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1" ' F u nded MSc Programmes SAAS-funded one-year MSc/PgDip programmes in:

7 Information Systems. Information Systems for a I: l Financial Services. Interactive Technologies for I:l ' E-Commerce. Multimedia & Interactive Systems. * Software Engineering. Software Technology for SLIDE IN'I'O the Web WINTER '

' Places available to start 2|st Se tember 2004. AND ,N mom 9.30am P

Entry requirements: honours degree in non-IT

:wzs fies BEGINNS' SKI AND subject. or lesser qualification with equivalent (Ll-rib: jury; y SNOWBOARD Lessons industrial experience. 53”“ . * 1231' me ugrgfji 371.3 8! Uri/figs! i; open Day: I 5th September 2004. £ * STUD-gull IJ-lJI-LUJJJ 51/355 For further details please tel: 19, SKATE RAMP Leanne McNab on om 455 27m or visit * FF 9J3, lEJll 3W PHELEL‘ WWW-dCS-"apier-aC-"k/Pg’ IOUIKSIDIERBIGAIB Please quote ref: LIST. P-SKI. BOARD. BLADE mzz may FD}: war; 30;, mu: :9. mm; N I E R U N I V E R S I T Y UNTAINBOARD memo RACES E DI N B U RC H

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9—23 Sea 2004 THE LIST 7