PSYPHER The Arches. Glasgow. Fri 3 Sep

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tough, ‘.":.". ""i‘tI‘it-tili. .mr .' rigirl‘ As legendary techno night PURE prepares to return for its 14th birthday, Henry litttiztxtll, r. t. “at mi.- Northmore catches up with special guest SPEEDY J.

(,‘XI)II11II(iI))I/Ii..IjIIZTII‘fI’Ifl‘iII .‘.":‘:lilit)' I(:I:Illl’; v" fIl‘:":, El ‘.‘.‘~T:‘: IN. MI lltt:If;’I,’.' Oi‘. luv; mutiny; Sorry/ii: {llltl Hunt, c all mourned the death of Pure. surely the don‘t really feel like I can contribute to ay‘cragc mttsic. IIEI.":I){,‘(:'1i‘-.ll’;.'.’III’)II:‘.’(:I’IéllltL‘fIlU’J’. greatest club Scotland has eyer had. (itlcsts I'd rather do something that sticks out a hit and I‘wr unit/JUNE"; navsh M kumal

l‘rom Richie Hawtin and Tell Hills to ()rbital whether people like it or not is always a second thing. teatime. Chll'litfl‘fll thaw, stacutrt I)‘: and .-\phc\ twin all graced the decks and stage with the The most important thing is that I think it's xvtivntitini} tli‘; foundations. best in crtmching techno and warped beastial beats. It interesting.‘ Br: titer": new“ it It ktltw ,wu. set the template many l'oIlowed but neyer betrayed its Storming. abrasive tracks hayc become his calling tM‘cl‘aw Dow/it

underground roots with a strict refusal to compromise. card and he rey'els in what l‘or many is techno‘s greatest But it wasn‘t all about guests ~ Twitch and Brainstorm fault. 'I like the l'acelessness ol‘ technof he explains. were the residents of choice alongside the Bill. Having someone way'ing their hands on stage is not Dribbler and Sandy Paris Jr. the point of techno. we cart do

After ten years they called it quits. lI without it. For me techno is all not wanting to dilute the standing and about the energy. It's the experience status they held. Fortunately they've rather than the entertainment that been reappearing on the radar for a or makes it interesting.‘ He has a point. birthday special each August. joined This is the last stand against by Scottish hot property Mon and FOR celebrity-driyen music and record Dave Tarrida. head man at sales. The old adage ’let the masic

Iidinhurgh’s other much missed do the talking' holds l‘irm in the techno bastion Satiya. But perhaps techno lirmament. most exciting ol‘ all is a [he set l'rom This certainly isn't the lirst time the Rotterdam techno master that is Speedy .I (AKA Speedy J has graced the stage at Pure: he's an old hand .lochcm Paapl. His latest album. Loin/boxer. was a and an old l'riend ol' the Pure crew. 'I on‘e it. I'y‘e harsh tutorial in the extremes ot' techno while its played there since they existed really. I think I first experimentalism took it to new heights ol‘ caustic played in 1990 and I‘y‘e come back cy'ery few years. I dancelloor delights. must haye done eight or ten ol them now. For some ‘\\'hen I listen to music usually it‘s stuff that is a bit reason the Pure audience has always been a really good more strong or brutal or in whatey‘er l'orm extremc.‘ audience and are well into the stuff that I‘m doing.~ The says the uncompromising Paap with just a hint ol‘ a respect is mutual. Dutch accent. 'I tend to like that more than sltllT that is - ayerage and W“; of sltlIT that‘s around is ayerage. I Pure at Studio 24, Fri 27 Aug. Violent delights

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