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O More tedious trivia from the crypt of malicious blether

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'iHlll—DHHUST against the non sale of their own alburi‘. at the Harlech lwhere’h retail park branch of Tesco. their debut album Greatest Hits is a slice of useless filth that white teenagers Wliil absolutely no sense of decorum or musmal iilSI()l",‘ wrll probably become addicted to before beginning a short lite as a lighter tuel glue sniffer and low life mall rat. Of course Tesco should

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The Front

‘My son would make an excellent choice. He is very handsome and an international star. This is a mother’s point of view, though.’

‘At 50 you decide you are no longer a kid.‘

‘It was easier to get to the Queen’s balcony than it is to see my own children.’

‘I think it is entirely wrong to work for someone and then write a book about him.’

‘I had learned to wash my nose out in the shower and one day doof! - it fell out. That was my septum. Every time it’d heal up, I’d knock

bandits Goldie Lookin’ Chain They may look like a bunch of extras from the scab Off and it just kept these episodes of Casua/ti' L'rliere the action all seems to take place in

rotting away.’

some dog shit smearrxl estate in llolby but who would have known they are Ki 1 1, , . I. M ,, ., f , «i , actually a bunch of Naomi Klein~reading eonsuriier deconstructivists. it; ; ; ‘1,

Much respect goes out to these iisping. r'oui 'nouthed Tatfs for staging a

‘Love us or loathe us, we’ve always had empathy with women. We’re not there to degrade them. We’re there to champion them. We are

sell the album. Don t they knots.» that eugenics is a big marketing buzz on their Slde- word this year"? mm r" ' .‘r’ I ).. 1 ' er /I ' j! ' I II ‘4" 4 Ir , i 1'

‘My mum would give the most honest version. Her or Irvine Welsh. They would both get the yin and yang out of me.’

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