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1 Standing Wave

Theatre ' ' ‘-

2 Mylo

Music He might not be the saviour or glance llltlSK‘ hut Mylo rloes know a bloody good tune when he writes one. Punk funk hut tun. See feature. page 90. Krrig lut's, Glasgow 'Lr’lt".'.‘Ut?. Edinburgh.

3 Murder one

4 Burnout 3: Takedown

Games A genuine sensual meltdown is guaranteed With this mnndhlowrng racing game in which you can light yOursell. your competitors and even the road See Games, page 10$). Electron/r: Arts.

5 Brian Wilson Presents . . . Records lt‘u innit .mru Ill" girl 1 t ut tn.- wrl ; 8313/! 1‘ it“ itill‘rl’lllittttr'. ttfwliirl itiuii: iii; "inn/x {it"f'l. ‘.'\.'lititflrui*v»g 't”. ti"l[, ‘rllt‘lil

" tt'hw- :lr r-v ll‘l,.~fl"~rlli‘ fa”. llw w: ,. l‘rrlt‘

6 Dead Man’s Shoes

Film A welcome return to top form for Shane Meadows With this seariiless revenge thriller starring the ever great Paddy Considine plus various n'ieinhers of the Consrdine."Meadows families. Nice that. See Film, page 27. Selected release.

7 Dimitri from Paris CIUbS if“: lrl‘rlr‘fl ‘,l1ll‘fl‘>ltll it’lll‘,‘r ,',ti',~ lrm'r 'll’llié law: it ‘ut'lJ: lilt:ll?tri:t Ml flit! ‘itil Pei'r Huh .1 turr‘tzitrlw lirr‘rv , multitur', lit for 'llll') tr (alll tum

ti; tom? ', tI-r, SUNCIIlllfr,{Hillbgflll(Lil/17',"

I'll“! l";". [jilrr' {ll/1’), (Hr! )(;')...

I‘.// )i/fr'lr'h 'i

8 The Life and Death of Peter


Film The loveable cad who was making cinematic history when he wasn‘t appearing in some rotten turkeys has his genius distilled into Stephen Hopkins' stirring biOpic. See feature. page M, and Film. page 30. General release.

9 Dirty Filthy Love

TVllt, )8‘5‘13‘:’L")ll1lrl;j‘)l.‘;’ll‘ffl’l‘fl In, 'r em" louretfe”) Syndrome /J!(t_ live, tall ll. I01: .1",- gr,” Ml, T-’: l,. r.1l(,"51{;l Sll‘r’fl‘ £itl’l Cyril“?! lt‘;ti’lo’;t’,’,ti UM!

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1 O The Bays

Music They never rehearse and never put out records so it's the spontaneous live element to this electronic four-piece that makes them so utterly compelling. See Music. page 50. Arches, Glasgow.