‘.’."'.at .‘xa', Net/NV} to '(1';./I'{,‘ ';,/‘I' ‘7 "WWII 1'. ft, Tll‘: WWI“? ll“:.' .'.'¥f’, a first ’,l;:',', artefar.‘ Itll’l llll', alt" w’

llltnetl I...’ l/litl? liaurnanr: and Kyle llnhonl for VH1 {NI/fl to lll‘: t‘:l‘:.’:‘,‘: ’lf l.r‘,l y‘all". reunion altl'lnl Say You ‘./'////. Dent/Ir. It’ll/en sees orlrllnal Hu/uour', era l leet .‘xoed‘. l Indsey lucklngllalrl, Stevie Nlr,k'.. .John Mche and l‘i/llfls l lf:‘:l .‘.’f )f “I recording and rehearsing ln lnforrnal style. As a record of ';<)lll(: fine llut half lrnaglned lnuslr: and rnllllonalre rock stars going about their day. it";serviceable but only if your devotion to the band borders on the unhealthy. ll )avrd l’ollr )r.k)

ll( )llltUlt

THE LOCALS (15) 88min

(Mosaic l ntertalnrnent [NON/HS rental/retail)

this is KIWI Greg Page's first Ill advrsed foray Into features and. oh my. does If show. A coupla carefree boy band relects dnve off to the coast for a weekeer of surfing and partying. take a wrong turning chasing after some ropey 80s Shellas and find themselves hounded by a troupe of stick toting. unwelcomrng. undead locals locked in an ancient land rights battle. This low budget. ghostrhorror prffle ls lent an extra coat of amateurism by some camp overactlng and clunky effects too ridiculous even for Mon/er Mag/c. Think The Others meets

Del/i era/ice a la Bl// and Ted. . and then try to get the thought out of your head. That the sand», l. line of the film. is "get arff my laaand‘ tells you all \ou need to

know (Jools Stone:



Channel 4, Tue 31 Aug, 10pm I...

Deep down. despite a certain superficial flashlness. this is really Just an Ulfl’léliillltflurfl romance story laklng Its name from the home cities of Its two central characters (New York and l ondon. geddrt'h. NY! ()N Is a slick. glossy piece of romantic drama with plenty to recommend It. The first episode went a little overboard on gimmicks. pointlesst overuslng .”-1 style split screen visuals. but rt settles down fron‘ there on H]. and Is strangely addictive.

lhe action lets back and forth from New York to London as American teacher and record store assistant lidre (played excellently by Rashlda Jones) gets if on then off then on again wrlh City banker Michael. The script (swell paced and the dialogue ls sharp as a tack Wllll some sterling work from a high calibre supporting cast around the main players. Not as grountlbreaklng as If thinks rt rs. NY-LON is nevertheless a gualrty piece of romantic drama. (Doug .lohnstonel


BBC1. Wed 1 Sep, 8pm .00

The latest in the Beeb's Test the Nat/()ITASM le epics takes as its premise Jung's depressing theory that there are effectively t6

"'Selt.‘ ‘2

7 7" v ‘7 I

(‘27 J. “' I’

:. (1/5" (A ' .' r4 ' lit‘wl '

literati .e to 2'

trella‘amx " '«llt‘rr\'..‘.vl’ "_,.vv~..,.° lfrlfrfftt. <1 I“: t (h " ant" who strip/l”, her e‘JElllnltf. l' akn l ," ,wr with pits an t tans, and a pair cf llama. .'.no (one?) tllléff)‘, at": we borderlll‘e As; teeter? .‘xho ‘.'.'ntes shr M mfg lists based on aisle order.

l Ike lntlllons cf la‘, persons, l'1ouiif“a.'ar<f a fall ; ssessrrtent of l‘.r;‘.'. these guys (would reart lll certain situatlcns. But the fact that this ‘sclentrflc' tellt, test is rssentrally spurious does not damper: its fascination. After all, we egornanlacs love It when experts tell us what we're really like. Were the BBC to niake a similar programme based on the xodlac. tarot or palmlstry. a similar crr ss section of Viewers would tulle Ill. (Allan Radcliffe)

SOCIAI DRAMA HIGH TIMES Scottish, Tue 31 Aug, 10pm .00

Scottish drama has never been a byword for understated guallty. Regional productions have tended to stick to the tried and tested. mainly murder and melodrama. Stand out offerings are then often hard hlttlng and heavy How refreshing then that what Scottish claims to be its first new drama In 20 years us actually rather good.

High T/rrtes Is set in a tower block on the fictional Fatrmyle scheme in Glasgow ar‘u' follows a cross-section of its Inhabitants through their exemday episodes. Representing the C'Cllf‘ét",’ Sc ,t are :crtwe of the more excitvtg (1" our acting ta'er‘t tear}.

and this rea

.lllterer‘ce. T 7:; s:/ t,. (co


BBCZ. Tue 7-Thu 9 Sep. 9pm 0..

