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Sandra Marron talks to one of the men behind Saltlick, the Glasgow club that launched Mylo on the world.

raditionally. small. intimate eluh nights tend to

start up heeause a l‘ew mates. tired of goittg to

the same old plaees. listening to the same old musie and not ltearittg the type ol' stttll’ they want to hear. get together and put on a party ol' tlteir own. Saltliek. on the other hand. the Riyerside ('luh's hugely popttlar ntonthly eleetronie house party. was not horn ottt ol‘ l't'ustration or horedont httt was started with tntteh higger things in mind.

Saltliek is the eluhhing wing ol’ Breastl'ed. one ol Seotland’s most sueeessl‘ul danee lahels. whieh happens to he eo—owned hy Skye’s l’inest .\lyles .\lelnnes. .'\l\';\ .\lylo. .\1elnnes. along with the eluh‘s resident l).ls l.inus l.o\ es the ol‘ the ittl’eetious danee lloor hit 'Xightmusie‘ l and Keyin TyleKay had a plan. and needed a way to get their own tttttsie heard hy the people itt eluhland.

'\\'e had started Breastled attd we tltottght a good way ol‘ getting the name ol~ .\lylo ottt there. attd indeed l.inus to an e\tent. was to get a eltth night going in (ilasgowf says l.inus. ’l’wo years on attd Saltliek is one ol' the most popular eleetronie house nights in (ilasgow w itlt queues around the hloek on a monthly hasis. .\lylo’s liye aptwaranee at the eltth in the early days is now the stul‘l‘ ol‘eluhland legend and. in true roelfn'roll style. il~ e\eryone wlto elaims to haye heett there really was. then the Riyerside‘s 3()() eapaeily magieally held ahottt 20 times that nttmher. 'l‘he eltth and the lahel ntake e\eellent lk‘tllt‘lltMN and the relationship has heen a henel‘ieial one aeeording to l.iuus. "l‘he e\posure .\lylo had hy playittg liye at Saltliek made a huge dil‘l'erenee. He was del‘ittitely ahead ol' the game.‘ '

Along with the ntusie tnen. there's an elusiy e l‘ourth eog in the Saltliek wheel. a mysterious artist hy the name ol' Phantom. a graduate ol‘ St Martin‘s (‘ollege whose peneltant l‘or hold potato print graphies has praetieally eltanged the look ol‘ (llasgow 's urhan landseape. It‘s impossihle to miss the Destroy ls’oek & Roll steneilling or the lilamhoyant eolourl‘ul posters and lilyers that haye heeonte Saltliek‘s trademark sinee the eluh's ineeption two years ago. l’hantom. a l’riend ol' Saltliek resident Kevin \le‘Kzty. originally

approaehed the 1)] and lahel owner attd asked ltittt it

he eottld design their reeord sleeyes. ‘He started doing all the Mylo stul‘l‘ and e\‘et'yotte was lo\ ing it so we just thought that onee the eluh started it would he dal't not to use him. The stull he did l‘or Saltliek ltas tnade a huge dil‘l‘erenee heeause it stands ottt a mile l’rom the other designs that are out theref

Linus also eredits the tttttelt loyed Riyerside w ith the night‘s stteeess. "l'he whole thing ahout the Riyet‘side is so mueh more inl‘ormal than a normal eluh. it‘s not got the heay'y seeurity. People are pretty mueh allowed to do what they want. so the atmosphere is always eompletely dil'lierent to normal eltthsf

Saltliek eelehrates its seeond hirtltday this motttlt and it you hayen’t managed to make it down hel‘ore now. it's neyer too late to join itt with the house party atmosphere that has the regulars eotttittg haek month alter ntontlt. :\s Linus puts it: ‘liyen though it‘s heen going for two years it leels like llis still a hest kept .seeret type ol- ltiglttd

Saltlick at the Riverside Club, Glasgow, Sat 6 Aug.

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3%: Pinup Nights as a new day and a it 3w venue tor this great Avid-to and ska night. Pinups residents are joined by none other that: the tfitti'etor" (tincture) as guest DJs was the l'irilliaiit Mother and the At‘toéets am, the hat Boy plat/int; Bowtt‘l to he a (:orkt-zr. l’l/ifiit’xfs{tile Stiz‘I/t't/ ()‘t /i 3'. (.E/titsgow, / :3 tilt/g}.

=l= Abnormals Anonymous 'rlttsl’tpttpp‘y ts hack wth the party that klelsstarted the whole alternative duet-2r scene to. Glasgow. AA is; the sharpest club choice for those with a brain and a hooze hahet. Dress in something; that's; not too hard t 3 not out of . . . Bt’tsa/a f3/riurqx'z. (.3/z’t:s‘§;(;=.2l. 8a: ('5 Aug.

3%“: Colours Summer Party 05 lffivei'y big; name DJ in tho \‘v‘t'flltfl {7209,19 at Ct’_)l()tll‘8 art/gt this party continues ‘-.."-./l7.ll lltrt- tradition. Sasha. Stew tgttzttéi. Day/(3 E'Stzamt'in, Jonathan t isle. Desy/tt Moslello and a ‘..-'.'ttt_‘tl(:- host at when; l.>t(t\.’ltl(.‘ the E§(f()t'Cllltlt} hottest? :lt'ittotts. lite Are/test. (Viasgtrtzg Sat {'5 Aug}. 3?: Funbox /\ new night to: the: skating; maintained otzts;sr~./<"a A mix of lilotrls ro/tlsttt' ‘t'vottts, punk. hip hop and on metal.


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