Tramway. Glasgow, until Sun 31 Oct

Rosemarie Trockel, the Cologne-based multimedia polymath, is perhaps best known for her examination of the role of women, both in the art world and wider society. She has returned often to iconic images of feminine perfection, and appropriates objects traditionally associated with women, edging them out of a domestic context and into the gallery, a space as male-dominated as any other.

Her work isn‘t, though, clumsy agitprop, nor does it comfortably fit into a feminist straightjacket. Instead, Trockel’s approach is a slippery one, avoiding didactic statements in favour of multifaceted works that, more often than not, prompt a complex series of questions with quick visual quips. The best, and best known, example of this bold-but-tentative approach is Trockel's painting machine. An assembly of wires and rollers, the machine uses brushes fashioned from locks of hair donated by Trockel's contemporaries, including Sigmar Polke and Georg Baselitz, to mark paper. First, if not foremost, it’s a giggle, but look just past

Seven Walks by Nahuum Tevet

the joke, and everything from the commodification of art to male domination of the artistic sphere rears its ugly head.

Delving further into the maleness of mechanisation, Trockel's knitted paintings are similarly layered, incorporating and repeating familiar signs - the Woolmark, the Playboy bunny. They offer an ironic twist to knitting's domestic associations, reimagining ‘female' piecework as ‘male’ mass production, and repositioning the medium as high art, not low craft. All the while, Trockel refuses to be pinned down. Her refusal to stick with a medium results in a bewildering breadth of practice - drawing and painting, photography and video, sculpture and assemblage. By eschewing variation and sequential development of her themes, Trockel ends up absenting herself from the work, making it hard to ascribe motives, which in turn lends her already gag-heavy work a further layer of irony, a detachment that defies again the immediate, easy interpretation of it as political, feminist statements.

Tramway’s Trockel retrospective looks set, then, to be a tricky proposition, full of work that hides dense investigation behind a deceptively simple facade - get ready to look long and hard, laughing as you go. (Jack Mottram)

Untitled (1978) by Rosemarie Trockel


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