l Albert I)riyc. “84.5 .‘5ll55lll. (in on it fantasy journey in the Hidden (iardens at this story'telling/music yyorkshop. Suitable Mr 4 7-year-olds.

Theatre & Dance

Annie l’ntiI Sat 28 Aug. Thu ck Sat 2.30pm; 7.30pm. £7.50 £24.50. King's Theatre. 297 Bath Street. 240 l I I I. Su

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Pollard. ol' Hi «1e Hi lame. stars in the classic mUsical Annie. packed lull ol all the classic songs and dances.


Activities and Fun

Creative Drama Workshops Sat 28 Aug. Sat I lam & Ipm. £4 tL‘I.50 {2L North Iidinburgh Arts ('entre. I5a l’ennyyyell Court. 3I5 215]. Ages 3 o A 7 I2. Learn some basic acting skills in an informal setting.

Glass Painting Sat 28 Aug. I lam & 1.30pm. £6 t£I.50 £4l. North lidinburgh Ans (‘entre. I5a Penny \yell (‘ourt. 3l5 2I5I. All ages. [law a go at glass painting.

The Antonine Guard Sun 2‘) Aug. l2.45pm. l.45pm & 3.45pm. l’ree. Museum of Scotland. ('hambers Street. 247 421‘). Meet Scotland's last remaining Roman legion. l.egio \"I Victoria. and uncover the truth about the Romans in Scodand.

Science of the Circus Thu 2 Sun 5 Sep. I Iam 3pm. l’ree. Dynamic liarth. llol)’htod Road. 550 7800. Discoy‘et‘ the science behind juggling and other circus tricks and silliness.

Activities and Fun

Saturday Art Club Sat 28 Aug & Sat 4 Sep. I0am Ipm. l‘ree. (iaIIery ol~ Modern Art. ()uecn Street. 22‘) l‘)‘)(). l-‘un art actiyities l'or children aged 3 I0 relating to art on display yyith drawing. collage. sculpture making and games parents can get stuck in too.

Memory Drawings and Soundscapes Sun 2‘) Atig. noon 2pm. £3. ('('A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. This exciting \y'orkshop takes its inspiration lrom liiiimanuelle Antille‘s yyork w ith a hands on approach to creating a soundtrack that relates to images. Suitable for ages 4 l2.

Magical Mystery Daytrip Stm 5 Sep. noon 5pm. {l0 (£2 children. accompanying adult goes tree). ('('A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. Meet at the ('(‘A and jump aboard the bus for a mystery tour to an enchanted forest to enjoy a range ol‘ l’un workshops. Make sure you dress l‘or any weather and don't forget a packed lunch. Booking advisable. Music of Magic River Sun 5 Sep.

I 3pm. The Hidden (iardens. 'I'ramyy'ay. 25



DCA, Dundee, Sat 4-Sun 19 Sep

’Hayfiower and I I



Newsflash: kids have brains, and they’re not afraid to use them. So thank goodness for Scotland’s first film festival dedicated to children and young people’s cinema which presents a veritable feast of cerebral stimuli. The Discovery Festival, taking place at Dundee Contemporary Arts and Macrobert, Stirling, will showcase the best of Scottish film as well as award- winning works from 20 countries including eight UK and nine Scottish premieres. Young people will also get the chance to meet and talk with those involved in the industry.

The films on offer have not been chosen by stuffy men in suits or aged film buffs, but vetted by a panel of young consultants all aged between seven and 18. YC member Alasdair Hunter, 17, feels that this is the best way to connect with the audience. ‘If we’ve seen the films already and enjoyed them, then other young people will enjoy them too,’ he says. ‘Letting young people choose the films is the only way to ensure they are really relevant. Some of the films in the festival deal with very ordinary issues, and that’s important as it allows young people to relate to the characters.’ Films are spilt into different age groups, starting at three+ and going up to 15+. As some of them are subtitled, staff are on hand to read them live in the cinema during films for younger children. 0f the many films on offer, which would Alasdair highlight as ‘must—see’? ‘Jargo is my favourite film in the festival. It's so refreshing to see a movie for teenagers that is honest and sincere after being subjected to terrible Hollywood “teen-movies” for so long. For younger ones, Hayflower and Ouiltshoe (pictured) is highly recommended. Everyone I know that has seen loves it.’ The aim of the festival is to show filmmakers the type of films that young people really want to see and Alasdair hopes it will open audiences’ eyes to see beyond the blockbuster. ‘I want expectations to be higher and this festival should make young people want to see films of this quality all the time,’ he says. Watch out Freddie Prinze Junior, your days are numbered. (Morag Bruce).

