WIN an amazing weekend to...


to celebrate Jack Daniel's birthday

September is a celebratory month for the folks at Jack Daniel’s. Because the records of Mr Jack’s exact l, _ date of birth were lost to history in a courthouse fire, they tend to celebrate all month long. And you could be flying to the home of Jack Daniel’s to help them party . . .

The List has teamed up with Jack Daniel's to offer one lucky reader a pair of tickets to this incredible event. Winners will jet over to the US on Friday 17 September and spend an amazing weekend in Jack Daniel’s country, with all flights, food and four-star accommodation provided. Guests will also be treated to a tour of the oldest registered distillery in the US, where every singe drop of Jack Daniel’s comes from. Birthday celebrations will then officially kick off on Saturday night when the Flaming Lips perform live in Jack Daniel’s own Pavillion in Lynchburg, Tennessee (population 361!). In the spirit of all JD Sets,‘after the gig the band will come off stage and celebrate Jack’s birthday with the guests. Winners will then have the following morning to relax in the Tennessee sunshine before travelling back to the UK.

To be in with a chance of experiencing Jack Daniel’s birthday in Lynchburg and to raise a glass to the man himself, all you need to do is send an email or postcard marked: ‘JD SET’ to or The List, 14

High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TB by no later than 31 um, August 2004. Please include a daytime telephone number 3 f '

and mailing address and date of birth (entrants must be over 21, age will be checked).

For more details on the event and more chances to win tickets visit www.thejdset.cmuk

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