Name Ashley Walters

AKA Asher D

Birthdate and birthplace 30 June, 1982. London, UK Background Best known as one of the 30-strong south London garage and hip hop collective So Solid Crew. Walters was five when he started attending the famous Sylvia Young stage school. Via spells in the theatre and Grange Hill at 14. he was soon appearing in small roles on The Bill and Holby City. before the television film Storm Damage (1999). in which he played a troubled teenager. earned him critical recognition. But in 2002 with So Solid riding high, and having become a father of two. Walters was jailed for gun possession. He served 18 months and was released early for good behaviour. He won the British Independent Film Awards’ best newcomer for his role as Ricky in Bullet Boy. What he up to now? He‘s currently making Goa/l. in which he plays a Newcastle United footballer alongside Anna Friel, Sean Pertwee and David Beckham. as well as finishing his first solo album which he intends to release on his own label. And having his biography written at the tender age of 22. What he says about acting rather than singing 'I was always showing off when l was younger, with the money I was earning and everything but prison was humbling. So I appreciate that all performing is good and I need to pay for my kids. That 's the only bottom line. I'm just grateful for any opponunities I get. whether that's acting. music or whatever. I enjoy doing it all. Interesting fact He shot Anglo-American thriller House of Nine under the name Asher D with Kelly Brook. Footballers' Wives‘ Susie Amy and. er. Dennis Hopper. He said of working with the 603 legend: ‘We all got on really well. He was a lot of fun.‘

I Bullet 80y is on selected release from Fri 8 Apr. See review, opposite.

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(15) 109min I...

It was an inspired decision to ask Hideo Nakata to direct the American Ring sequel. After all. it was Nakata who kickstarted the franchise. and his two Japanese Ring films remain among the best examples of the Asia Extreme movement he helped to gain recognition for in the late 19905. Nakata has done little of interest since he opted out of doing the Japanese Ring prequel (Ringu 0) and started scaring the living daylights out of us with Dark Water (more recently things went a little awry with his kitsch ode to the Japanese film industry. The Last Scene). It was the opportunity to work in Hollywood that lured him back to the franchise and as he'd already turned his back on the Ring story once before, it should come as no surprise to learn that his American Ring sequel is a major departure from the lore of Samara. After four movies relying on the same gimmick it‘s a welcome change.

4 experience towards their disabled offspring. Inspired by Giuseppe Pontiggia's autobiogi'apliical novel Born Tit/ice. this European co— production is mainly set in an

(12A) 99min 0


‘Now. that's old school.’ groz'ils Tommy Lee Jones as he stands guard

The fact that Nakata has made a film that could just as easily have used characters from The Exorcist or any number of other horror films will annoy some fans. especially those not bored by the idea of the seven day deadline to copy and show the deadly video tape. However, fans of Nakata will be pleased to learn that he‘s replaced plot consistency with his own brilliant brand of suspense that makes it almost impossible to guess what. when or where the scares will come. He's changed the conundrum that faces returning heroine Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts). The challenge now is whether she will kill her own son to get rid of Samara (Kelly Stables replaced Davleigh Chase for the sequel and footage of both is used). Samara is also a much more powerful foe. able to possess bodies. Ring 2 works because Nakata concentrates on what he knows best without trying to adapt his style to fit Hollywood. For once a US remake of a classic Asian horror film proves itself to be a furtive work of fusion.

(Kaleem Aftab) I (lumia‘ " fr '

us it s softer side. which means Jones on rollerskates. (lilllffilll’) to Ahha“. Dancing Queen] having a facial .'.’llll cucumbers oxer his eyes. llll,"l‘.l) taiiipoiisaiid. most flf1lllfri'tlllli’inl£l|l_

anonymous Berlin. whem the 15~§.'ear- old Paolo undergoes a punishing programme of rehabilitation at a hospital. And it's at this clinic that Gianni ia plausiny uncertain Stuarti encounters a Frenchwoman Nicole iCharlotte Ramplingi. the mother of an even more disablexl child. who warns him to ‘prepare yourself for suffering'. There's a deliberate drabness to the look of this pared-down drama: grey is the dominant colour here. and (2‘. en on a trip to Non-raj. to zisit Paolo's female pen pal. the skies remain overcast. Working in a nee-realist tradition. Amelio faxours location shooting and prefers close-up and medium shots. which reveal the gestures. tetiches and looks of the characters in thew exenday interactions. And while it's hard to judge to that extent Andrea Rossi is ‘acting‘. gixen his real-life disabilities. he comets the gopful.

charming and sometimes exasperatiiig

sides of his xibrant character.

iToin Dan-isoi't

I Fm‘t‘iOuse. Edsr‘hurgh from 5'" Aer 'U'Tfi’ Tm, TACK

over his cheerleading charges. The old school charm of the gri/xled veteran is the supposed selling point for this dour-Texas Banger-protectsbubbly chem‘leaders farrago, directed .'.’lll‘. considerable LJIICOFIEIIH’C,’ by Stephen Herek iRock Starr Plil‘flllQ off his tough gut, image. Man of the House sees Jones grimly determined to show

hariiii‘infj his .‘ia, through a series of musical comedy numbers .vitl. the ill named Cedric the Entertainer

The opening set‘. the tone [)ff:’,I‘/;?,I Jones introduces himself f":lfl‘:.’llifl a I081lllfllhl‘:{Jllfjlt‘:l/,’Ilt‘Jflllllf)li",ilflr‘:, up to the elbow, into a com". anus. As {EXCCLIIl/H predileer. Jerie', tiirther garnishes his full; .‘iitl: a ‘zovi'idtiaek featuring Right Said Fre’l". 'l'ii loo Sex," and Snaps "the Poxier' lhi', isn't old school: it's just old at 1? lEddie Harrison I General re/e;r,e fo/li / 5-; Apr.

QEDEPAL [JPN/M MA MERE (18) 112min oooo

Folloxiiiig tn the .‘r/Jtsterx, of s r," centroiersial artitevise f'Irii'. a7, Portia/ice. Bi’ii.‘,e-riioi. Darin Ma Peat}. /ff€‘/fo$/b/c and Ariatorh/ of Help l/i'a View Is the latest e/arrpe 0‘ been described by the Critic rstrett‘: Vincendeau as ‘fr-e New Prevail Extremism. The filrn's miter-director Christophe Honore lGir/z Can't S'x/irni

has adapted arr uniirisl ea.

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