Flatshare cont.

I Haymarket, bright, large double room. Available lor botlt lestrval & educational year“. situated across front Train Statiort. 10mins walk front Princes Street. Sltarirtg witlt 2 others. l.iving roortt. kitcltert area. ('able TV & Broadbartd cortttectiort irt roortt. Festival price. £260 pw. available to ertd August. For educational year £315 pcm + bills available from September. Tel: 07813 145

I Sunny double room to share with 1 other. Canonmills area. £350 pcm irtc. CT. Available now. Tel: 07800 755 931.

I 2 single rooms in Pullworth to share vvitlt 1 other. close to pubs. restaurants & cin- errta. free phone lirte. lrtterrtet & cable TV included. £200/£225 pcm + bills. Tel: 07792 972 153.

I Huge room in (‘anonmills. shared llat. bay window, (i('ll. 10 mins to city'. excellent location. all facilities rtearhy. short term possible. strit couple. £80 pw' irtc. ('T & bills. Tel: 0131 557 0838.

I Sunny, attractive double roortt itt spacious. friertdly flat. l‘trlly furnished. (i('ll. all mod cons. wooden floors & Sky TV. Tel: 07952 812 970.

I Easy-going, relaxed, gay. r‘abbit—friertdly rttale want- ed to share flat witlt 1 other irt |.eitlt. Roorrt ftrrrtislted. gootl parkirtg. £350 pcrtt all inclusive. Tel: 0131 470 5314.

I 2 rooms in a large. friendly. central llat irt l.atrrestort. large kitchen & large lounge. very central & friendly. furtky person required. 1 witlt en-strite. £220 pcrtt + bills. Double is £280 pertt + hills. Tel: 0| 31 003 4705.

I Marchmont single room, qttiet. overlooking meadows irt shared tlat. all rttod corts. Professiortal or mature student. £220 pertt + ("1' + hills. Available mid- Septentber. Tel: 0| 31 229 0123.

I Single room in quiet New Town garden llat. WLTM its. professional female. Photos available. £250 pent. inc. all bills. Tel: 07791 790 720.

I Large double room available in City Centre flat. to share with 1 other. large lounge. kitchen/dining area. WM. dishwasher. bathroom with batlt & shower. £350 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07939 222 440.

I Spacious double room irt Goldenacre/Trinity area. £200 pcm. Tel: 0131 470 3421.

I Large room, available lst September. irt friendly Marchmont flat. to sltare vvitlt 2 others. Gas central heating. bath. sltovver. broadband. all rttod cons. £250 pent. plus CT. bills & deposit. Tel: 0131 447 I251.

68 THE LIST '26 Aug—9 Sep 200.:

I Box room in big. funky Brunswick Street flat to share witlt 4 others. Private back yard. 5 minutes. good fire. great shower. £190 pcm + ('T + bond + bills. Available lst Septerttber. Tel: 0131 557 4232.

I Festival room for rertt. single room in Central New Town. available now. £80 pw inc. all bills. Tel: 07932 784 125.

I 2 double rooms In spa- cious & bright New Town flat. available for September. Must he as & under 25. £320 pcm. Tel: 07960 375 246.

I Single room available from 1st September. for young professional irt Central loca- tiort. To live with chilled girls irt ns flat. £220 pent + (‘T + hills. Tel: 07792 812 391 or 07731 807 009 or 0131 478 2737.

I Large double room in Bruntsfreld llat. share witlt female rts. Suit young profes- siortal/mature student. £240 pcltt + ('T + bills. Tel: 07703 778 702.

I Stockbridge, bright double roont irt large llat. Suit relaxed professional. l‘trlly fur- rtislted. all ntod cons. £305 pcm + bills + ('T. Tel: 07900 005 510.

I Study bedroom in fami— ly home. Suit ns sttrdent/ professional f. No bills.

£200 pcrtt. Tel: 0131 339 0558.

I Short let, large sunny roont irt (‘entral llat. Available until end September. Suit rts female. £80 pw. no bills. Tel: 0131 400 1079.

I Cosy Gorgie flat, 5 rttirts front West lind. Suit couple/students. l dotrhle roortt a 1 box. lixcellent decoration. all tttod cons. £380 pcrtt + bills. Deposit required. Tel: 0| 3| 334 5125.

