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‘5 Old Skool vs New Cool

[Ulllbtlfgit til ct. Mke Scott and _ . _ _ I “Sing: W rock stalwarts strum So who really has got the magic when it comes to kicking out the proverbial our way jams: the young ‘uns or the old ‘uns? Mark Robertson puts them head to head I Lionel Richie SECS. Glasgow. - . . . . . .

1 NOV 0mm Ofmmmn WU, and finds out if the kids actually are all right or if the oldies are still golden?

pop brings Stilt/‘(JillflOSS [,(Z‘TSOtililOd.

I The Polyphonic Spree ()MU. . . . . . . . (filasgow, 1 Nov l-laoov clappy [)SyLI'VCUOilt, lflLili,‘ HUD lilflUltC‘SS from ()0 legged “Hm maume‘ Bolsliy i)i()'l(_ili€:SS Bolshy blor‘dness 9 I Joss Stone (;“"!”KJ A(3"M"”V- Worrying blaridriess \i‘v’orr‘yirig blar‘i :ness 6 (Slasr.}o‘v~.i. Tj Nov. \rVest Country tee” Ability to bellow and wail \‘Jliil Trying to act older than her years soul sensation with fut‘ig busting, great force and getting away With it 7 old school talent. Being an MTV Europe staple. Turning a White Stripes song AKA the BI’t-lli~G(fflll€tfly factor into a teen B88 bubbler 7


Pseudo S(:ottrsl:'t<~>ss 6 Good old-fashioned. bloody-riiiriderl persistence 10


Fooling the public by r‘ot

pointing out that he's not Scottish Bi iggerrng off to the US ieri rt

29 31

£1” 9003 m5; UT) 8 Goofy. ruffle-their-hair-while- Nicehair 7 tliey-coyly-touch-yer-arse charm 8 Quietly reforming old band to One-hit-wonder pote'itial 7 much excitement 6 MOTORHEAD SLIPKNOT , Giowlinr ability 1O Growlrn ability I Keane Barrowland. Glasgow. ‘3 J J g , 8‘ I, N 8.0“) DUI I I )H j t ' j Barnacle like resilience 9 Employing surplus band H 0V \ ' ' n 6’ Mu] (“K ElliOl'iéli'lltlfl facial topiary 10 members Dr'mimiy for sensitive l-_nglish indie rock from "

onstage play fighting

Introducing any kind of variety . Wearing masks

cherub clicektd likey lads. "18mg 5“me my} key

I Amy Winehouse l iguid Room. alter years 1 Wishing they hadn't started Edinburgh A NOV. Bobby young the whole lllElSk malarkey :Stzxéj/lgdy wrtli oodles of sass and DEEP PURPLE THE DARKNESS Audacious bust—ups 9 Being very. very good at I Jah WObble Hmmm Hwy“ Hocking out despite imminent "‘9‘" “X5kll'mH U'USQUW- "1 NOV- HieCi'C 80'0 need for hip rt—aplacements 7 The outfits experiments in dub. world. ambient Gwmg the World Dav“ Having a laugh and everything else. Coverdale and Whitesnake 3 Taking themselves a “mg 100 I Trashcan Sinatras Sr Hume's Taking themselves very seriously seriously a little too soon and Comm. Edlnbwg” (1 NOV; Comer and getting away with it 8 not quite getting away with it lheatr'e. Cilasgow. 1) Nov. V LIONEL RICH'E BEN FOLDS Homegrown alternative folk rock , \ , ,. \ Dancing on the ceiling 1O Staring at the ceiling ({“(ies' “was”le “I” "I the Masswely irritating progeny 1 Taking the tag ‘the indie Elton States“ Berng ‘easy like Sunday morning” 8 JOHN 08 a COlilD'llilCm Probabl not manac in much Demanding 'Qi'i‘mo m‘i’ “‘Ol‘L’y I DON’T "'58 on a Sui/iday afterntiorgexcept DOCK YOU WC“. maybe a potter round the Being funny and it not allotments 4 being a bad thing THE POGUES POLYPHONIC SPREE Getting all the original members Managing to get all those band to agree to one more tour 8 members on one bus Remembering who was in it Not losing any in the process “"51 “me “WM 10 Not really haying more . Making genius music 10 than one song 5 Growrng old gracefully 0 Tim De Laughter turning 11"”? into the indie Shane MacGowan 3 BLINK 182 BUSTED 1' Punk credentials 7 Punk credentials 3 V . Nick cave Cadmg Academy. Not even knowmg who Being pals with Aereogramme 8 Giasgow. 5 & 6 NOV. SOLD OUT (6 Aereogra'iime are 0 Acting like great mUSIcians when '

Acting like brattv twats when they should really be acting like nl . ood . r 305%“: Tet fr); crgwmagteglmk they re actually great mUSiCians 4 "‘ bratty twats p p u 8' ress m ac ' Finally making a kick ass album 8 One of them having the potential ~ to make a kick ass (solo) album 6

I Ibrahim Ferrer Usher Hall.

Edinburgh 6 NOV Esteemed o Cuban veteran of the Buena Vista MOO Credenmls MOO Credentials 7 some“ CIUb. Still looking great after all Morrissey stamp of approval" I Paul Weller Clyde Auditorium. mes? years 10 klss of death. . 5 Glasgow. f NOV. The Modfamer The idea of Weller over ' Happily revrsmng Weller s the mu5ical reality 3 i 33: glory days 5 retUmS' “Odoum W'm Covers from Begrudging revisiting of l Managing not to live up to his latest tribute albUln. his days 5 their name 7 IAnastacia SECC. Glasgow. 7 I “M _b [I LN, .l r h It I, x h \ x \ NOV. Foghorwvoiced modem diva See Ll‘.{?H1gl.i.lgiitS 'J iu:. details 3: al. gigs 'i ,eritioned.

brings ballistic pop to town.

22 THE LIST ~ :9- ;