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I Deep Purple SECC. Glasgow. 8 Nov. Heavy rock veterans With a set full of classics.

I Motorhead Barrowland. Glasgow. 9 Nov. Lemmy is a god. Motbrhead are awesome. That's all. I The Beta Band Carling Academy. Glasgow. 12 Nov. Farewell show from disbanding. ambling. sharnbling Scots indie uoupe.

I The Vandals Garage. Glasgow. 12 Nov. Underground DIY skate- punk veterans With rittage galore.

I Lost Prophets SECC. Glasgow. 13 Nov. Welsh former nu-metallers. now on a fiery. new wave tip.

I Ben Folds Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow 16 Nov. Quirky. intelligent piano-led pop from Folds. now minus his Five.

I The Thrills Carling Academy. Glasgow. 18 Nov. West Coast vibes and Irish charm in equal measure. I The Tigerlillies Cottier Theatre. Glasgow. 18 Nov. Theatrical and eccentric sea shanty madness from bonkers trio.

I Deus Liquid Room. Edinburgh, 19 Nov. Superb underground Belgian indie rock enigma in a rescheduled show.

I Beach Boys Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow. 19 Nov. Featuring two original members. but no Brian Wilson.

I Zero 7 Carling Academy. Glasgow. 20 Nov. EaSy listening ambient dance pop duo with jazzy tendencies.

I The Roots Carling Academy, Glasgow, 23 Nov. Thought- provoking and uplifting hip hop collective from Philadelphia.

24 THE LIST '.’3 Sep 5 Oct Edd-1

After decades of honing their own individual pop creations, Kiwi veterans THE FINN BROTHERS have reunited and Emma Newlands discovers that the musical bond between them is stronger than ever.

egendary country sitiger/songwriter Bonnie

Raitt once said: ‘I think my fans will l'ollow me

into our combined old age. Real musicians and

real lans stay together tor a long. long time.' With a

combined (it) years in the music business. seyeral

million record sales and a new album. livery-uric is

Here. released to critical acclaim. the same maxim looks set to apply to brothers Neil and Tim liinn.

New Zealand's most famous soils have worked both

together and indiyidually oyer the years and. according

with life B/ood. albtiiris from SOundtrack of our Lives and Sum ‘1 Astronaut. the first Duran

Duran recOrd since 1983 all hitting the shops I" early

9 A October. L E a On the difficult seediid

Most imminent llOV‘JIQS are REM'S Around the Sue, Toni \i‘y’aits with Rea/ Gone. the Manic Street Preachers

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album front. Kings of Leon have been baiic'l';.iiig

( ' about Aria Snake : Hes/Tmeak for some time ' . ncx.’ but It arr yes on. ‘1

l N“ L -‘ - '1 i Notember. Another band

to Neil. the younger ol‘ the pair. the time had come to join l'orces again. ‘We wanted to deline our intisical relationship. and I suppose incyitably our personal relationship as brothers a little bit. by working together oycr a solid period ol~ time. \Ve'ye come together at various points in our careers. and Very successlully I started off in 'l‘im's band. Split lin/ and that was my education. so it l‘cels like we'ye had dill'erent phases. \Ve‘ye gone away as we needed to. to do ollt‘ own work. and hopel'ully this is a culiniiiatioii.'

‘rrx'. Airrirzr; Ma'ii‘i 0r ‘8

t'.’;'to.'.'ii‘<i the" sophomore ettcn are .. Goriliaz Octcberi. and Counter Gwen Ste‘an.

tr‘ere's 880 SC'Y‘E‘YV“ Pg "6.2 KPCGKS G if '78“ SO 0 den”?