Read m lips

Jack Mottram finds h self s KRUGER’s latest Glasgow installation.

or nigh on 30 years. Barbara Kruger has been

making work that. once seen. is immediately

recognisable. l'sing images drawn from the mass media. she crops them close and blows them tip big. overlaying texts set in stark l’utura Bold Italic. and limiting her palette to white. black. red and. latterly. green.

The bold graphic imagery is matched by bold statements ‘I shop therefore I am’. "tell its something we don‘t know". ‘You are not yoursell”. or. simply. 'No‘.

In short. the one-time graphic designer and magazine art director uses the tools ol~ her former

trade to engage her audience in debate. with briel‘

texts serving as micro-polemics. pithy tracts that distil arguments on broad themes l'eminism. consumerism. identity into easily digested gobbets ol'opinion.

Kruger‘s current exhibition at (ilasgow’s (io.\l:\.

her lirst in Scotland. and part of the gallery's Rule of

Thumb: ('ontemporary Art and Human Rights series. sticks last to the artist‘s rubric of austere imagery and crisp sloganeering. lire/re. a sister show at 'l‘ramway. sees Kruger striking out in a dill‘erent direction.

First shown at Mary Boone (iallery. .\'ew York. in 2004. 'I‘it't’ll'r' is a video piece. Projected simultaneously on four walls. 12 Niel episodes unfold. the shortest just six seconds long. the longest l2 minutes. lt’s shown on a loop. and without opening or closing credits. and visitors find

themselves immediately immersed in the action. or

lack thereol‘. liach scene sees two. three or tour l‘olk

in conversation. each actor granted a wall ol‘ their

own. talking across the empty space between them. seated in an anonymous diner or nondescript domestic space. The talk is ol small things: friendship. family matters and art. too: quotidian and

rounded by voices in American artist BARBARA

mundane chatter that. more ol‘ten than not. escalates

into argument. .'\s conversations l'low. Kruger

matches spoken words with unspoken thoughts. running like a news ticker along the bottom of the tour screens. denying or conlirming the dialogue. This is less ol~ a volte-l'ace than it might seem. live/re at first appears to be a shill away from generalised priinouncements toward a more intimate evamination of contemporary mores. but just as Kruger’s universal teth are expressed in the closeness ol the first and second person. so the characters we briefly meet in lire/re are cverywomen and everymen. their relationships. concerns and ideals. while not writ large in white on red. occupy

the same campaigning space as Krugcr‘s lamiliar captions. the use of video. too. is not a disavowal ol‘

tc\t and image. but a continuation ol‘ the lascination

with and subversion of the media in Kruger‘s work. It the moving image is now the chief currency of

exchange. with 31-hour news channels and video tnissives overtaking newsprint and placards as the media ol' immediate comnumication and protest. it is no surprise to see Kruger bend it in her direction.

l.astly. lire/w. just like the (ioMA show and past installations. is overwhelming in its scale. immersing the viewer in lsrugcr's world. 'l’n't'li'r'. then. is a chance to see Barbara Kruger working outside the liuniliar. perhaps now ov er—l‘amiliar. aesthetic she has forged since the beginning of her career. It is also a chance to see her continue her campaigning. almost /ealous esamination of social issues and. as such. the piece might well reveal as much about her past and continuing practice as it reveals about the characters in 'liv‘r'li‘er short drama.

Twelve, Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 5 Aug-Mon 26 Sep.

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