cA'GEo' HEAT Arches. Glasgow, Thu 7—Sat 30 Oct

Over the last few months, the promotion of Michael Howard is not the only example we’ve seen of the sap rising. If you're like most folks, the recently passed summer has seen an increase in your general sexual awareness. There might be all kinds of reasons for this well- documented phenomenon, from some complex primal attachment to the seasons, to the simple fact that people wear fewer clothes. Certainly this latter, which I call the Parisian experience (she gave me an eyeful and I got the tower) seems to count with boys. Andy Arnold, artistic director of the Arches, is also very aware of this condition of heat and lust. ‘In places where there’s a lot of heat for long periods, there does seem to be a correlation between this and the rising of sexual and other passions,’ he tells me.

This is particularly true, of course, of Tennessee Williams’ deep South. We all know this from plays like Streetcar and Suddenly Last Summer, of course, but it's a theme carried into even his far more obscure shorter work. And after the 18 minute diamond, Lord Byron ’5 Love Letter, shown a couple of years back at the Arches, Arnold presents us with three more Scottish premiers. Moony’s Kids Don’t Cry has a married couple


Citizens. Theatre, Glasgow, Sat 25 Sep—Sat 23 Oct

(various dates).

DWI Prerre's BUOMH V.‘.‘lltlllll() trrst novel rs an AKA? of a rea:r. tn the attern‘ath ot a (it>ltrrnl)rne~style high sehoor shootrno, Vernon l rttle doesn't so n‘utth trnd hrrnsell undergoing; that l». rr‘edra as herng; hunt) drawn and ouar'tered ht rt. ln sn‘ali top-In lt-xas there rs nothrno hut rrnpendrng; doorn tor a ho, '.'.’(i-arrn(_; ilk: ‘.'.‘.'ol‘.() shoes and seuttrno the lrne that others toed.

As part of the CR." l.rttle Brt ot Rutt season. drr‘eetor Kenn; Mrller takes .hrs heast ot a hook try the longhor'ns and ‘.‘.’.'(:t;li(3§; 't onte the stage. Pete Ashrnore, who plays the l()tlll\, articulate teen rn.;r.ler suspect. connected wrth Vernon trorn hrs we. first read, ‘You kind of understand hrrn heeause he has so llltlt‘l‘. shrt aorno on around i‘rrn'. says Ashrnore. 'lhe nook portraxs such a bleak preture ot the world and then you haw that one central figure of anon. truth and Justice. You ‘.'.ant to helreve sorneone's strll tightrngf There rs tlr)(l()tlltt(‘:(lr\ some risk rn staurng; a notei so recently heaped with entreaa r>rars<;.

awaking at 4am in the heat of the night to discuss their impending emotional and sexual crisis. Twenty Seven Wagons Full of Cotton tells the story of a suspicious fire at a cotton mill, and the sadomasochistic sexual revenge taken by the owner upon the possible culprit‘s spouse. Something Unspoken sees two faded Southern belles (very much a Williams speciality) struggle to come to terms with passions past and present.

A highlight will surely be the reappearance at this venue of Pauline Goldsmith, fresh from a


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Tennessee Williams

triumph with the Arches company's production of Beckett's Not I at the Fringe, where she picked up the Best Actress award from The Stage. Arnold is enthusiastic about her two new roles in the trilogy. ‘She’s a fantastic actress, but with things like the Becketts and Bright Colours Only, she‘s been working in a non— naturalistic style. Although Williams isn't completely naturalistic either, it requires a different kind of acting. I think we’ll see how good she can be as an actress in this genre,‘ he enthuses. It‘s a dang fine prospect, as they might say in Williams land. (Steve Cramer)


Rula Lenska and Sylvester McCoy play the old Bennets


Playhouse. Edinburgh, until Sat 25 Sep

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BUTTERFLY Tramway. Glasgow. 6-9 &13—16 Oct


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