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Miles Fielder seeks out the Jacques Derrida of modern British cinema PAWEL PAWLIKOWSKI, the writer and director of the remarkable new film My Summer of Love.

There’s a misconception that Polish-English writer-director Pawel

Pawlikowski (pictured) is a filmmaker in the realist vein. His feature debut .

Last Resort may have utilised the grim setting of an immigrant camp in the '- t: : -- . . -. i _ .. I. » ' l- -' south of England, and follow-up My Summer of Love might be adapted ' ' '

from a novel set against the backdrop of the equally grim reality of the .

Yorkshire mining towns during Thatcher’s reign, but despite that - and 1 t z" ' z -- ‘* :'

despite a decade making documentaries - Pawlikowski has spent his entire ' career eschewing the realist aesthetic. ‘I detest these gritty British films in which people shout and swear and gesticulate a lot,’ he says. ‘And the camera’s shaky, which is supposed to authenticate the whole thing.‘

If that’s the case, what in the name of Ken Loach is Pawlikowski doing accepting a Creative Arts Fellowship at Oxford titled: Realistic Genres of Contemporary Filmmaking? ‘lt’s quite a nice thing to have,‘ Pawlikowski says, ‘because the films | make are low budget and I don’t make them very often. It’s not much money, but it’s alright. Also, it makes you think more about what you’re doing. I started jotting things down: my philosophy of aesthetic and ethics. It’ll result in some kind of . . . boring book.

‘Anyway, realism is such a wide term,’ he continues, now beginning to sound like his (other) day job: National Film School tutor. ‘Cinema is total artifice anyway. The aim is never to just reflect reality - why bother making films at all? It’s always transforming reality, even with my documentaries. When I was making them I was discovering things about filmmaking, about ~ : . . ' " ~ ~ ' ~ .7 am the world. They were, in a way, really original.’ . z , 1' v : ' w ' " .w

Pawlikowski began his filmmaking career with the BBC’s once great 3 1" T. -' z’ : '- °' - Community Programme Unit making documentaries about born-again " " ' priests in Yorkshire, balmy Eastern European musicians, Dostoevsky’s 1-. . .. . , . great grandson and a poet who recited his poems above a burning ." '; °' ’. :: " w '- " Sarajevo. But Birt’s more commercial BBC served him ill and in the late 1 ;y:’ ' i ' ' ’1': t ' nineties he switched to fiction filmmaking. .: ., ' .. i , ..

‘It took me a long time to write scripts that I could film,’ he says. ‘With , ' r; r: q ' gm ': .r: : Last Resort and My Summer of Love I wanted to create something that’s ' ' ' ' removed from reality, I wanted the characters to be real. The idea wasn't to create a documentary realism, the idea was to make you feel you were . , , . experiencing something real, but that’s also somehow poetic and different.’ ' .' ' ' 5; ';z: ; arr, .' ’32:? :,

I My Summer of Love is on selected release from Fri 22 Oct. See rev/9w. page 46. v Err: t,- ~23" .3 ,,

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