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Re Sweaty Panters (504)

The phenorrienon Gillian Sliei‘.'.'ood noted in your last I‘,‘,li": is not new and can be ol iser‘xed in the Meadows most nights of the week. the ’,llil)lll‘} being any number of running groups out training. But if her walk home is lit:l‘.‘/(3(,‘ll f5 and 7pm on \i‘I/erlnesdays. chances are she's observed the Middle Meadow Miiers -< a fab. friendly running group for women of all ages and abilities. It's a chance to keep fit. destress after a day at the desk. enjoy each others' company. and it's good clean iOK. sometimes a bit muddyl fun. Any other women keen to give try running, meet new people to run with. come along and give it a go.

We meet by the blue shed at the end of Jawbone Walk. (3pm every Wtrxlnesday. all year round. whatever the weather. Monise Durrani On behalf of Middle Meadow Milers


Re: The Teen Perv Conundrum (502)

Bravo for running Sylvia Patterson's excellent piece on the new teen—porn trash that attempts to pass for literature. While the books boast few literary qualities. I would say these young authors depict a world in which they are firmly in control. Even if what they choose to do is sordid and rather depressing. here. the young women are the explorter's. not the expl0ited.

However. I do worry that by publishing a photo of Melissa P naked on your cover. yOLi may have been pandering to the OppOSIte tendency. in which blokes may well enjoy reading this material for their own sexual kicks.

The empowered land therefore Subverswe to some misogynistsl nature of the books may well be Subverted once again by yOur treatment of them. In effect y0u may be allowing teary old wankers to

2 THE LIST 23 Sep-T Oct 2004

The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

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or email editor@list.co.uk

sei/e back control » '.‘.’liil litCEl right hand. of course. Nathan Field

By email


Re: Daddy Was an Architect (503)

Thank you for pointing me in the direction of the most powerful and profound film I've seen for years. My Architect was a perfect piece of documentary cinema: a fascinating Journey of l ouis Khan's awesome buildings. and an incredibly moving personal story.

I appreciate your consistent attempts to encourage these stimulating and thought provoking films. Don't ever stop.

Rebecca Lowe


PS. In the feature. I think your chOice of words. ‘Louis Khan was a scar-faced. two-timing fucked-up lover'. could have been less aggressive. These may have been the facts. but do we need to call him scar- face?


It was Snowmg. a cold wrnd blew through the streets. gas lamps flickered and horses stamped their hooves on the icy cobbles beneath. Which was strange as it was 1984 and mid-July. At number 34 Beesting Drive. Charles Snup looked up from his daily paper and across the room to his beautiful new wrfe. Matilda.

How lucky I am. he thought as he gazed at her beauty. She was standing in the corner of the room in full splendOur. the Sun casting rays of flies and dust onto her chest. wide Open and exposed to reveal several suits and a tie rack. A rare find indeed. one in a million. he nodded to himself.

He was happy for the first time in his life. He had met that speCial someone to share the rest of his blissful days with. nothing c0u|d stand in their way. Not even the coat stand he's purchased only last week.

not e.en her being a iii-35 'tt (Iti‘llfilll’fll Chippendale ‘.'.’L1lfilf)l)(:‘.‘.”liit cabnole legs and a plush .‘.alnut xeneering to die for. Charles Snup was later taken away and fed to a troupe of n‘athernatical horses. His wife, Matilda. sat ‘.'.ieeping and gathering dust in the corner of the room until the bailiffs burst in and carted her off to the auction house. She fetched over $760,000.

Ewan John

By email


Re: Guide Dog Do (504)

I am a guide dog owner and therefore not able to read your magazine. But it has been brought to my attention that one of your correspondents has recently made some quite unsupportable remarks about guide dogs and their toilet



who is responsible.

to get it.‘

of these books makes me

perv culture. Marcus Black Glasgow

Re: The Teen Perv Conundrum (502)

Was anyone else agitated by "the teen-perv conundrum feature? While I agree With the description of Melissa P's diary being 'brutal. confusing stuff'. I can't help wondering

What kind of society produces a 16-year-old who wants 'both love and to be treated like a slut' and who depends upon the pain pleasure addiction? It's little wonder this book rings true for teenagers. Don't they all want attention? Writing a book about the explicit sexplorts of a 16-year-old just screams ‘I want attention. and I will go to ANY lengths

By getting the feedback she craves. her writing reinforces the notion that we live in a sex and youth obsessed sooer made up of self-destructive indIViduals. Why is Lolita a classic? Why do two of my friends' 60-year-old fathers have teenage girlfriends? Why do my mates like their girlfriends to shave their pubic hair? The publication and dlSCUSSIOn

wonder whether we are in some way contributing to this teen-


H and South to 35 South - (ir ‘at ('hilcam \Vincs

i'iarits. 'rl c" sad." .: t"z‘-‘. think t‘lind rteoifiaw (tot; ti“? The. .215; isttitr‘: Tl‘a'. gltiitft: if E; i" a" t":"l

ch l'Illi'll :tist It‘w s.i"‘e- .i‘; \ther (togs' p’w. \.'.'e1i" \, i’. "an" (‘ruide dogs are ltrtttl‘liill‘, .'.’t’)lll‘t’?{i bi. their zets an l glui‘t‘ other health che<:ks and ‘.a<:r:inations just so the. won't be a ha.’ard to anyone's health. We are all gruen cards hi. the Association of i.ll‘.llt)lllll(l‘lli£l| Healtl‘. officers ‘.'.ihi<:h .'.i.- can show to anyone who objects to the presence of our dogs on health grounds.

If your corresponrlent is so bothered by guide dog poo. suggest they volunteer to become a guide dog poo picker up.

Political correctness gone mad. my bum!

Adie Chalmers Edinburgh

cuscow AND EDINBURGH evens mm

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