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It’s produced some of the finest musicians of recent times, survived a bomb, hosted the Commonwealth Games and continues to undergo a dramatic rejuvenation both culturally and socially. Anna Millar discovers there is much to celebrate in MANCHESTER day or night.

Fri 8.30pm Arriye Manchester Piccadilly train station and walk across the road to the Malmaison hotel.

Fri 9.30pm (ilad rags on. we hit the town. First stop is Band on the Wall on Swan Street. an intimate liye yenue at the heart ol' the Northern Quarter. Tonight’s early ol'l'erings are a funky blend of dtib. Latin and roots.

Fri 10.30pm Before long we head to the lirog and Bucket

(‘omedy (‘lub on nearby ()ldham Street. It‘s the home of

alternatiye comedy. and we should haye booked. The place is mobbed so we head across town to the (‘omedy Store. in all its L' l .om reyamped glory. It's got a large bar to hang out in. whether you are there to take in the acts or not.

Fri midnight Arriye at the infamous Canal Street. This particular postal area should come with a huge warning sign. .-\lmost cyery bar ol’l‘ers bottles ol‘ wine for L‘b or cocktail jugs l'or little more than a tenner. 4b Canal St (l'ormerly the mighty Mantos). Bar 38. Via liossa and Prague V are all good calls.

Sat 2am We leaye the cosy contines ot‘ Via l5osse and head for Sinergy at North. ()pen till 5.30am. the place has debauchery stamped all oyer it. .-\ mixed. l’riendly crowd ensure we last till the last gasp at kicking out time.

Sat 9am L'p (just) in time for a ycry nice continental breakfast. Have a proper chance to look around the room. an ayant gardc design complete with rich purples. blacks and whites alongside a smart looking plasma screen TV. Hm! fans may care to note it's a particular layourite oi Victoria Beckham when she‘s not getting sprogged up.

Sat 10am Check out the cathedral. Beginning lil'e as a fortress chapel. this really is a must-see. eyen it' just from

1 16 THE LIST :3 Seth“ Oct 20.".

the outside. Straying indoors does afford a glimpse at a wealth of medieyal caryings and is well worth the effort. Sat 11am Arriye at the Lowry. The main millennium building for the north west of lingland. this is an incredible teat in both design and concept. The l5 minute tram ride to Saltot'd Quays from the centre provides a good opportunity to get your bearings and catch a glimpse at the city's more urban roots. The silycr facade has a touch of Bilbao‘s (iuggenheim about it. but it‘s the interior that really impresses. Two auditoria. the l.owry galleries and the bar and restaurant make this a truly multi-dimensional space. ol'l'ering theatre. dance. opera and comedy.

Sat 12.30pm ()n leaying the Lowry we wander along the promenade by the Manchester Ship Canal. The imposing ligure of Manchester t'nitcd‘s ()ld 'l‘ral'l'ord stadium looms in the distance. A quick jaunt oyer the l'ootbridge to the minesweeper HMS Bonnington and then it‘s back to the city centre for culture of a different kind: the theatre.

Sat 2pm The Royal Exchange Theatre is a good shout l'or those who like their theatre a little contemporary and it has a Varied programme of matinees. It was restored alter the bomb in NW). and bright yellows and reds dominate the space while the gold capped (‘orinthian columns support three elegant domes. While there. a natiye .‘ylancunian recommends we check out the (ireen Room. another theatre yenue built around a conyerted Victorian railway. for our next yisit.

Sat 4.15pm Time for some hardcore retail therapy and the mighty Selt‘ridges. Then from the sublime to the ridiculous we walk across town to hippy hayen At'fleck‘s Palace. home to the tloors of boutiques.


The Lowry (left) is a truly stunning artistic space. Indeed, Manchester is full of fine architecture