I Phurious Productions casting l‘ot‘ pt'olit sliarc pro- dticlion ‘()I' Micc and .\lcn‘ 3cp/()ct on 22 August. :\lso t‘cquirc production assistants. l)S.\l. Production and .\larkcting Managcr. (’all 0792l 045 72|

I Extras required for ‘l‘\'. Iiilin atid .’\d\crtising assign nicnts. ('ontact chtacroxi d ('asting. l: 0I~Il 22l 5(io4. Ii: inlo(u rcntacrou d. \V:

\s \\ \\.rcntacro\\

I Artist seeks exhibition spacc at gallct‘ics iti (ilasgtm and Iidinhurgh at thc I‘cstixal. l.ook l'orisard to hcai'iug I'roiu _\ou. .\l) paintings arc qualit} oI' IlIL‘it' l_\pc. (ll-ll 575 (i277

I Have two highly tic-sir ahlc Alaistcr Buchanan oils. ()nc is lollt' girls iii a uood picking lltht‘s. tltc otlicr a llcht'idcan lnlct. Scrious ol'lcrs onl).

0l-Il 573 (i277


laegow We are a social and activities club. Join us at the Bon Accord, North St from 7pm on the 2nd

and last Tuesday of every month or contact us on:

tel: 07050 248164

I Edinburgh Naturist Swimming (‘luh rttn lidinhurgli's onl) rcgular naturist s\\illl/sitllll;t scssions. ()ur scssions arc Ianiil} lricndl} atid opcn to all. l‘oi' tnorc inl'ortnation plcasc \isit our \ichsitc: isnxsctiscorguk or call 07880 (il8 073

I New to Edinburgh? l‘it‘lctltls all coupch llp'.’ Want Io tnch ncu pcoplc'.’ Join \o li.\ctiscs. lidinhtirgli's IIL‘\\L'\I social group. \\ \s \s. nocxcuscsorg. inlo(u no-cxcuscsorg or 0779l 98250) I'or llll‘lllcl' iiilorniation

Festival Lets


Bright Leith Flat. ()nc hcdrooni. Iai'gc hriglit loungc \\ itli solahcd. ncis

kitchcn is ith catitig arca. hath rooni. l’ri\atc dcdicatcd park ing. How to hats and rcstatt rants. ()ccan tcrtninal \xith cinc tua atid Britannia. (iootl hits litiks atid c}clc path nctnork adjaccnt. :\\ailahlc iinnicdiatcl) I'ot' \\ cckl) lct. L450 pct' \scck. lior lcl during tlic I-cstixal. Nonsinoking. Tel 01506 885107 or 07876 437 860.

Self Catering


This August sta} a \icck tn lidinhtirgh lor llic pt‘icc oI' a night, Scll calcr ing. cn sttitc acconunodation lll L‘L‘llll-L‘ lUl' PL'I- \\ L‘L‘k. l’lcasc call 0| 3| 557 9248 or email kirsty.mckay@

Flats to let r


I Dennistoun Glasgow modern lut'nislicd llat. li\ing rooin. I\\o hcdrootns. sItttl}. kitclicn. hatlu‘ooiu. cctilral licat ing. sccurc cntr). parking. I\\o sharing or laniil}. £495 pcm. (’all 07903 070705/ 073lo 0l9 lsl3

Glasgow west-end Iirst I'loor hi'igltt clcan llat. Suit couplc. ()nc lk‘tlt‘oolti. olic sil litig room. dining kitcltcn. hath \iitli \ll()\\L‘I'. (ias ('ll. lull} lur

nislicd. .\'/3. £480 pcm Icl: 0141334 5882

I Glasgow city centre - spacious I'lat to lct. l.i\ ittg rooni. douhlc hcdrootn. kitclicn. sltou ct" rootii &\\‘('. (il"(ill. L470 pctu. .-\\ailahlc inid August. ('outact: ('aitlin 0035i 37 032 4-140 ol' 0055.i I250 0886 tcwningl

I Fabulous Glasgow apartment oll Bsrcs Road \sitli .\Ic//aninc slccping arca. Rclurhisltcd is ith ncxs kitclicn. hallu'ootn and carpcts. 'l'lic I'laI llI l)o\\anhil| has original pct'i od l'caturcs. high ccilings in list cd (icorgian huilding \\ ith pri \atc gat‘dcus. L500 pclll. (‘all Ann: 078~Il 500020

I 4 Bed house in Kinning park. opposilc ncn 000. Small gardcu to war. parking at Iront. 5 uiinutcs to cit} ccntrc. (i('ll. L095 pcin

I MERCHANT CITY - Beautifully appointcd Iai‘gc l hcdrootn I'lal. :\\ai|ahlc .'\ugust. I.iniitcd storagc tsuit ptol. cou plct L530 pct‘ nitli. plus hills, 'l'cl llcallicr 07773 5 ll) 402

I Glasgow 1 bedroom fully I'urnislicd l'lat \Vcst (it'aliatu St. l)alhottsic ('out‘t. ltlcal location l'or cit) ccntt'c atid \\csl cnd. l’rixatc parking. 3-10 pcni + hills. 'l'cl 07855-152 H i.