I Single room in large flat. lovely location. Available frortt September. £200 pertt + ("1' + bills. Tel: 0131 557 1718.

I Large room in sunny. friendly flat. Sharing witlt 3 others. Professional preferred. Available end August. £320 pertt. all inclusive. Tel: 0131 229 8870.

I Double room in beauti- ful Trinity flat for ns profes- sional from September. To share with 1 other. Parking & good bus connections. £285 pcm + bills + CT. Tel: 0131 552 0158.

I Newlngton. Single room in amazing flat. avail- able 4th September. Huge lounge with real fireplace. Large kitehen/

dirtirtg room. broadbartd & cleaner. £245 pcm +

bills + (‘T. Tel: 07801 819 724.

I Morningside double room. Sltare llat & living roortt with mature student. private parking. Available

lbth September. £300 pcm + (‘T + bills. Tel: 0131 447 9904.

I Ratcliffe Terrace area. Large dotrble roont irt spacious 2 bedroom llat. Available now. £300 pcm + deposit. References needed. Tel: 117939 550 728.

I Double room in beautiful large flat. all rttod cons. Would suit ns. professional. Available beginning of September. .\'o couples. £325 pcm. Tel: 07981 233 994.

I Large room available in spacious fiat. sharing with 2 students. Fully furnished. excel- lent location. £270 pcrn. Tel: 07711 980 150.

I Bright, sunny room, in shared flat with 3 others. irt Trinity area. all mod cons. suit young. its professional. fish eating vegetariart. £240 pcm irtc. ("1‘ + bills. Tel: 0131 552 4008.

I Nice single room for as. irt quiet Marchrrtortt flat. to share with 2 others. profession- al or mature student preferred. available September 4. £240 pcm irtc. ('T + bills. Tel: 0131 477 094 l.

I Double room in sunny l.eith. available now. traditional bay window llat. large lounge. stripped floors. all mod cons, rts. £280 pent + ("1' + hills. Tel: 07771 981 220.

I 2 rooms in Murrayfield, professionals only. available frortt 1 September. minimum 0 months lease. £200 pctrt. Tel: 07739 042 087.




V I Saw You in the Polo. era/.y busker boy. 1 wish I'd made a move. Hope you had a good birthday. see you next time you play outside my shop? L7503/1

V I Saw You in Twisted Generation. we went for the changing room at the same time. Me pint T. you grey T. want to swap sometime? L7503/2

V I Saw You reading a copy of 'L'rdoxa' - a tongue-in-cheek satire on just about any topic an intelligent. post-Nixon read- er will enjoy. Did you btry it from sixgallerypress by arty chance. Write me if you did. [7503/3

VI Saw You buying a lobster catcher irt B&() to match your ‘beautiful’ curtains. You deserve art award for your exquisite taste irt ltortte furnishings but your flat is already overcrowded with personal trophies?



VI Saw You giving the bacon from your clttckertbtrr'gcr itt ‘the srttrg'. Bt) was all around as artd so tlte leelrrtg 1~'rowsl Atrrtt l’lo was there. bttt you still won the condiment corttpetitiort? [7503/5

V I Saw You biker cltick in Artrtieslartd irt your all-irt-one leathers and your cheeky smile. Look forward to lots of nice times. I love you always forever. near and far closer together. And remember: You've got the most unbeliev- able sunflower eyes l've ever seen. xx L7503/6

V I Saw You irt Fopp. Byres Road. You behind the counter; man irt black with glasses. Thanks for finding rtty giraffe. will 1 find you next time'.’ [7503/7

V I Saw You (iirtder (icorgie from Nuklear Puppy lookirtg lost in tlte Arches ('afe b4 lashed. . .\\'ltet‘e was bar'rttlweller".’ [7503/8

V I Saw You cttte 11‘ Officer sipping away at your pint. sur— rotrrtded by foreign girls. ('an 1 btry you tlte next round'.' [7503/9 V I Saw You Artist l‘ormerly Known as live Btrrtrty. ltartgirtg ottt vvitlt all the cr‘a/ec kids. [7503/l0

V I Saw You walking dovvrt the street with a packet of cltocolate tninslt‘els. You had lost a pillar btrt found a drifter. Jack Black says you're on the 011117503/11

