0 The Bees and Little Barrie 'l‘hc \l'llllL'. l7 2| ('tiltolt Road. 557 3073, 7pm. {3. Sec l‘irl 3—1 Sup,

I Client, Hoboken and Swimmer One Bunncrniun‘x. Nlddr} Slrcct. 556 325-1. 7pm. L7 L3. l'clnulc clcctro duo who prclcr to hc known \nnpl} tlx ('licnl A and (hunt l3 drawing intlucnccx t'roin Jo) l)l\l\llill. Krut'lwcrk and the Smiths. I Van Hielan and Full Metal Racket The Liquid Room. ()L‘ Victoria Street. 235 2564. 7pm. £7. llctn) mctul thundct lrotn this Van llulcn trrhutc hand and \llpptil‘l.

I The Fever, Deadenstereo and Private Jackson (‘ulcdonltui liglckpuckcrx. 3 ()uccnxlcrr} Sll'cct. 476 733-1. 8. 30pm. {-1. ('luxsic rock night with u lw ixl. whilc l)c;idcnslcrco\ new singlc llll\l‘\ Rzldirihcud—quuc tlttgxl with prcll} melodies.

I Jase, the Hustlers and U- Know-Hoo Whistlchinkicx. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 5| l4. 6pm. lircc hcl‘orc nudnighl: [.3 llllL‘l'. l-unk. rock and blues.


I The Hives und CDOASS ('urling .’\cudcm_\. Ill liglinlon Strccl. (NUS ()2() 3‘)‘)‘)/ll.\'7() 77l 2()()(l. 7pm. U350. ()wr— l-lx show. 'l‘hc world's grculcxl one-trick ponies return to wlpc thc lloor with the gut;th rock competition. courtesy ol‘ their \ltit‘lllllig‘ new album 'Ii‘mnmmmrm Illt'r'x.

I Mylo and Freeform Five King 'l'ut'x Walt \Vgih llul. 273:1 St Vincent 811111.23] 527‘). 8.30pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. Scc Hi 24 Sup.

I Brendan Benson, Giant Drag and Loganstone 'l'hc l3lh Nolc (‘ult’a 5t) 60 King Street. 553 I638. 9pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. 'l‘hc While Stripcs‘ ltn'oln'itc indie pop lrouhudour lWCLIllltW


a iv Y" I,

down the neck ol his inns in llil\ inlimutc. nu}. tin} \cnuc.

I ballboy and Jo Mango Blzlckl‘riurx. Bell Street. 553 592-1 Hprn £8. Whimsical. poetic lull-s troni lidinhurgh indie pop tumuritcx l’url u! (/16 .llc'n'limt! (in [Twin].

I Talon - The Best of the Eagles l’milion Theatre. III chticld Slrcct. 3.33 H446. 7.30pm. U3. litlglt'x trlhulc night I Cosmos, Pulse and Dresden Nicc'n'Slcul). 42l Suuchichull Slrcct. 333 9637. 9pm. £4. Rock bill

I Most Precious Blood, Knuckledust, Madman is Absolute, Broken Oath, Divide, Pigscum und Azriel liurl'li. 360 (lulu Stt‘cct. 0870 907 (NW), 7pm, £3.50, ()Vcr- l-l\ \lttm. 'l'hc ltL‘NllllltL‘h lift“ at New York—huscd hurdcorc hand. straddling punk and metal.

I Lianne Hall Stcrco. Kchinhuugh Strcct. 576 5018. 8pm. £3. London-liuxcd songw rilcr.

I Hazey Janes, Shrinking Violet, The Rodents, The Comrades and Future Site of Rome ’l'hc Arches. 353 .-\l‘g} lL' Sll‘L‘Cl. 565 MB. 8pm. £6. Showcase gig. including l)undoni;ui outtit thc llll/L‘} .l;lltC\. who are inllucnccd h} tho ['8 west coast sound of Blillulo Springfield and thc languid folk pop ol Nick l)t’;ll\c. 0 The Weird Attractors und Livesciences (‘urnixul (’luh. Scottish (‘urnii‘ul Arts. 34 Albion Strcct. 552 8637. 4pm. £7 tL'S). All du} Sundu) sticlill event with world music gt'oou‘x l'rom thc Wcird Attractorx and jun) hip hop l‘rom Livesciences. I’urr n/‘I/u' Allow/tun! (’iIi' I-i'xlii'ul.

I The Remones, Combat Flock and The Junkyard Dog Soundhuux. ~17 Hyde Park Street. 221 465‘). 9pm. £5. A Love Music. llaltc Racism night l‘cuturing (‘lzish trihulc uct (‘onihzil Rock. With 1)] Jerry Daunmcrs.

:u fit i'ilj I 3,.

. I“ ~' . ~ ' i put ‘1'» ’3 I g - l \IE'. . N.


EllllFT llll FlllE


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K 5 :‘cv astute Musnc


Plus Very Special Guests Sons & Daughters & Mothers and the Addicts

Glasgow ’Barrowland

Saturday 9th October

ww \\ tlit‘t .tllltlglulltl tiifll


with Sp‘ccial Guest r §AWAY ilfill‘llll renew w comma mu" D

30X GREECE: @8‘1‘0‘ Till woo

SA'rttlumY 23R!) ()(Tl‘lmlik CORN EXCHANGE EDINBURGH


Box office : 01224 641 122



wedfiesdéy .

Tuesday 23rd November The Garage, Glasgow

tickets available from: ' In person: "01th SCOTLAND Glasgow & Edinburgh, RtPPmG Edinbugh. WHO‘S Dundee, GOLDRUSH Perth

By telephone. 55E llCKETS: M71 220 0260 TICKET SCOTLAND 0870 2201116 Tickets onlme lrom cplweovcom

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