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...for the perfect brew

Redbush ieo is the drink of choice for Mmo Romotswe and her No.l lodies’ Detective Agency, the only lodies’ detective agency in Botswono. Discover for yourself the chorms of these bestselling books while sipping o mug of delicious Redbush Teo. From its historic roots as o tribol medicine to its rich army of heolth-giving properties, steep yourself in the culture and troditions of southern Africo as you hold 0 port of it in your honds.

Mode from o herb known locally os rooihos, meoning 'red bush' in Afrikoons, the tea was more recently discovered when locols reolised thot fermenting the leaves of this oromotic bush mode 0 refreshing cup of ten. Redbush is still mode exactly the some woy us it was all those centuries ago, using the trodition of drying the ten under the hot Africon sun, something of which we feel Mmo Romotswe would highly opprove.

Redbush is caffeine free ond hos half the tonnin of regular teo; it contoins no colouronts, preservotives or odditives. A cup of Redbush makes 0 precious port of your day in more ways than one.

For 0 free somple of Redbush Tea and to discover whot it can do for you coll 0845 60l 2658



Avoiloble from Asdo, Booths, Budgens, Londis, Hollond 8 Borrett,

Morrison's, Sofewoy, Soinsbury's, iesco, Woitrose and A percentoge of the profits from the sole of this teo ore donoted to benefit the selected Cooperative some” and health food stores, indigenous peoples of the Kolohori. www.kolohoripeoplesorg Offer opplies to residents of the UK and ROI only. One somple per household.