Stunning southside 2 bed coversion in Victorian lt)\\tlllollsc. (i(‘Il. gardcns. prixatc parking. scctiri t) cntr}. l'uiik) intcrior dcsign. adi lo train and hits links. nitns Iroui Shim lands. £575 pctu. .\lttst hc sccn. 'licl: :\ngcla 07700 032 5N)


I Bruntsfield fully fur- nished Ilat lot rcnt. 3paciotts Ioungc. gcncious douhlc hcd rooin. hm hcdrooin. lull} littcd kitclicn/dining rooin \\ ith all mod cons. hathrooni \\ ith \llt)“ ct. (i('Il. plcnt} ol' storagc. sharcd gat‘dcn. Suit noii siiiok ing prolcsstonal. cht L500 pcin. l’lionc 07792 8(ioo40

Spacious 4 bedroomed latnil} Ilat iti \lat‘clitnont tslccps (I/7l. ()pcn \ lL‘\\s oit hotli sidcs |-'ul|_\ cquippcd includcs piano. (ias (‘/ll. l'It'cslll} tlccot'alctl. :\\ailah|c Scplciuhct‘ to Jul} inclusixc. l‘ainilics onl}. l’hotos aiailahlc \ ia intcrnct.

Call 0779 101 3931

Fantastic ensuite student apartments a\ai|ah|c tn lzdinhurgh and

(ilasgms. Supct‘h locations tn hotli citics. llroadhand acccss iii all hcdrooins. Rciit inclusixc ol all utilit) hills. Rcut starts ll'Ulll

£73.00 pct' \icck and tcnanc} starts ll'olll Ist Scptctnhci. l-or tnorc inlo call lidinhurgli 0| 3| 557 92-43. Glasgow call 07800 620 030.

I 2-Bed Edinburgh flat t.\larcliiuonti lroin Scptctnhct: Scparatc Iottngc. hath and slltmcl'. \sasliing uiacliinc. (i('ll. \soodcn lloors. atua/ing \ic\\ s. £550 pcm. (‘ontacl Julian 0778] 7(il l7l

I Comfortable, quiet, double-bed cottagc. kilcltcn. sitting room. \lL‘\\s, strch park ing. llctiiccn (‘anicron ’l'oll/Roial lnlirtnar}. ncar titan) huscs. £440 pctu. :\\ail. .-\ugust 701. ('all 0|.II 445 73-13

I Beautifully presented two douhlc hcdroouis uppcr

\ illa ittsl oll ( iranton Road. (iardcn. lull} llll'IlIsllL‘tl. (iood ttcccss to [on n ccnIt‘c/( )ccatt 'l’cruunal. .\'on stnokcrs. .\'o 083. £500 pcr tiioiitlt. .\lin (i tnontli Icl. ('all 07980 557 IN. Izdinhurgh.




Flats to let cont.

I Fully furnished one hcdrootn llal door i‘cnt sittialcd oti tltc cdgc ol llol_\rood l’ark tn Mcadonhauk. lidinhurgli. l‘i\L‘CllL‘Ill local ttlllL‘tliIlL‘\ «K puhlic transportt-I25 pcl' iiiotitli. l’lcasc call .\likc on

073 l 2533533

Edinburgh New Town onc hcd I'lat lor rcnt. l-iull} lttr nishcd. Quict \\ itli spcctacular \ lL‘\\ s. \Vould sttit non smoking pl'olt‘\\loll;ll couplc, .>\\ailahlc

start Scptcnihcr. £550 pctn plus hills. Contact 07967 323328


2 Double Rooms. l0 uiinutcs ll'oltl ms: land. .r\\ail. .r\ll l‘csti\al. £200 pct'

\\ cck pc‘l' t‘oottl

Tel: 07883 739035

I EDINBURGH reliable, cat-friendly tcnanttsi \santcd lot‘ 2 hcd gardcn/hascincnt l'lat. .\lontgonicr_\ Slrcct £500 pcm + (“I + hills. 'l‘cl: 0131 ()()l 28H I LEARMONTH/ COMELY BANK, I'lat lor rcnl » £930 a tnontli. hriglit spacious main door Hat. 3 dotihlc hcdroonis. ll.\l()'d. pri\atc gardcus. a\ail ahlc 03/03/05. 077(il 003925

Flatsliare GLASGOW

I Bearsden - profession- al person, n/s. lo sliarc lat'gc. lustir) housc \iitli l otlicr. dou hlc hcdrootn \\ itli prixatc cu suitc. t)\\ll loungc. pcacclul location. aiailahlc unincdiatcl}. L400 pctu including hills & ("II ‘l-cl 07930 00547 I.

I Single room available, .\lcrchant (it). \Vilson Strcci. .I\ll mod cons + hroadhand. sharing I'Iat \iith onnci‘.

