The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 27 Aug

Pogo Vogue is one of those rare clubs that refuses to bow to commercial pressures. By booking only the best in electronica from Baby Ford to Zoot Woman to Si Begg they created their own plateau of sheer quality. Now, unfortunately, they’re no longer an ongoing monthly concern but they do like to put on the odd one-off spectacular.

This Festival special is no exception, as two of the country’s leading, seminal exponents of frequency manipulation will be on hand. First up, the masterful Luke Vibert (AKA Wagon Christ), also born and bred in Cornwall much like his contemporary (and friend) Aphex Twin, puts in a laptop set of acid disco meets quirky hip hop. Releasing tracks on his natural home of Warp, Rephlex, Mo’ Wax and Ninja Tune through the years, his latest album Sorry I Made You Lush demonstrates his quirky humourous side.

But that’s not all as he’s invited his pal Mike Paradinas (AKA u-ziq, Kid Spatula, Slag Boom Van Loon and Jake Slazenger, amongst others) for a DJ set of more of the best from the cutting edge. The head and founder of Planet Mu, he’s also close friends with Aphex, going

Future electrics from Luke Vibert

on to release their collaborative album Mike & Rich Expert Knob Twiddlers on Rephlex, he’s even

gone as far as supporting Bjork in the past. They’re good mates so the chances of some random collaborations are high, taking the night in

unexpected, genre defying directions. Freshly invented sounds and the demolition of boundries come

as standard. (Henry Northmore)


OLD SKOOL SOUND SYSTEM PART 2 Glasgow Academy, Glasgow, Sat 28 Aug

Old ravers don't die. they just end up playing massive concert-

42 THE LIST 25 Aug-9 SOD zoo-.2

style gigs to thousands of punters. Or at least that seems to be the case if Old Skool Sound Systems party is anything to go by. Masterminded by promoters Back to the Future. these events have been running


MC Madman brings the noise

since the vaunted hardcore revwal of 2002. The tact that Old Skool Sound System still pulls in the crowds a couple of years later —~ it sold out the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh a couple of months back —— proves there's life in hardcore yet.

Tonight's party is the follow up to last month's massive bash at the Arches. where the BTTF lot pulled in another huge crowd. No surprise really when you consider the duality of the line- ups. Every big name in the hardcore scene seemineg arrives at the BTTF parties Without fail, and tonight is no exception: Scott Brown, Marc Smith. Obsession. Bass Generator. Joe Deacon and Paul Harper are all dropping by.

The real crowd pullers though are N-Trance. the duo behind the massive 1995 hit ‘Set You Free': Ultrasonic. arguably the best live act on the rave scene. and N-JOi. who reformed two years ago. having been the first hard techno act to appear on Top of the Pops. Dig put your day-glo this should be a masswe night. (Darren Wattsi

ULTRAGROOVE Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh. Sat 28 Aug

Gareth Sommerville on house duty

and Nirl Yuill to .vai'v ft-e l'iitl'. on up to siiiiiiieiiiii; poiitt

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