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Bette Davis eyes

Paul Fischer meets KATE HUDSON on the set

of her new film chiller, Skeleton Key.

oldie Hawn's daughter Kate Hudson is taking

a break from shooting her latest film. the

psychological thriller Skeleton Key. at Universal Studios' stage 24. She constantly refers to the fact that her priorities have changed since she became a mother. talking openly about the recent birth of a son to ageing rocker and Black Crowe. Chris Robinson. It must have for here she is starring in a non-romantic comedy opposite Gena Rowlands. John Hurt and Peter Sarsgaard. In this New Orleans- set thriller. Hudson plays a caretaker who experiences fright after fright in an elderly couple‘s home.

Asked why she was attracted to the film. the perky 25-year-old jokingly says: ‘I don’t have to smile.’ referring to her recent array of weak romantic comedies (How to Lose a Guy in l() Days. Alex and Emma. Le Divoree and Raising Helen.) But Hudson says: ‘I am happy on the inside so I don‘t always feel that cheesy American need to smile all the time. I‘m a happy girl but it is nice to exude and funnel energy differently.‘

Looking around the now semi-deserted studio (at giddy PA and some lighting rig boys are hovering in the distance) Hudson says she is confident that

44 THE LIST 21 Jul—4 Aug 200:3

Skeleton Key will be genuinely scary. ‘From what I have experienced I think it will be really. really scary but you know everybody is really excited about this film.‘ Realising that she is being a little too earnest. in the face of the string of flops she has been in lately. she smiles: “But what do I know? I show up to work every day, have a great time and enjoy the company of the cast and crew. I work really hard and if I had a crystal ball then I would make all the right decisions and choices, but I don’t so I might as well enjoy the process and that is all I can do. I am very proud of my good and bad films. I don‘t feel like a failure for the shit films I’ve been in.’

After shooting Skeleton Key. Hudson says she plans to take a break to spend more time with her son. before starting work this autumn on Gurinder Bride and Prejtaliee Chadra‘s big screen version of the classic 60s US TV series I Dream of Jeannie. As the set visit concludes I am lead away from this golden haired. long time fan of Bette Davis as she stares at the floor in search of some lost magic lantern. With her choice in films she may just need one.

Skeleton Key Is on general release from Fri 29 Jul. See review, page 46.

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