Suave French DJ about town DIMITRI FROM PARIS Chats to David Pollock about his career in house.

itnitri l-rom l’ari\ i\ a \uperxtar hou\e l).l. lle

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and lo\ e hix muxie. hut l'or anyme \\llU earex lit ltt‘l‘ll\t‘ lll\ [‘l'ttllltt \ll(\l\ Hl' l'L‘CUl'tl \lCL'\C\. lllL‘ man ma) ltl\l ax \xell he a ‘ietwetting. lottttge—l;i_\itig. \t‘titt‘lr gu//ling al'tiliate ol' the Rat l’aek. It's a eult ol‘ \upeiimpoxed perxonalit} that he \harex \xilh \ueh l‘reneh etintemporariex a\ Hall Punk and .\it‘. and mueh ol it ma) \tem t'rom the lael that he originall} \l‘tanf.‘ l'rom the radio \tation\ not the eluhx ol' lll\ homeland.

‘l ike e\el'_\otle elxe l knexxf reeountx the 'l‘urkixh— horn Ill/produeer. 'l \\a\ liming a lot ol reeordx juxt heeauxe I liked muxie and thought\ ol~ tr)ng to do \ontetllittg with it and powihl_\ l).l eame later. So I pttt tapex together and \em them out to radio \lillltl|l\ and one Ul lllk'lll hired me. l'rom there it \\a\ step l\_\ \tep: late night pirate radio. to m) o\\ n \lto\\ on a large \tation. to ha\ ing a name hig enough to he axked to remi\ tor other prodtieerx and then produee m} \elt'.

‘llut at tirxt all I \\anted to do \\a\ tnake enough moire) to hit} more reeordx.‘ he eontinuex. 'l \xouldn't think ot' going to eluhx to do thix. heeathe at

the time l5 wan ago the 1).! \\a\ no more than a

lmrtender. lle “ax there to do no more than the bar told him to. ’l‘here \\a\ no \ueh thing ax tnaking _\our

0“ n lull.‘ “I. Ill-“Wing ,‘UUI' U\\ ll l‘CL‘tH'tlx. 'l‘hankx to hi\ ad\enture\ on the radio. Dimitri \\a\ melt a \\e|l-t‘e\|wetetl name h) the turn ot' the 0% he



\\a\ ahle to more taxhion \ltt)\\\ tor de\ignet‘\ \ueh ax (‘hane|. l.agerleld and (iaultier. ln amongst eopiou\ remi\ \xork tor \ueh \uperxtar name\ a\ lliork. .\'e\\ Order and .lame\ Broun o\ er the nut t'e\\ _\ear\. he ttl\t) \lat'ted to gain a reputation itk‘l'tl\\ the ('hanuel. t'eleaxing hix o\\ll reeordx and e\entual|_\ unleaxhing .l/itmue .'\|hum ot' the Year Sui-re “It'll in I‘Nh.

Looking haek on the hig \ea ehange in these homogenixed l'it'ellelt eltllh. he t‘eatlil) aeknouledlim the dehl he and l‘ellotx l‘reneh l).l\ hax to the houxe boom in Britain. 'It all ehanged in the Utle he \a}\. ‘\\ hen eluh nightx \\ ere aetuall} \tarting to he \omething in the l‘lx'. \xhen pt'omolel'x \\ould hijaek a eluh tor themxehex and take it in er tor the night. .'\nd lllL‘_\ \lLll'lL‘tl [H C(llllC tt\L‘l‘ Lllltl pla) in l‘ranee. ot' eourxe it\ like that e\er_\ \\het‘e nou. hut there \\a\ a lot lexx l'reedom in l’reneh eluhx haek thenf

In 2004 lli\ natne ix non sealed a\ a \uperxtar ol the turntables haek home and around the \\orld. 'l‘m more ot' a mood-maker than a DJ though." he eonte\t\. ‘|t\ \er} important to ereate a groox e. to make people eomt‘ortahle \\ ithin the lllll\le. 'l‘hix l\ \\h} I like organie \oundx. \xhether it'x dixeo or t‘unk. a lot ot' the muxie l pla} mes real instruments. although it al\\a_\\ keep\ that same rh_\thm haekhone.’

Bacardi Bbar at Ultragroove at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 25 Sep and Solemusic Soundsystem, The Buff Club, Glasgow, Sun 26 Sep

IF THERE WAS ONE CLUB THAT started the trend for superclubs. Cream is it. And they are throwing another one-off birthday party where it all began back at Nation in Liverpool. 9 October. Erik Morillo headlines the main room. Timo Maas the Annexe and Graeme Park the Courtyard. Other names on the huge bill include Yousef. K- Klass. Shovell and Shapeshifters (well, you can‘t win ‘em all). Full details and tickets from

Mr TALKING F RADIO STATIONS. the fantastic internet radio station Radio Magnetic has had an upgrade, making it sleeker and more user friendly (check to see the new improved version). And as a launch they are teaming up with Instant Access at the Sub Club, 30 September for a huge DJ battle with a multitude of guests battling with just two tracks each. Names include Sidewinder, Jim Hutchinson, Frank Murphy, Gianni Palazzo and more than this column can accommodate.

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FINALLY CAN WE JUST REITERATE: promoters in Glasgow, the email address to send details to has changed slightly. From now on use

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