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“,1 r’, Corrrexrhat plr/lrlrrrrlr. there are Uimt,f%maWJflf lorerlo'. a sour; ar/rrt a IUH‘J,’ RULE/'1, ‘;)(I(,')ltl;'l .‘xlrrch .‘rould 'lfrt tear', from a r’rrrrentooe, arxl 'fjlrr: Say the ~. Ju'r'l' .'/hrr,h hourrrw. alrrrrg r'. rrrelorfrrgall, rrrraar harral fashrorr

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l’S/VAll [Jl I If; Ptrl) ORANGER Shutdown the Sun rl lorrresleepr 0..

()ranger sound lrke the Dandy Warhols would rf they got puffrng on some decent Northern lrght Instead of that shrtty. crurrrhly Moroccan hlack that keeps rrrakrng 'ern depressed and paranord.

the San l rancrscan outfrt are retro of rnrnd (specrfrcally a r'()s West Coast vrhe) and lard hack of attrtude, and thrs record rs essentrally the rnusrcal egurvalent of a snowy afternoon rn the sun, lracks lrke ‘(Eorng Under' and ‘Bluest Glass [Eye Sea’ r'arse the pace to a shufflrng hoogre here and there. hut mostly Shutdown the Sun rs a relaxed stroll of a record packed to the roach Wrth sunny ()alrfor‘nran goodness. lDoug Johnstonel



Crisis Helpline (Shoeshrnel 0...

me BEAUTY snor- "4 “.0

Frr'st lrnes can he \erx revealing. Just as you can tell what krnd of rnonstrosrty Mrehael Bolton rs about to unleash \vrth ‘Brr'ds fly

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a)? UK} {)‘f'r‘f'd‘y

l' ‘rrr: “rt/Jury) If.(,'r'(‘l' ‘3 1r (/,/_)r/r

/ {HI/“r [,Vry‘l 3.1..

'rrrrrrrrrl rr‘rfo't

t'rr: llrrrtor‘; T'r" .'.'l‘r’,." features more haurrtrrrr; stopped (fox/r: 'ourrtr', larrrerrt‘, trek-ted up h, the occasrorral stat; of f.‘.'.rrrlrrrr; strrrrgs arrrl \Johr‘ lloefflr:ur's treautrfull,’ rrch and .'r:l‘.'r:t, vocals. \"Mrflrrrrr; rr‘. at only 5&8 rrrrrrutem rt rs arr rdeal rrrtrorluctrorr to the gorgrmusly rrrelarrr‘holy sounds of thrs most underrated hand.

r()arrrrlla Prat

rut) r rot) ABDOMINAL 8: DJ FASE Flowtation Device rPIASl O...


7-2 p.

Already frrends of DJ Format. Canadran duo Ahs and Ease are recervrng good notrces for therr unerr‘rngly spot— on douhle act. A r'er'elease of an alhurn they pr'evrously unleashed hack home. rt keeps Fase's mrnrrnal hut strll somehow hook— laden heats rust low enough rn the mrx to allow Ahdornrnal's largely great rhymes to he heard clearly. And God knows. you want to hear lyrrcs lrke 'l ast food's: 'lf fast food rs wrong. I don't wanna eat rrght.‘

f:lse\.vhere. the lrkes of 'Hy Antrcs' and 'E:lr/aheth' produce a less flrppant sound that's refreshrngly urhan. yet alway s well constructed. Only problem that's a had name for an alhum. rDavrd Pollockr


Dim Lit

rBahelr .00.

Drummer Seh Roehford rs emergrng as a real creatrve force on the UK rag: scene these days. and hrs frurtful rnusreal

‘(’:{:I.‘.")"r{ _-I ,axorfl‘w' leg-w a" ' a '1.) 'rr ’1’. 10'“? Err: ,’ ~I[ "‘ ar'fazrtrn: .N'ar‘r‘s “nlar t‘Er’a' ' “.'."arr:rra'r“s t~:':',r arvf har four:sa,<'rrrrtr,rres and Mark Lor‘khr-art". H‘flEflrtl

orr f); s‘, and l%<,..'rfrrrrf'5;

terrcr. .'.‘t"r lr rr‘

:lrurrrs. perm ssrorr arrd prograrrrrrrrrrr;

the resultant; rrreler: rs corrsrstrrrrtiy rrrtrrguzrrr; and adventurous. ‘.‘./hetlrr3r an the slots. drag atrrrospherrcsor srrarlrng uptempo entanglr>merrts. ()omposrtrons arr.- all hy Hochford lone wrth llerhert as co and the drsr; rs well worth checkrng out as a prrrne artelact from the more darrng end of the current Brrtrsh JaX/ spectrum. (Kenny Mathresonl

‘.'.rr rter r,



The Sweetness

of the Water ('lhrr'sty l art 0..

Another outrng for Coxon and Wales' free ra/xmeets electronrca outfrt. Wrth guests rncludrng Wadada l_eo Smrth on trumpet and Evan Parker on saxophones, The ongorng project rrt's not really a hand as suchr rs named for a legendary

predecessor of Jack the

Hrpper rn l ondon. and has featured a shrftrng array of rmpr'ov star's wor'krng wrth the core duo.

The erght eolleetrve rrnprovrsatrons are for duo. trro. quartet perverser entrtled 'Ourntet' gurntet. one of whrcn opens the album hut rs called ‘Tr'aek Four". and sexet. They exolore a It'iil‘rSl’)tttt{tIr‘.C complex

of shrt’trng moods and


Hf," A, r, ‘) tr}; rElQTErE llrt' lttrzw-s‘yxj rrtr‘. i'rr:


3- :t'vw; l rke ts .,rerlr:rtr‘4;s:)r l/,'r the Bracket, [he / rhe/frrrr rt; rt orrtarnrng a couple of rahulrkrs songs; srngre ’(Zan't Stand Me Now' comes lrke a wonderful rush. halfway hetweena fracas and a love letter.

.fast pace/r record


The Lrbertrnes " r r r . . . t t “2:1” coo --' ~= " v :' f .1 ~ :t ... i: )1 tr 7 m "L ",. KASABIAN ' l ttN":

Kasabian lx‘ 1A 0...


' . 1 ‘q‘ ' ' "‘1‘" The Revolution

' " “‘7‘ Starts Now E,.(1E\E'V1"'Elrl"‘l" " My“ 1"“ Amway, 'rrik. 't Tl‘rr‘. fr-t at. t“; 0....

mow a .f‘lr‘trTE‘y1.t’1r-‘. rr‘rrsrt a? r dtr-r't l‘~'."rtl .‘.ar‘.rral‘v

path the

rrorsw durinllas rraxw

"a‘w'i". chosen to trrilr lherr m." f: ' r'll‘ leader rsmerrlrf;terla:;a r.: 11’ u'. ’arru rr Tftt'rt celehrrt, fan of tho-

hand. and rt"; easy tr


lrr whrr ‘h. llithtr)

rrlerl thr- t‘.'.rrtr,h'~, llrrrht

'.'.rltll ‘tlr )lltt \.r"r./.rlkrrr7, l‘llues', hrs errtrrwl, wvr-rr handed sorrr; alrorrt a poor Arrrerrrarr krd whrr


ertrl“. up lrrrlltrrrr; fr rr


l; {)r' f._’ n- f: I PF 1:]! -l'>IfI Fp‘ r‘y—fir p,- .- , “EFTQT, ,-'__ __',, 71f”: y‘fifi;fi- i" ‘|v ‘-I >' - li'zbl 2"?er 1V .‘ E,


/', fax; 3: SW, THE LIST 59