3B4ZERO The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 27 Aug

The build up to the release of Slam's new album, Year Zero, reaches its crescendo as Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan take to the Arches for their last 3b4zero night. These special parties have been running all summer, filling in for the hibernating Pressure, but this one’s the biggie - a live album showcase set from Slam flanked by DJ sets from Derrick May and Vince Watson.

‘These nights have been going really well,’ says Meikle. ‘They give me and Stuart the chance to play exactly what we want at our own pace. Sometimes at Pressure we‘re on at the beginning and then we have to go home.

‘l’m really looking forward to the last 3b4zero though and not just because we’re playing live. Vince is one of the emerging talents from Glasgow. It’s very hard to pigeonhole but it’s very musical techno. And Derrick May is one of the biggest musical influences on us. He’s a fantastic DJ, but it's his productions that are seminal. There aren’t many people around who are as out on a limb as he is. You never really know what he’s going to play.‘

Year Zero has been whipping up a frenzy of anticipation since McMillan and Meikle previewed some tracks at King Tut’s back in May, and it’s easy to see what all the fuss has been about. The album is a dazzling mix of techno and vocals, Tyrone Palmer and Dot Allison returning from the last LP Alien Radio to be joined by Anne Saunderson (Inner City), Envoy and Billy Ray

Martin. In short, it‘s perfect for the live arena. ‘Tyrone’s across from Chicago and hopefully Envoy will be at the Arches too,‘ says Meikle. ‘The two vocal tracks on Alien Radio were very much experiments, experiments that went very nicely wrong. So we decided to try and replicate that and


‘Experiments that went very nicely wrong‘ Slam

bring in some other vocalists.

'Writing actual songs is still very new to us, so we're pushing into unfamiliar territory. But we were pleasantly surprised and that's probably thrown up more ideas for album four. We’re longing to get back into the studio.’ (Darren Watts)

Raising consciousness, Josh Wink



Do This Do That at the Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Fri 27 Aug

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llt )US PROGRESSION The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Aug

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The highly Social Jon Carter

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