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Thursday 23 September Thursday 7 October 2004


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i,” Highlights .. 13 Peter Sellers Paul Dale gets into the head of the comedy genius whose troubled life is Interpreted brilliantly on the big screen by Geoffrey Rush.

16 Delia Derbyshire She put together the Dr Who soundtrack by hand - years before synthesisers did it all with the touch of a button. James Smart talks to the people making a play about her life.

18 Autumn Gig Guide Whether you've got the hots for shoegazmg indie boys or sassy. gobby jazz chicks. all your pie—Christmas gig options are laid out here.

103 Murder One OK. it was on the telly a long time ago. but now this utterly compelling courtroom drama is being released on DVD. Brian Donaldson reckons it's one of the best US shows ever.

1 14 Pants Get your knickers in a twist over the cutest. fruitiest. frilliest LlDClGD/‘JGEN' around.

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