxgow. 1‘) ()ct. S()l.l) ()l'T

I The Zutons Barrowland. Glasgow. 2] ()cl.

* Roy Ayers Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 21 ()ct.

I Kate Rusby t'xher Hall. Edinburgh. 23 ()ct.

I HIM Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 23 ()ct.

I Scissor Sisters Corn Exchange Edinburgh. 24 Oct; Barrowland. Glasgow. 25 ()ct. SOLD OL'T

I John Mayall L'shcr Hall. Edinburgh. 24 Oct.

I Rufus Wainwright L'sher Hall. Edinburgh 27 ()ct.

I The Rasmus Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 27 ()ct. I Hoobastank QMl'. Glasgow. 5| ()ct.

I The Waterboys Queen'x Hall. Edinburgh. 3| ()ct.

I Lionel Richie Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. I No\.

I The Polyphonic Spree QMl'. (ilitxgow. I Nm.

I Keane Barrow land. Glaxgow. 3 ck 4 No\. S()I.l) ()l'T

I Amy Winehouse Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 4 Not.

I Jah Wobble Renl'rew l-‘erry.

Glaxgow. 4 Nov. ~k Trashcan Sinatras St

Bridex Centre. Edinburgh. 4 Nm:

('ottier Theatre. (ilzixgow. 5 Nm. * Nick Cave ('arling Academ). Glasgow. 5 & (1 Nov SOLD ()L'T to only 1.

I Ibrahim Ferrer L‘sher Hall.

Edinburgh. (1 Nov. I Paul Weller Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 7 Not.

I Anastacia SECC‘. Glasgow.

7 Not.

I Deep Purple SECC‘. Glasgow. 8 Not.

I Motorhead Barrow land. Glaxgow. 1) No\.

* Lost Prophets Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. l3 Nox. NOTE NEW VENl'E

I Ben Folds Royal ('oncerl Hall. Glasgow lo Nox.

I The Thrills (‘arling Academ}. Glaxgow IS No\. I Beach Boys (‘lyde Auditorium. Glaxgow. I‘) No\. I Zero 7 ('arling Academ}. Glaxgow. 20 No\.

I Gabrielle ('Iyde Auditorium. Glaxgow. 2l No\.

* The Roots ('arling Academ}. Glaxgow. 25 Nm.

* Electric Six Barrow land. (ilttxgow. 25 Nm.

* Jill Scott Barrowland. Glasgow. 26 No\.

I Shellac Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 28 Nox.

I Blink 182 SECG (ilaxgow. l Dec.

I Groove Armada (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 3 die 4 Dec. I KD Lang (‘oncert Hall. Glasgow, 3 Dec,

I The Sensational Alex Harvey Band The (‘athnuxe (‘athousd 3 Dec.

I The Prodigy ('arling Academ). Glasgow. 8 Dec.

I Marianne Faithfull Royal (‘titicen Hall. Glasgow. l3 Dec. I The Pogues ('arling Academ}. (ilaxgow. 132:- I4 Dec. I Snow Patrol Barrowland. (ilaxgow. l842l Dec. SOLD ()L'T.

~k Erasure l'xher Hall. Edinburgh. 28 Feb; (‘arling Academ}. Glasgow. l Mar.