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Glasgow opens

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it doors

Ruth Hedges gets a sneaky look into what lies behind this year’s Doors Open Day.

t's time to get nosy again. Doors Open Day is opening (35)

buildings. more than exer before. and (‘ilasgow‘s recently

announced programme looks to its oldest and newest for inspiration. Neil Baxter. director of Glasgow Building Preser‘.’ation lr'ust and mastermind of the L’OtM line up. is getting exerted. ‘Provenhall is an irriportant attraction on the list. but people don't know about it.' lhe lfith (:entury house lies five rnrles outside the city centre beyond [{aster‘house and rs Glasgow's oldest building. ‘l have to say to my huge shame as an absolutely passionate Glaswegian that l orin vrsrted rt a month ago and it's incredible. it's absolutely stunning. lhe building reeks of an incredibly rich history,~ he says. 'We went round and rt was a pissing wet day and we were like kiddies in a sweetie shop. We were saying we've got to get everybody in Glasgow into this building now!‘ There Will be free shuttle buses running to and from the City Chambers on DO weekend to encourage the exodus. although the building is open throughout the rest of the year.

And from the oldest to the newest. Baxter talks about the process of building as ever-refining. 'The natural tendenCy through time is fer structures to become lighter and less about stacking stone on stone. As you come up through time you effectively are refining yOur understanding of the engineering of burldings.‘ It takes us neatly to Glasgow's other extreme. the City's monument to modernity. The Matrix Bur/ding. The 73 apartment block. designed by Davis Duncan Architects wrth landscape gardener Rolf Roscher and artist Richard Wright. was created wrth prinCiples of colour and light in mind. The Matrix will open its doors for one main event as part of BLOCK the architecture festival co- Ordinated by the Lighth0use to celebrate and explore modern Scottish architecture lW\'VW.b|OCkarC.CO.lel bringing together the designers to discuss its creation.

Old and new lOlll perfectly in another new addition to the Doors Open Dax package Maggie's Centre. Originally a porters lodge. the space has been transformed into a cancer care space according to the philosophy of Maggie Keswck Jencks. "It's a delight because it's a combination of JJ Burnett solid Scots baronial red sandstone.‘ says Baxter. 'Heaw Victorian with Victorian \alues. and then extended by Page and Park in a \en. light and deft Style.”

VictOrian \alues prO\ rde the Super-structure beneath Delrltor‘.

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Doulton Fountain, Glasgow Green 1890. Maggie’s Centre (above)

FOuntarn. Glasgo world. it stands at

Greer‘i. The argesf fountain of :ts kir”: the

:Loli‘ n gh .vit? its alter pas n N easur'ig a ir'

werk in progress. 'lt's an inereoici; complex compositioc.‘ says Baxter. 'Just an‘aZing. Because of ts celcssai scale the interna’ structure is cast iron lt's nugey important tor the cit/ cf Glasgo.. - a monumental piece of Victorian grandeur a coastfsi coect.‘ Baxter goes on to defend the presentation. of scr r‘i-fa'st n Victoriana. ‘l remember a ‘rieno of mre say cg years ago are shOuld demolish it and trample t .ctc the ground because -t symbolises all son of nasty things ke Empire and dcm cat or“. But so much that ~.enerate s about fine same things. i' .6-

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places of xrsitcr attractor: but t'ier‘ "niece t's surf" a mad thing that buildings I)..ll', "on sweat. ’. ,i c‘ f'rr: (mafia? ‘3, "::.»’ actually becoir‘e t"~:,- panda/:5; 3‘ Z"i: r,~:,-as,ar‘fs. l ’1 .7; in,- new; one of the peasant", tr‘at iifj°._.ii‘i. suits a t'i . ' i

that yeti own. or at least .'."‘at ,.o.. can .155". for one (18,. wear: but the full program‘s for asac ant: across Scot at")

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I 9117's Gee” 9:5,. G.'i:\g;;:.'.. Sat '«’~, 6. S," 7}; Sera- B

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