Clearly counter-terrorism is the new black. Over the last couple of years

,Flashy yet still dull

we’ve thrilled to superhero Kiefer Sutherland battling would-be assassins and sinister bombers in 24, and now various networks have clubbed together to bring us this sweeping insight into global terrorism. Set in the USA, UK and Saudi Arabia, The Grid‘s three parts purport to present all sides of the so-called war on terror, from the CIA and FBI to the terrorists‘

own motivations.

In the 90-minute opener, the vast international cast of goodies and baddies are introduced at a dizzying rate. Even with their character names and roles handily scribbled onscreen, you‘ll need your thinking caps on simply to work out who's doing what to whom. Familiar faces abound, from ER’s Julianna Margulies and Tom Skerritt as CIA counter-terrorism officials, with Bernard Hill and Jemma Redgrave representing Mls 5 and 6 respectively. On the other side is an Al Qaeda renegade called Muhammad who attempts to entice a moderate Muslim doctor into his elaborate plot to collapse the oil-driven Western economy.

And, just so they don’t get accused of Islamophobia, Piter Marek appears on the side of virtue to make the case for Arab civilisation. This is done in one rather contrived scene where Marek rounds on hero Dylan McDermott (who, of course, lost his best buddy in the World Trade Centre) and accuses him of judging all Arabs on their worst representatives. This scene crystallises what’s wrong with the piece. For all its flashy casting and multiple locations, it’s slow, ponderous and dull. (Allan Radcliffe)

is frrst~cz ss. the tiranglle rs authentic and the characters are per‘e::t'\. plaus'ble. rnakng allallt‘, Scotttsn drarrla lcak like the most natural Tl‘illt) H‘- the world. Modest and assured, affe':‘.'o'tate ar‘rl funny, we dont {let 'lta'“, of these. so 'r‘aybe .‘.'s worth staylrx; all for.

lMark I'V'tl'llll'fllsti"

Hosel lAl ct NE (W GREEN WING Channel 4, Fri 3 Sep, 9.30pm 000

From the same stable as Smack the Pony. Green l‘J/hg is an odd little fish of a programme .‘Jllll something of an identity crisis. An hour long. and set in a hospital. at times it 80647755 to be going for the comedy drama market. kind ot like a daft. su'real version of Teachers only .wtl:

stethoscopes "‘lstead ’)l

chalk. But at other times, the t.‘.'rlters see'l‘ unable to resist the “ire of the sketch shox.’ forn‘at. .'.’|lll a re ,ultarz'. feeling of dislocation bet‘.‘.'een the scenes. lheperforr'arv'es are all good how the large cast (you'll ",-’;()’llll7;‘: lust about egel fare fron‘ one hunted, shim. (x another and the '.'.’llllllt} I‘, we", funn, 'r‘

places. but .vrthout a

clea' purpose and" tor/ls

you're left .‘xonderln/t '.'.~ha‘. the point of it all \.'.'as_ Amusing, tightly ‘.'.’f'!ll‘:l‘. and solid 'ho'lgh it is, Green Who stl.l doesn't know .yhat :t". lll‘:étlll if; l)‘:. (Drug loL'lnstc'rel

(LE l t lilfll'r/

000 MM N TAFJ r WHAT’S INSIDE FRANK SINATRA’S COFFIN? Channel 4, Mon 30 Aug, 9pm 0...

Forget abOut putting three colr‘s ll‘- the fountaan. Franks Sinatra's family deer/fed to put i; re Crappy ’Dl)l‘;’,“(8 rt his cofflrx. The

.‘."l.‘ .‘.'he'etnr»-s aru: what‘ wtlhesr-stral: tr 'lrmllll’ltll' Ffl‘: in.eht'rlate'llnthis lvt‘ullzifllllfl (ll/,un‘entar- lllf'nr'ln‘ thl'lrts were nut at n‘onetar, .alll: rt llélll‘:ilfll‘:f',l‘{le «tornrltna'x. ,-, af.p;l‘,rve'l‘ ,-,~ttl‘e,

.‘Jere all z, 1’ HM 3::th

lire [Hf/ltd" n e rr‘aker'mlexerl, ll‘,‘:

each cm to lLl'll' lraafe a

chapter fron‘ tl e

3"anrle. “trawler: and Just trla'r“ nasty tin e'. 9‘ '(Jl “MOI ,‘:‘. H l', ;l'

art/ll; l,(;(ll‘.llllfif} 'l’l‘; w."

lllll'll'l‘, U l/;, 1’;

alcohol lrl’lll’,e’l

llll":"‘:',l|.’l’l “ere ‘w; .'al'l‘: but ’fl t‘e

ll.tert,retatr,r .0, .ar/, l,

Cultural ltlstorzarl', a'd

llrr,'lr;lr,l‘tr;r',, each one Ir turn adding ;: dart/er take or: the nun/fare ‘)l(}!llf|(,€:l:’,‘: of these OMB/l; 'lltlf.’ €ll‘:l,’ I’. fill seerrs so unjust that the bully lb,“ of the (at Pack no has so rrlany great toy, to play .‘/:th.

(Paul Dale.