VI Saw You vvalkirtg down ('heekaboo Alley with wet socks? ('an't wait to cook yott French toast and jump irt a strawberry batlt witlt you. You're sweeter than a blirtg blirtg baby. [7503/12

V I Saw You iii a fake Bape t-shirt irt Mcl’ltabbs when you sltould ltave been at l.esley's leaving do. Maybe you should leave llMV artd join (ioldie Looking Chain? [7503/13

V I Saw You at a cold rrteat buffet ltoldirtg your world fatltous chicken salad. Have you received your 30 pairs of partts‘.’ What has ltappened to my DVD customer order. psycho'.’ [7503/14

V I Saw You serving rtte the finest llalotrrtti salad irt Tapa. 1 like your bakers hat! [.7503/15


V I Saw You at Bert's 14.08.04. You - tall. cute guy with kinda' floppy hair. navy shirt. bead necklace . . . Caught your eye but didn't get it togeth- er to say hello. Fancy a coffee'.’ [7503/10

V I Saw You Heather 1 year ago? How wrong was l'.’ 1 love you. Tom. [7503/17

VI Saw You cutie with the westie in Silvermills. lidinburgh . . . but where are you now.’ Wlto ant l'.’ What do you wartt to know'.’ (iood looking. funny gal . . . ? (iet irt touch again arid 1 will reveal all . . . I promise. Maybe see you soon . . . [,7503/18

V I Saw You Scott Mad

bar ls.trtl.trttt‘tt.t (ireert eyes says ltello to ginger lertlt boy 17503. in

VI Saw You you rm. around 30. greytsltt at the Baserttertt. Wed 18/08 around 8.30 I looked across a few times. blonde with black top. (iet rrt touch. let's go for drinks? [7503/20

V I Saw You. Gillian at the fab Forrnexi exhibition. you looked gorgeous? Well dorte all? Heather. Liz. Martine. Julia. Gillian ck Naomi. hope to see you all soort . . . Xx [7503/21

V I Saw You Ashley? I sucked your big toe the other night. | thrrtk you liked it. [7503/22

V I Saw YOU looking oh so pleased to finally be reunited with a big slrce ol the worlds best caramel shortcake. ('ongr'atulatiorts on yotrr rettrrrt to wasting rrty hard earned tax payers money? X \ \. 17503/23

V I Saw You tall sexy yoga rttart itt lattergetics yoga centre 9/3/04,ltt\e1ttsecyotl\tlitle. from the Atrssie cltrck. [7503/24

VI Saw You lady 111 red at the l’eartr‘ee 13/8. l’ancy tlartc lng cltcek to clteek some time" Your very own Kris ol the Burgh. [7503/25

VI Saw You erghtrcs girl. asleep in tltc toilets ol tlte ('ttln lixcltartgc. your leg war‘rrtcr‘s made rtty heart melt artd your backcontbetl hair rrtade me smile. cart 1 take you home'.’ x [7503/20

VI Saw You playirtg air gut tar like a wild cra/y rock cltick. Stage dive irtto rrty arms. [7503/27

V I Saw You l.otl l.otr Bella irt Pop Rokit you're ltot fartcy a coffee'.’ You noticed trtc sitting on my ow rt artd rnatle rtte feel welcorrte. X \ [7503/28

VI Saw You Lady Victoria llcr'vey lookalike sipping ('ltablis iii the Peartree. We talked abotrt your horse. l)o yotr wartt tojump on my saddle'.’ Your knight irt shining armour. [7503/29

V I Saw You wee Alart S

iii the Regent Bar. You're

hot fancy a drink‘.’ P.s. you know me really well?! Xxx L7503/30

V I Saw You Miss Amnesty. and gulped. L7503/31

VI Saw You rocking out

at the air guitar contest in Glasgow. You were

playing like a professional rocker. 1 think you are hot. 1 want your body. Ramones 4ever. Xxx The chickert. [7503/32

V I Saw You da/Ilirtgly beautiful girl at the Bill Hicks show tPleasance 17/8) at

the ettd of the front row who stole my heart. 1 was so awestruck at your srrtile artd the glint irt your eyes. Please get irt touch I'd really love to be able to offer you that drink. [7503/33