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ii you'w; :eeii i_i‘.(,- liltttCt' odd trailers for this new culty ensemble drama, .i '. may i'eri' l- tl‘e (conclusion that the casting couch was dragged kicking

mt i'nllitl ".vlli. oi the knackers yard. The cavorting assemblage of

it . Sim. miri'.t::..--li!«~.> individuals would suggest that America's most unan lint/lg. lather than felon—wise) had been scoured in order to make it itir. iii'eii i“ lashes sexy.

fin “infuriating jet lll Fearless or Cast Away (the Tom Hanks desert .izinii li'n‘iihjliuc as: opposed to the Olly Reed/Amanda Donohoe sandy

l: twat} may still be the most shattering examples of air disaster in ieceiit movies. but as far as small screen fictional flight carnage goes, the atliieated scenes of diagonally—filmed passenger distress during the ripening episode of Lost are. visceral enough.

Thu opening scene of a dark—suited, slightly bloodied and terribly li:.n<_lsomo mail waking up to find a damaged craft and a mass graveyard

.i: it"lr'i him in as stirring as it gets on telly these days. A total of 48 folk

hriir ;.tii\/IVed this crash (47 really gorgeous folk and one hairy, large tiltir.i'i,‘t’ dute who will no doubt be used as breakfast, lunch and supper by

around l‘f)i.‘3(l(it.‘ three) and as their individual stories begin to ooze out

against :i haekdi‘op of a mystery ‘creature‘ stalking the island, the addictive nai'iqr- oi the show becomes apparent. There is much potential for this to til-l i~vri|lv silly. but for now. you should all find yourself Lost.

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documentary details the hell on earth that \.'.'as unleashed ill the txty on that fateful summer day grid the torrid weeks that follo'-.'.r'ed. through. :lo<"ai'ia. oi<i footage arid talking; heads. the first hand accounts of the tex'.’ stir‘.'i\.'ois are iltll‘i. hair'tyiitri. as is flit:- {t'eeiu'igi reahseitlori oi

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tiil‘.'llt() gtti(il(i(‘:’li(iil‘, "I ekeii‘ ;ii> 1:." sir'iieoiie eses mind :.ate. two of -i-;:-‘i; «newest ioseis giet t:,'r l'ieri (‘Stfi at o"? liier‘. tie-t it ()Yl aoatii. A'itl so an. iiyiit; so

desperately to present an oddball couple. the writers force us ior rather. a pumped—up studio audience: to COIIapse in fits of laughter at freaks who give each other gas masks as gifts or joke about abuse at the fingertips of sadistic uncles. Leave the genuine weirdness of late to people who can handle it properly iLarry Dayid mainly. and concentrate on keeping a safe formula nice and cosy (Jo/mi:ittedi2 the uninters rather should he. 'i3iiaii Donaldson: (Km/it DY



BBC2, Wed 10 Aug, 11.20pm 0000

Danny ‘u‘Jallase has a riiissiori to start h :; (rs/vi (:oiihti“,: T’iox'.’ it'l'liéliiltti toes that sound? Seeaiise he comes froir: the saint: coined; iiio;e(:t pod and indeed. flat. as {)axe (Soriiiai‘. ‘,(;'.l saw". T‘till) feel-rid a hit titer: about the i()ll?i;ii£‘i1(‘, ;)'()53l)(?<.‘l of :ti'a/g. ‘hey ‘.'.'.'iat t?” psi: talk heii‘a made ream... /\".-.l get it's really itll‘xl‘p, arid t‘i(,“.(3.'. arid ‘-."."a|’a<:<:-'s ex<:i‘.t:-:ii<:-r‘t as he tries to find out hos. to (:reate his ()‘.'.’ll rat on is .iiteittxiiis and. dash if. ouite educatoiiai. Although fl-Z‘: eneotii‘. er‘s sexeuii e<:<:i:-riti1(:s<>f‘ theta, from the apparent ()(Itl sai‘erei‘ names an expert :i‘. this treat. 1’: 4i tZilet: Ahos the who />‘ a illl“, oii rig; \‘(aliase doesi“. seek it: inniiiiiate their: alord knows. ‘.'.'e".e ".ad enough of that (i(3‘.'|fi(}. arid aefuallfi, allows; tiltE'T‘ to express their passions. As the seiies progresses. his plans solidify and matters like hi;ii‘:lii‘d and iiatia'iai aiitlieriis aie (>Xl)it>.’t::t. (Bieat t.ii‘. Ashley [)ztxies

Sinatra: Dark Star BBC .7. Thu -’1 Aug. 9.00pm A deep. penetrating.) look into the .iarke side of the alt-acting. ail Singing. often— connecting blue- eyetgl hey.

The Cult of the Suicide Bomber Ciia/i/ie/ 4. l/iu «1 Aug. 9pm A rather topical look at the peopi 2 who are iiiaking our lives a hit edgy right now. This Y‘Ht -part docomehtary :ooks at the origins of the suicide hoiiihei and the mental state you have to reacl‘ to (:onternplate Such an act.

Dispatches (:li-{i/L’N3/ .4. Mr»: 8 Aug. tip/ii Pretty much r.'.‘§"iat we need tight now: an iiivestigatson into the recent iJClFTtEiY‘tgf‘: in London. asking whethe! the go\./eriiri‘.(-2ht is actually to ntaiiie’? Sad to Be Gay [$809. the 5) Ant}. Sip/i: ‘F reedoin from noritt SSiBX-.l£.ii!i,’ through the power at Jesus Christ is David Akinsanya's airn as he attends a treatment centre to rid him of he ‘learned' behaviour. Born to be Different Chair/ire." fire 9 Aug. 9pm Flitl‘.(‘:(i over five years. this :s a fi'ai‘k and tll‘.t§()lli:!l‘~(}l‘.1él portrait at tne ,ey and heartache e‘ life with a disabled (itti‘tl. Get Galloway Seoftish, [we .1) Add. 7..’~.‘();>rir i"l'()".‘ a tantlinark victory at the general e1<'3(:tioii to" his Hmpeet crew to st; riding; up to the US Senate. this fly on the wall tiiiii charts the politicians

era/y year.