Flatshare cont.

I Overlooking Arthur's Seat & Crags. friendly relaxed flat. 2 double bedrooms avail- able in 3 bedroom flat. suit n/s male or female. £250 pent. plus CT & bills. Tel 667 7374.

I Furnished double room in gorgeous Edinburgh cottage. extremely close to city centre. only available during festival. sharing with one cou- ple. including 1 smoker. £150- 200 pw negotiable. Tel 0131 225 1544.

I Double room in Sciennes in 3 bedroom flat. GCH. all ntod cons. private parking. suit rt/s professional. available 1 Sep. £275 pcm. plus CT & bills. Tel 0131 667 2711.

I New Town - 2 bed- rooms available in beautiful flat off Charlotte Square. £270 pcrtt each. plus deposit. CT & bills. Tel 07813 128274.

I Double room available itt spacious Leith flat in Edinburgh. ideal for student. available end Aug. £275 pcrtt. Tel 07779 522687.

I Double room (small) in large top floor flat off Bruntslield Links. sharing with 2 gttys. n/s young professionals only. no students/DSS. £200 pcrtt. plus £60 prtt CT. plus bills. Tel 07963 650914.

I Juniper Green - dou- ble room iit fully furnished. friendly Upper Colony flat. sharing with 1 other. close to all amenities & city centre. avail- able now. £250 pcttt. plus bills. Tel 07845 067436.

I Flatmate wanted to share lovely 2 bedroom flat. 15 tttins walk from the shore off Restalrig Road. all mod cons. DVD. washing machine. etc. available beginning Sept. long term stay. suit easygoing. fun. reliable person. £250 pent. including CT. excluding bills. Tel Philippa 07788 533603.

I Festival let - double roottt irt central flat. 5 trtins front Royal Mail. suit female or couple. £160 pw for single occupancy. £210pw for double occupancy. £28-40 per night. sltarirtg use of facilities with female & cat. Tel 07946 030031 or 0131 661 7650.

I Double room to let in sunny central flat. close to Broughton Street. to share with 2 others. Tel 0131 557 9086. I Large room in newly refurbished flat off Boswall Terrace. to share with 1 other. close to Leith & town centre via Ferry Road. quiet location. no traffic pollution. £380 pcm. no bills. includes CT. Tel 07811 457844.

I Large bedroom in spa- cious. central flat in Belgrave Crescent. suit tt/s professional. to share with 1 other. no cott- ples please. £325 pcttt. plus bills. Tel 07802 795020.

I Single room in Marchmont for n/s. £180 pcttt. plus CT & bills. Tel 0131 229 4104.

I Double room in bright Newington flat. available 23 Aug. £260 pctn. plus CT & bills. Tel Pete 07736 045616.

I Double room in bright. spacious. totally refurbished 3 bedroom New Town flat. all mod cons including cable & broadband. must be seen. suit n/s professional or graduate. £325 pcm pIUs CT & bills. Tel Andy 07976 978362 or 0131 556 8132.

I “no girls looking for a friendly. tidy. outgoing. n/s flat- mate to share Marchmont flat. £300 pcm. excluding bills. Tel 07849 451205.

I Double room to let in cool flat off Leith Walk. shar- irtg with friendly. professional. gay lad. all ittod cons. broad- band available. close to all amenities. ideally looking for gay lad or lesbian. available Sept. £325 pctn including all bills. deposit required. Tel 07979 803934.

I Single room available in bright. comfortable flat (Easter Road area). sharing with 1 male. suit gay/gay friendly professional. n/s. £230 pertt. plus deposit. CT & bills. Tel 07958 079607.

I Lovely large, double room. furrtished. in new refur- bished 3 bedroom flat. city cen- tre location. available now. £270 pent. plus bills. Tel Darryl 07870 394770 or e-ntail

I Female wanted for medium size room in Dalmeny St flat. sharing with male & female in flat located 10 mins walk frotn Princes St. £200 pcm. plus bills. Tel 0131 553 7315.

I No double rooms to share itt recently refurbished. ntodern flat. wooden floors. [)0 & (iCH. Leith Walk. suit n/s. £310 per roont pcm. plus bills. Tel 07980 759431 after 7pm. I No double rooms in clean. n/s Polworth/Merchiston student flat. large well-equipped kitchen & living roottt with cable TV & DVD. 2 shower rooms. GCH & ample storage. on bus route 10 & 27. local shops & cinema near by. avail- able 17 Sep. £255 & £265 pcm. Tel Nick 0131 229 9058 or 07790 776178.

