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Metal-head-cum-filmmaker ROB ZOMBIE loves horror movies, but, as he tells Miles Fielder, his new flick ain’t no straightforward splatterfest.

ohert Cummings. :\K:\ Roh '/.omhie

(pictured right). ones horror mox'ies. IIe

named his metal hand and renamed himsell‘

alter the original unquiet undead l‘lick. Victor IIaIperin‘s ll'liiir' Aim/m ( I‘BZ ).

‘.\l_x' I‘ax'ourite horror films are prettx t_xpica|.~ s;l_\‘s the Massachttsetts-horn '/.omhie. ‘lhiii‘ii oil/iv /)('(l(/ is probably my l‘ax‘ourite. 'I'hat xx'as the lust time I had seen an_xthing like that in a theatre. It came outta nowhere and blew m_x mind. So. _\'ou'x e seen [horn and you think this is as era/x as it can get. right'.’ Then I saxx' ('uiiiii/m/ llu/m-(uisil I xxas like. "Jesus (‘hrist. where the luck did this come l‘rom'T"

Ilax'ing directed all ol his own pop promos. Zombie's first foray into l'eature lilmmaking. '/'/i(' Home of /()()() ('ur/is'r'x. xx'as a composite oi all his I‘ax‘ourite horror mox'ics. But xx hiIe it xx as l'un spotting rel‘erences to ex'er_x'thing lrom IIcrshaII (iordon I.exx'is to 'Iohe Hooper. the rather ineptlx executed film had little going (or it aside lrom an ex'ident one of the horror genre.

Zombie‘s second leature. 'I‘lir' lh'i'i/‘s Refer/x. hoasts hetter production standards. a more drixen narratix‘e and a prolcssional cast (including a ten genre x'eterans). It's another sell-conscioust ll'ttsll) moxie. and it‘s rel'erential (it other lilms to the point of plagiarism. but this time round '/,omhie‘s broadened his hori/ons (literally) h_x holting together two Iiiltii genres: the 70s sicko horror flick (noticeahlx the spIztllCt'IL‘sls ol ('rax’en and IIooperi and the end—oli-the-hippx —era road moxie (think Iii/st Ruler. l’uiiix/iiiig I’m/ill. Dir/x .llurx'. ('i'uix‘ l.(i/'ij\'l. In reimagining characters akin to the Manson cult as

counterculture outlrixx s. Zombies come up with a moxie that's in equal parts proxocatixe and parodic. ‘I inst one the idea ol hanging out xxith isolated groups ol' people xxho are outlaxx s. era/x. desperate outlaxxs.‘ saxs /.omhic. xx ho \\;is horn in Woo. shortlx hel'ore the summer ol' one signalled the cIima\ ol the era ol' peace and one. 'It‘s l'unnx. I nexer once relcrenccd a horror moxie. .\I_x higgest

Icar xxhen I xxas hiring the production designer or costume designer is that the_x xxould look at horror

Itiox‘ies and l didn‘t want Illill look or Iccl. St) I told them to xxatch an_xthing xxith desert and open road. .sltlI'I' like l/ll'U /.(III<' li/(It'I/xlU/l.‘

l'nsurprisinglx. music plaxs a large part in establishing the retro mood ol' the moxie. 'I‘he Iinal scene ol the lilm leatures l._xn_xrd Skxnxrd‘s countrx rock epic ‘I'ree Bird in its entiretx. '()ne thing I‘xe

alxxaxs hated is heaxx metal music in horror moxiesf sa_xs /.omhie. 'It‘s just so ohxious. so oxer

the top. So. the .'\IIman Brothers~ songs \xc use

the'x‘re like sad outlaxx music. the xxhole moxie to me hits it sad (i\ L‘I'ltiliL‘ [H it. Not heroic Lil LtII. Ilis like that reaIIx great Manson documentarx that came out in the 7(ls that has this sort ol' l‘lute I‘oIk music running through it. that is so. . . creep). .\'ice music xxith horril'ic images. .\ Iot ol' people don‘t get it. 'I‘he'x ~re like. “Oh xcah. that‘s lunnx. it’s supposed to he a lunnx iu\taposition." I xxasn't thinking that it

xxould he l'unnx. Iitist thought it xxould hax e a lot ol'


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