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The best 9qu this autumn

It‘s time to make some plans if you want to be sure of getting tickets for this autumn's hottest gigs. Whether it‘s camping it up with the Scissor Sisters. freaking out with Mylo or swooning along with Razorlight. you'll need our indispensable guide to all the albums and live events that matter.

Peter Sellers

Loved around the world for his Goonish characters, Peter Sellers also had a seriously dark side. As a new biopic is released. in which he is pOrtrayed by Geoffrey Rush. we look at the myths and legends surrounding the man.

Della Derbyshire

Remember the theme tune to Dr Who? One of

the most memorable TV ditties was written in

the 19605 by Delia Derbyshire at a time when

much avant garde music was the domain of

men. We document the extraordinary life of a

forgotten genius as a play ab0ut her life comes GLASGOW AND EDINBURGH l

to town. EVENTS GU“) You’ve got 15 days to “J? r l

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