Around Town

Events are listed by date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to sport© for sport or for all other events. Listings compiled by Morag Bruce.



3" The World Science Fiction Convention Sli('('. Finnieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. £25 £40 (£5 £10). Huge sci-1i com ention lot” fans. with guest slots limit the likes ()1. (ireg Pickersgill and ('hristopher Priest incorporating the Htigo Awards. the leading accolades for excellence in the lield of science liction and lantasy.


ArtBites! .\1c1.ellan (ialleries. 270 Saucliiehall Street. 505 4100. 1pm. Free. Short talk on "The White (‘ockade' by \Vl‘. Lockhart.

Vegetables, Common and Exotic (ilasgtm Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. 2pm. Resident expert assistant curator. John Logan. describes some of the ground and more unusual plants grown outside within the gardens. The coolest name l‘or a talk e\er‘.’ Probably.


Hip Hop Dance Classes (‘(‘A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 7 8pm. £5 (£4). Apparently it's your civic duty to shake your booty.


3!: The World Science Fiction Convention S1i(‘('. Finnieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. £25 £40 (£5 £10). See Thu 4.


:1: GOMA Book Group (iallery or Modern Art. Queen Street. 287 2805. 12.30 2pm. Free. (‘ontemporary liction book group in the cool surroundings of the (iallery ol‘ Modern Art's library. ('all to join.

Saturday 6

ActiVIties & Events

=1: Meditations The Hidden (mam. Tramway. 25 Albert Drive. 0845 3303501. 3 4pm. Free. Join walking and seated meditations in the Sri l.ankan tradition with Venerable K Rewatha.


* The World Science Fiction Convention S1i('(‘. Finnieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. £25 £40 (£5 £101. See Thu 4.

Food & Drink

Queen’s Park Farmers’ Market Queen‘s Park. 520 Langside Park. 287 7273. 10am 2pm. Free. Forget all about that mass-produced rubbish litt'ltlc‘t‘s‘ markets are all about organic. qttality produce direct lrom the chaps and L‘ltttpcllcs “hit make 11.


Street Dance Workshop (iallery ol~ Modern Art. Queen Street. 22‘) 1990.

2 4pm. Learn street dance moves with dancer Pauline Joseph in response to the Barbara Kruger exhibition. Booking essential.

Activmes & Events

Speed Dating and Wine Tasting (‘orinthiair I‘ll lngratn Street. 552 1101. 0.30pm. A winning combination. boo/e

14 THE LIST 1. 1' Air; wins

and the chance to meet Mr or Miss Right. Speed dating sessions interspersed with tastings ol’ wines from Bourgogne. Sign up at


at: The World Science Fiction Convention S1i(‘('. Finnieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. £254.40 (£5 £101. See Thu 4.

Food & Drink

Pink Afternoon Tea ()ne Devonshire (iardens. 339 2001. 2~4.30pm. £24. linjoy a selection of sandwiches. scones. pastries. cakes and champagne. all with a hint of pink! £5 from the price of each ticket goes to Breast (‘ancer ('are.


Scottish Open Water mathlon Various venues. 503 7483. Super-lit types swimming 1500 metres. cycling 40km. and then just because they can. running 10km. You‘re tired just reading about it aren't you‘.’ (io to www.tri- for details.

Monday 8

Activities & Events

The Local Pool Tournament The Local. 427 Sauehiehall Street. 332 8100. 7pm. £10. Sharks at the ready. get set to win £250 in teams of two. Drinks promos and his keep you entertained when not playing.


* The World Science Fiction Convention S1i('(‘. Finnieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. £25 £40 (£5 £101. See Thu 4.

Tuesday 9

Activities & Events

Stitch and Bitch (ilasgow Women's Library. 109 Trongate. 552 8345. Free. lfnwind wool and any pent up gossip at this close knit (did you see what 1 did there?) knitting group. (‘all to say you’re going along as places are limited.

Food & Drink

* Champagne Tasting Bar (iandolti. ()4 Albion Street. Merchant (‘ity. 552 4402. 7.30pm. £35. A special live-course menu to accompany an evening of champagne tasting. Booking required. Part of (inurme! Glasgow 2005.


Meander Through the Main Range (ilasgow Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. 2pm. Join a resident expert to look at the tropical plant collection. Meet outside the Main Range.

Wednesday 10

Food & Drink

Paella and Tapas Barca. Princes Square. 48 Buchanan Street. 248 0555. £25. A demonstration ol‘ paella cooking with a lull selection of tapas and a bottle of cava per two diners. Part of Gourmet Glasgow 2005.


Curator’s Favourites Burrell Collection. 2000 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. 12.30 1pm. Free. Noorah Al- (iailani. curator of Islamic civilisations. gives a talk entitled ‘Venus Rising: The Human Figure in Islamic Art'.


Shooters: Youth Forum (‘(‘A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900.

1 1am 0pm. Free but ticketed. Youth event organised by Spirit Aid with a variety of dance. drama and art workshops. as well as a closing party. Hip Hop Dance Classes (‘(‘A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4000. 7 8pm. £5 (£4). See Thu 4.

Northern exposure

An exhibition presenting an overview of Nordic design, confirming the movement as

a crucial element in design history, but also debating the stereotypes that have flourished from the movement’s golden era in the 19505 up to when a group of Oslo designers held a mock funeral for the term ‘Scandinavian design’ in the 19805. Seems a bit harsh.

I Scandinawan Design: Beyond the Myth, The Lighthouse, 7 7 Mitchell Lane,

227 6362. Until Sun 28 Aug


Archiprix International 2005 The Lighthouse. 11 Mitchell Lane. 221 (i302. L'ntil Sun 7 Aug. Mon &

Wed -Sat 10.3()am~5pm; Tue 11am-5pm: Sun noon 5pm. lixhibition featuring work by all the candidates shortlisted for the prestigious Hunter Douglas Awards.

Glasgow 1955: Through the Lens People‘s Palace & Winter (iardens. (ilasgow (ireen. 271 2951. [Intil Sun 301111. 10am“ 5pm:

11am 5pm. Free. An exhibition of images of (ilasgow in 1955. previously shown in Kelvingrove and the People's Palace 50 years ago.

Electric Wig The Lighthouse. 1 1 Mitchell Lane. 221 0302. Sun 7 Aug. 10.30am 5pm. £3 (£1). lilectrie Wig is a Manchester-based creative consultancy specialising in furniture. product. clothing. space and exhibition design. This is a display of their objects inspired by the rituals of every day life.

Gourmet Glasgow Various Venues

Throughout (ilasgow. 337 2873. Until Wed 31 Aug. Themed and fixed price menus. wine tastings and demonstrations. For details of participating restaurants go to

Quilt Art Twenty (‘ollins (iallery. L'niversity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. 10am 75pm. 1.‘ntil 20 Aug. Free. International exhibition of textiles which explore and extend the boundaries of quilt making.

Jist Because 'l'rongate Studios. 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. lixhibition of new work by 'l'rongate studios artist David McCracken.

Homage to the Square The Lighthouse. l 1 Mitchell lane. 221 (i302. [Tntil Wed 24 Aug. 10am -5pm. Free. Exhibition of contemporary l'umiture by Mark (‘ranlield Scandinavian Design: Beyond the Myth The Lighthouse. 1 1 Mitchell lane. 221 0302. Until Sun 28 Aug.

10.30am- 5pm. £3 (£1). This exhibition conlinns the Scandinavian design movement as a crucial eletnent in design history.