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. l\\,\/\.ll) I sic. babys - 94“ I’VE-’Lyw") room «.m. n / (_ / \ - . ’l B b ' R . A e a y 5 00m RSAMD Youtth/orks [)iama would like to hear from tutors in the performing arts who have . IS your baby due in August or September experience of teaching the following subjects to young people: 7 0 Drama (to include lext Based Theatre and Devised Based Theatre)

this year. _ . Are you having your baby at the Ayrshire ° DanceMovement leg. for Musical Theatre)

Central HOS ital or at the Edinbur h R0 al 0 Vocal work and singing leg. for Musical Theatre)

I f. 7 p g y 0 Acting for the stage and Acting for Camera

n lrmary' 0 Technical and Production Arts Sub ects (Stat e Mana( ement, Li htin . Sound.

. . l J J 9 9

° WOUId you M“? to have a free des'gner lheatre Design. Scenic Art and Props Making)

makeover for your nursery? o MiiSic and DJ skills ' WOUld mum-tO-be like a nice pampering ° Audition Preparation and Coaching

Spa day? Job Descriptions and Application forms are available from the General Office Reception. If you are interested in finding out more about this or www.scottishjobscom.

. . . . Application forms to be returned to: - teleViSion seri le n Br i M L n .. b b @ 82p alsekco tau 8 8141C 50730266,: HR Department the Royal Scottish Academy of MUSIC and Drama. 100 Renfrew Street. a y'room en emo U ’Com or on ' Glasgow G2 3DB. Tel: 01-11 270 8303 Closing date for Applications: 15th August 2005

Interviews to take place: 14th and 15th September 2005

All successful candidates Wlll be required to attend a two date compulsory training session on lst and 2nd October prior to commencmg.

F We are also keen to hear from Directors. ChoreOgraphers and Musical Directors who would be

DO YOU HAVE SUPERB CUSTOMER CARE SKILLS? interested in working with us to stage productions Wlth young people here at the‘Academy. as A PASSTON FOR LIVE ENTERTAINMENT? well as writers and composers interested in creating new performance material for young ,; , ,. _ W I A H I D g ,1 I H. T; T ,. I. peOple. In this instance please contact liam Sinclair. Junior Academy Development Manager. ' , ‘1 .',_',. 5:.'.f:‘,“".;:f in!) 0141 270 8337 or via email on |.siiiclaim‘r' . m . l r 2 Temporary Positions ,,,, I, \ d“ ' from SepUOcl'OS . .' ., , ..... THEATRE? to 31 Mar '06 a' “A -ll . '.Z. .' . ArISI (iii ii @ 2.; 53.7"} jiffggjj‘ Marketing & Admin Assistant (Pl 3 days/week) a; x ;;~.i.~. ;: :~ - TAG Theatre Company tours high-quality professioaal 01 1 353 8023 '.-L: '1 Vacuums,- i)-.;;:a"r~-;':'. at El? , , y T, u If; (T ,2, :4,” (if “(a 2 43,113,. 3.75,“. T; M theatre and education. and participatory proiects across To find out {3}" fiiuv ' . «f '.l‘-.: Scotland for children and youn people. Full ‘Ob descrip- ILai.-. t}.'2 4:, -: t. r d , I- I t- k‘ de h . Closing ate '“' :: '1'.th ::::i: or, a 19th August Ions an app.“ Ion pac scan erequesm yp one d rt' ' ' N. ti" E j; .4 (43371)} f. E"‘;‘ ',,,;' ‘3'“: ".gj-,ilg",i§‘ (3m: (pf ,"<; & a I." 'I " H II N" f' H i “5% send an A4 SAE (46p) to: Helen Black. TAG Theatre The LlSt ca" - _ _ W? Company. 20 King Street. Glasgow, (31 SOP. TAG is an O 1 Em “WWW”? “mm” "AWL—W Tm “mt” equal opportunities employer. Altl ()I’IIIAHII BY(ilASliIIW('lllllIRAl IIIIIRI’RISISIII) WWW.(]r(‘lI.(‘()III

56 THE LIST -'- "