L250 pctu + hills + ("II N/S prcl‘crrcd. ’lcl/'l‘c\t: 07905 2.0 730 altct‘ (i ptti

I Professional person sought to sliarc Itt\ur_\ llat in lltc \Vcst lind oI (ilasgtm in Ilic harhour arca. ()\\ ll hatlirootn atid \\ irclcss htoadlmnd ttitcrnct acccss. L580 pctu inc (' l' atid soltlL‘ hills. '[cl Alan on 07702 905 0H.

I Room to rent in :\nnicsland. \\t)lIl(l stiit n/s lctnalc sllltlL‘llI. closc [0 Jordan lliIl ('ollcgc. £220 pctu includ ing hills. ’l'cl 0H] 88ool2l. I Flatmate 25+ wanted for largc. ht'ight hcdrooin in lit\ur_\ \Vcst land I'Iat. cahlc IV. (i(‘ll & lull} ctptippctl kitchcn. sharc \\ ith 2 otlicrs. stiit cas)go tug prolcsstonal or Iorcign \ isi tor. no hills. \scckl) clcaucr includcd. £390 pcni i dcposit. 'l‘cl 07908 187-182.

Flatshare cont.

I Large double room in goi'gcoiis \Vcsl lind Ilat. sharing “llll 2 l'cnialcs. hig kitchcn & scparatc loungc. closc to Byrcs Road. (ircat \\'cstct'ti Road & Kch inhridgc undcrground. L502 pctu including ("ll Id 07779 704203.

I Top floor flat in l)cnnistoun. small room to lct. \sould suit studcnt. Ll-I0 pcni. LI-Il) dcposil & I niontlis rcnt iti adxancc. Id 07985 054505.

I Large double bedroom in rcccntl} rcl'urhishcd. ucll illttininatcd llat. locatcd .\lar_\ltil| Road. \Vcsl lind. (ilasgou. still ll/s. L520 pctn. including hills. Id 07875 7557-47.

I Flatmate - Dennistoun, large hriglil tlouhlc t'ootn a\ailahlc in ncn I} t‘cnoiatcd traditional tcnctucnt. ncn kitclicn. hatlirooni. lurnisliing. ctc. Io sliarc \\ ith ouc tnalc. 25. Ms. L250 pcin. plus hills. 'l‘cl 07974 4 l 5927.

I Sociable female flat- mate, n/s. to sliarc uiodcrn. spacious. Jordan llill. \Vcst lind I'lat. spcctaculat \ IL‘\\. pri\atc parking. suit cas} going pt'olc.s— sional or inaturc post grad. a\ailahlc tuuucdiatcl). U00 pcni. pltis hills. 'lcl .\'ocl 07900 72-1559.

I Attractive double room in ()uccns l’ark Ilat. \soodcn I‘loors. all mod cons. n/s. L250pcni. lntct'cslcd'.’ 'l'cl 0797l 29(il9l ol' (ll—ll 576 09-10,

I West End - friendly, n/s lcinalc sought to sharc hcauli— lul. tnodcrn. spacious IIat. all mod cons. suit clcan ck lid} studcnt. post grad or prolcs- siottal. £250 pcni. plus hills. dcposil rcquii‘cd. 'l‘cl 0l-Il 945 4.205.

I South Side, Queens Park room in lll\llt‘} flat on ()uccus l)ri\c. \sashing tnacliinc. sccut'c cntr}. clcctric \lto\\cl‘. suit pi‘ol'cssianal. long or short tcrin lcasc. £300 pcm. including ("l + £200 dcposil. 'lt‘l Ill-ll 055 250l ol' 077l0 03.058.

I Flatmate wanted to sliarc |ti\ur} 2 hcdi'ooni Ilat at (ilasgtm (irccn. \sould stiit pro t'cssional pcrson. £400 pctu.

'l'cl l’ani 0792l 5390)}.

I Linthouse, near Clyde llllltlcl Iargc room including sola hcd & omt phonc linc to rcnt. oll road parking. undcr- ground & htis outsidc to \\'cst lilltl ol' cit) L‘L‘llll'c. tlL‘cL‘tiI hacon hull} & ('osta col'lcc \sitltitt t‘cach of trout door. largc sharcd li\ itig rooin. nc\\l) littcd hatli- rooni & kitcltcn. stiit cas) going. sociahlc n/s. £295 pcm. includ» tug hills & ("l1 l)cposit & rcl- ci'cnccs rcquircd. ’l‘cl 078M 9l0300.

I West End luxury t‘lat sliat'c lot 2 tnonIlts. locatcd nc\t to Botanic (iardcns. lane tastic Ilat. \\ cll situatcd & \scll appointcd “00 all mod cons. l douhlc room “Illl cn stiitc & \salk in \sardrohc. lull) lur- nishcd. £375 pctu. plus dcposil. lL‘l l);l\ltl 079l9

()l 7953.

i i Am: 2005 THE LIST 59