She Loves You

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(Ninah Damiefi

Dulli's genius for reinterbretir‘g others songs a a sort 0‘ rto‘ie reek meets Classrc Stax style. and this covers album is the logical


Sisters are doing it for themselves, but unfortunately some of ‘it' is mince. Like ‘Spin the Wheel' (Warner) o by Bellefire. who are the new Corrs in that they're airbrush beautiful and dull as ditchwater. The 411 are trying to be All Saints. but ‘Dumb' (Sony) 0 is exactly what it says on the tin, in watery R88 style. Sugababes continue being quietly cool with ‘Caught in a Moment‘ (Universal) . a gently moving old-school ballad with plenty of heart. And so to the madness of MIA. a London- based Sri Lankan ex-pat lady whose ‘Sunshowers' (XL) 0000 comes across like a foul-mouthed Missy Elliott on heat. Beck trapped inside a bhangra drum and Dizzy Rascal in a tie— dyed dress all at once. Needless to say. it’s Single of the Fortnight. And so it's the brothers‘ turn. Alas. it's a gender that's similarly mince-tinged. Kings of Conveniences ‘l'd Rather Dance With You' (Source) 00 is a sprightly yet anodyne thing as flimsy as a balsa wood coffee table. Likewise Fountalns of Wayne’s completely purposeless and unthrilling ‘Hey Julie’ (S-Curve) u . Lostprophets’ transmogrificatlon from nu-metal heavyweights into patchy Strokes copylsts continues unabated with 'Last Summer' (Visible Noise) 00 . a song which skinny-ties its way to a decent chorus. then drainpipes away to nothing. While over in country corner we've got The Beauty Shop's ‘Monster' (Shoeshine) m . a rambunctious yea-haw of melancholy which manages to quote Shakespeare but not sound wank. And finally. shambles of the week goes to International Airport/Teenage Fanclub with ‘Association!’ (Geographic)... . which is just a bunch of Glasgow janglers fannying about. basically. (Doug Johnstone)

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Mark Eit/el exrstts ill permanent fiiix (>l’ (létll'l li‘\./e—‘.'./itli-ya (:ari't lye ‘.‘./ith()iit-\,'a HEIHIIUYISIIIIXS. The (we explored iii tiehth here for AMC'E; eighth album is; the ()he hetn‘xeeri himself, his; fellex'.’ (Z()tlllll'),lll(}ll and their great land: the US of A.

Reconyening after ten years apart has given the Clumtei lime to recharge the fire in the;r bellies and the restilt :s (Irl‘.'llIg. named and typically beautiful. Eit/el remains the finest S()l‘:g‘.‘,ll'll(3r of his generation and after his expansive soio experiments most of which worked handsOmely he has the live tenacity of guitarist Vudi and his COUDtefDaFtS OD hand 30 fleSh but his beguiling songs. KS 9000 to have then“ back. ilvlark Rebenso"

HOUSE SLAM Year Zero iSomai 00

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