54 THE LIST ’26 Aug 5‘ Sep 2004

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I Scottish Track Championships Meatloyyhaiik Sports ('entl'e. I39 London Road. Nil 5351. Times \ai'y. (‘ycling competition including races for juniors and \eterans organised by the liast of Scotland ('ycling Association.

Saturday 28


I Cycling: Bobath Bicycle Bonanza Sli('('. I'innieston Quay. 957 5073. I lam. £5 (£3). A 20-mile cycle along the scenic route to l.och l.omoiid to raise lunds I‘oi' Bobath Scotland.


I Athletics: Firth of Forth Triathlon lisplanade. South Queensl‘crry'. (:57 47IS. l0am. £20 £2S entry lee. Athletes begin by syy imming from North to South Queenslerry hencth the l"oi'th Rail Bridge. l'oIony ed by running and cycling courses through the I)almeny listate.

I Football: Hibernian v Dundee liaster Road. I2 Albion l’lacc. ()(tl IS75. 3pm. liast meets. \y'ell. liast as Jim I)ul'l'y returns to his l’oriiier employers to try and reignite the l)ens’ men’s season.

I Skiing: DM Hall Scottish Artificial Slope Ski Championships .‘ytitlloiliian Ski ('entre. Biggar Road. Ilillend. 445 4433. Want 5.30pm. Free. My Ski Slope competition. including slalom and giant slalom races.

I Scottish Track Championships Meadoyyhank Sports (‘entre. l3‘) London Road. no] 5351. Times \‘ary. See Fri 27.


I Football: Celtic v Rangers (‘eltic Park. Kerrydale Street. l’arkhcad. 55| 8653. Ipm. They always say you

The Gunners move to Murrayfield

shouldn‘t judge a season on one game .\nd they 'i'e right 'I‘Iiough. on the other hand. they ‘re \si'ong I‘Iie \\ inners ot this clash \\ Ill surely be deemed immediate layoui‘ites lor the SH title. so crucial is the opening ()Id l-‘irm clash ot any season Probably be .i draw then.


I Skiing: OM Hall Scottish Artificial Slope Ski Championships Midlothian Ski ('entre. Higgar Road. llillend. 445 4433. 10am 5. 30pm. l-iee. See Sat 2S, I Scottish Track Championships Meadosy bank Spitl‘ls (.c‘ltll‘c‘. l5" lnnditlt Rugltl. Nil

535l. limes \ai‘y. See l'l'l 27.

Saturday 4


I Rugby: Edinburgh Rugby v Ulster Murray lield Stadium. Riyei'dale (‘l'LWL'L‘llL .340 5(Nlll. .‘l‘ltl.

L‘ I 5 MS). ()pening match ot' the ('eltic league lor the lidinburgh team sees them playing in their ltcys home at Murrayfield.

I Ice hockey: Keyline Challenge Cup Murraylield lce Rlllls. Rl\t‘l‘stl;llc (It'st‘t‘lll. 3.37 (ill 3.5. Times \ary. £20 £35 tL‘I2 £20k lamin [50 L00. .-\ \seelscltd ol‘ ice hockey challenge iiialches \\ ith the Iidinburgh ('apitals competing against the Dundee Stars. l‘il‘e l’lyers and New castle Vipers.


I Cricket: Scottish Saltires v Derbyshire Scorpions (irange (‘riclset ('Iub. Raeburn Place. 332 2 I48. noon. {l0 (£5 [7.50). Final N(‘l. match I‘or the Saltires.

I Ice hockey: Keyline Challenge Cup Murrayfield Ice Rink. Riy'ei'sdale ('rescenl. 337 (N33. limes Vary. £20 £35 tL'I2 £20); lamily L50 L00. See Sat 4.

Wednesday 8


I Football: Scotland v Slovenia llampden l’ark. |.etherby l)ri\'c. 0106000. is'pm. [l0 £25 (£5). Berti \'ogts and his men begin their World ('up 200o qualil'y ing campaign. Sol'as: prepare to be hidden behind.