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surfaces alsr; act as the tool rn zarlous lililtltfrlt INTO THE MIRROR (15) 113mm 000

grisly krllrnos. In one partrr:ul.'ir'i\. gruesorrie scene. a mrrror slices a man rn two from head to groin, l€lset.'.'here and rn a (:reeprer' ‘.’(:lll, reflections take on lives of therr own. wreaking hlood‘,’

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Kidnapped, locked up for 15 years and then released for no apparent reason, chubby, clean cut businessman Oh Dae Su (the mighty Choi Min- sik, best known here for his role in Chihwaseon) is now a neanderthal on the rampage. He wants answers and revenge and he will take them by claw hammer or scissor. But the trail seems to lead to a sickly, rich millionaire loner school friend Lee Woo-jin (Yu Ji-tae, the actor so soft and gentle in I-lur Jin-ho’s One Fine Spring Day).

Part existential thriller, part Oedipal myth, Park Chan Wook’s second revenge thriller is the generic equivalent to an electric current through the gonads. Moving as far away from the diseased minimalism of his first journey to the heart of counterinsurgency - Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Wook has pulled out all the stops in this adaptation of a culty Korean manga comic. He slices and dices between absurdist comedy, horror, enigmatic philosophy and De Palma-esque perversity that often threatens to unbalance the whole conceit. Park makes his lighting man and set designer work incredibly hard to make every scene smother your eyes and senses with the peculiar and beautiful. It sounds like a cliche when faced with such visceral fare but this really is unlike anything else you will see this year. It is the film of a brilliant talent weaned on Hitchcock’s Vertigo, De Palma's Dressed to Kill and any of Peckinpah’s movies from the mid-70$ until his death in 1984.

This is the movie that will set the template for more interesting thrillers and crime dramas from American stars of the genre over the next five years, noticeably Tarantino, Mann and - don’t dismiss this underrated filmmaker just yet - Rodriguez . The film of the year without a doubt.

(Paul Dale)

I Selected release from Fr'r 75 Oct.

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the plotting and styling of the super

successful Japanese H "1; «‘le Strli. there are enough shrn', set

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raise a few narrs off the nape

IMrles lirelderl

I St 1e ’(.‘;’t?(l release from Frx 8 Oct.

l llltf )BUl l Y\";(X)l) BRIDE AND PREJUDICE (12A) 101 min 000

Three years ago everyone went Bollywood era/1, and filmmakers got the stuprd rdea rnto therr heads that Bollavood movres were cool and hox office (l\'li£tlllli(3. Brrlrsh-Asran fusron rnrght have worked rn the food rndustry and on the records of lalvrn Srngh and Nrtrn Sawhney hut Boilrwood. Hol/wrood, The Guru and Bol/mvood Oueen should really have put a stop to the notion that movres payrng homage to Hrndr cinema were a good idea.

But Gurrndha Chadha. who

miraculously found hox offrce success

mrxrng a tired sports tale wrth a Romeo and Ju/ret—style love story in Bend It Like Beck/ram. demonstrates that there might he lrfe rn the old dog yet wrth her update of Jane Austen's Pride and Pre/udrce.

Darcy llvlartrn Hendersonr rs an American who falls rn love With an unsurtahle Indian grrl (former Mrss

World Arshwarya Rar) when he attends

an arranged marriage wrth hrs hest friends. As the story hounces from Indra to London to LA and hack again rt becomes clear that Chadha and Beck/ram screenwriter rand real life hushandr Paul Mayeda Berges' attempts at discoursrng the complex rsSues of cross-Cultural relationships are eroded by both the facetrous singing and dancrng. and the contrived dallrances contained wrthrn the SOurce material. Like a vrndaloo. rt's enjoyable if you overlook the obvrous unpleasant Side effects. rKaleern Aftahr

I General release from Frr 8 Oct.


Local film news to keep you amused


F ~ ~ . \W '

Richard Mill‘s story reported

I So it looks like Sean Connery might be retiring. Variety has recently reported that he has abruptly pulled out of his current film project and might be about to announce his retirement, preferring to concentrate on writing his memoirs rather than appearing in Josiah's Canon, a Nazi gold heist film. Rough Cuts will keep you posted.

I The Crazy Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival is back. 8—10 October. with an action-packed. three-day programme of films and high profile speakers. celebrating and illustrating the adventures. excitement and fun to be had in the great outdoors. There are loads of great events. Tickets are now on sale from branches of Tiso and the Alien Rock Climbing Centre. costing from £5 for afternoon sessions and £9 for the evening sessions. For further information check out www.edinburghmountainff.com

I The Cameo Cinema bar in Edinburgh has some great nights going on this fortnight, including include a film quiz at 8.30pm on Wednesday 20 October, and a Whateverworks film event on Thursday 21 October. Contact the cinema for details.

I Resfest will be in Glasgow on 22 and 23 October, and the many highlights include Cinema Electron/ca. Videos That Rock, Warp Vision and a Jonathan Glazer Retrospective. See www.resfest.com for details.

I Finally, Richard Mills, an East Kilbride-born, South African resident stuntman who has recently returned to Scotland (see above) is looking to make the film of his screenplay Moerderland - Far From Home about his experiences as a stuntman over there. Interested in getting involved? Contact Richard on saintOsquareland. freeserve.co.uk

I New from this issue of The List for the first time ever the complete second week's cinema listings are available online at www.list.co.uk

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