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It’s easy to put an advert in The List’s Classified pages_ Just fo||ow the instructions be|ow to get (Telephone numbers, email and website addresses count as one word) your ad in our next issue from as little as £12.

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Prices are for up to 25 words, additional words cost 50p each. You can have responses sent to a box number for an extra £6. Box numbers are compulsory in all Personal adverts. All prices include VAT.

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:3 This is semi-display A Up to 25 words; cost $16. I This is lineage. 2 23' 2‘, a Additional words cost 50p per up to 2 ) wordo, cost 5:12 2 word. Copy is; centred with a line Additionm words cost 50p per 25. ) (- above and below the text. word. First three words are l l t Adi Hi ,r m [ - < Top 3. bottom emmidencd LINEAGE: £12 SEMI-DISPLAY: £15 1 x lines are emboldened u Please continue below or on a separate sheet it necessary. 509 50p} son- i _ : 2 NO. OF ISSUES i 50,, 50,, sopj Choose how many issues you’d like your ad to run in. Why not take r7 509 509 509' advantage of our discounts for consecutive insertions: 4 ADS FOR THE PRICE or 3 5°” 5°” 5°” 15 ADS FOR THE PRICE OF 10 son 509 50;»


SECTION ~i COST OF ADVERT £ Choose from the Sections and Subsections below: + £6 Box no . . (IF REQUIRED) i Courses & Travel Noticeboard SUBSECTION . . . . . I x ISSUES s Arts Tmtlon I Flights I Activities Catering I University a I Outdoor I Bands & Music TOTAL 5; Education College Courses Activities I Wanted Media I Group Classes I Short Breaks I Buy 8r Sell Public Sector I Sport & Leisure I General Services Voluntary I Private Tuition I Misc M E N T Reta" : DI aanoenguages I ijeCts All adverts must be prepaid and advertisers must supply a full name and address. Charities I Photographers ~ - -~ - - - - I enclose cheque/postal order [3(made out to The List Ltd. No cash through post) M PETSOMI Please debit my M t Afsl not/o: Mastercard B Visa D Switch D Personal I Flats to Let I Clubs & Development Card Number I? Therapy Wanted ' I Chatlines Complementary IFIatshaie I introductions Valid from CD31 Expiry Date Issue No CD Therapy I Backpackers I LoveIine Health IServioes I i Saw You Signature: 7, , __ _V_ W, W 7 , _ _ Date: & Beauty I Commercial I Personal Ads PM I Helplines Name: MAL __7__7 _ I ”' ' (name as appears on card) Please note: Flatshare and Loveline ads are booked by phone and cannot be placed using this form (see further details in Flatshare and Loveline sections), AddreSSI w“- -w _ - A _ 4 BOO K S i _ 7 A Postcode: Tel: _ .___, a”, , To __,,__,.-.

Slmply comp|ete the BOOkIng Form Oppos'te and DOSt or fax to: CONDITIONS: 1. Advertisers must supply full name and address (NOT for publication). 2. The List

reserves the right to refuse or Withdraw any advertisement at our discretion and wrth0ut explanation.

Classified Ads Fax: 01 31 557 8500 3. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no refunds allowed on cancellations after the first insertion. 4. Addresses and telephone numbers are not accepted for publication in personal ads. The List Ltd Y ca. 14 High Street 0‘;ng 3333" game" mm anvl WI. 4; DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT or onzn'rs is 12 NOON, your THURSDAY, SEVEN DAYS PRIOR TO PUBLICATION DATE

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