I Room to rent - Calder View. close to Heriot—Watt & on bUs route to town. n/s student preferred. £250 pcttt. plus bills. Tel David 07763 595581.

I Lovely double room in New Town flat. suit n/s young professional or post grad to share with 2 others. all home comforts - broadband. cable. dishwasher - & friendly cat. £350 pcm including CT & bills so no surprises. Call Bruce on 07976 919985.

I Double room, central location. suit n/s professional female. all mod cons. with gar- den. sharing with 1 other. avail- able 1 Aug. £275 pent. plus CT & bills. Tel Rachel 07766 741451.

I Comely Bank, Lermond Avenue - tt/s pro- fessional female to share clean. attractive. well modernised flat with 1 other. £270 pcttt. Tel 0131 315 0089 to view.

I Female flatmate want- ed - bright & sunny roottt available itt lovely. rt/s Portobello flat. to share with easygoing. gay friendly. profes- sional female. flat overlooks beach. close to amenities. 20 min bus ride to city centre. available mid Aug. sorry no stu- dents. £250 pent. plus bills & CT. Tel Lorraine or Sonya 0131 468 3032.

I Working male or female to share large Marchmont flat with one other. ntust be tt/s & gay friendly. excellent order 8; fttll facilities. £300 pent. no bills. Phone bill ttot included. Tel 0131 447 8860 or 07833 335887.

I Morningside, Maxwell Street - tt/s professional female to share cleart. attractive. well modernised flat with 2 oth- ers from 1 Aug. £250 pent. Tel 0131447 8251.

I Friendly n/s room in Leith. flat 1 tttiit front Leith Walk next to l’ilrig Park. (i(‘ll & on street parking. young pro- fessional sought to share with 1 other. available 1 Sep. £260 pent. plus bills & CT. Tel Claire 07932 069614.

I Large, bright double roont itt spaciotts Leith Shaw flat. all tttod cotts. sltarittg with n/s student. available Attg. £250 pent plus bills. Tel 0131 467 3725 or text only 07931 960608.

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I The nights are drawing in. lidinburgh ntale. .\7S prof. tall. slittt attd attractive seeks female 30-39 for film watching and other nocturnal pursuits. P/527/2

Witty, articulate male. 54. likes folk singing. history. countryside. Looking for long-

terttt relationship.



V I Saw You. the owner of .\1oskito. dancing behind tlte bar on a Saturday night. I've tlcv er seen someone so loose. [7527/53

V I Saw You all hairy and soapy-handed in the (ll-“1' bar. .\1: eatittg Jaffa Cakes. Yott: making me so Itot I dropped my fork. (‘ome find me. I need fanning? [7527/54

V I Saw You w lten we shared that innocent kiss beneath the mist}. starlit sky. Since then ito one cart ease ttty throbbing . . . lteart? .\1eet ttte ill your silken kaftan. attd I'll wear tttv fedora? [7527/55 '

V I Saw You I'm a snail when you're close. beneath a protective shell l'nt moist for you. I bet you're a delicious ltttttk itt your pattts? ()h. ltow intense? Spotted itt (ll-"l" . . . [7527/56

V I Saw You in Alosktto being lovely attd gay and drinking (itk'l‘ \ss [7527/57 V I Saw You itt your green T— sltirt saying "Trailer Park. Next time yott cart park yourself ttear me? [7527/58

V I Saw You. Ales. hiding the drinks pourer. Next time I'll be looking down your trousers for it? [7527/59

V I Saw You fit man itt the (ilasgow ['tti gym wearittg a red bacardi T—shlt'l on the treadmill . you've been rtutning through my mind ever since? [75.27/60

0 I Saw You Jim I)a Best ((2 Vodka Wodka. You are the coolest gtty itt the universe. Xx [7527/61

V I Saw You with your big pens iii the lab. It was ‘nice'. [.7/527/62

V I Saw You or rather. I didn‘t really see you at first. bttt then you tttade yourself apparent attd now I just can’t stop looking at you. I reckon it's braw ? Yours. egg plant. [7527/63

V I Saw You tlte paittter. on concert ltall stairs Buchanan St. Sat 9th July. We talked for 4 hours N I played )ou guitar. rententber'.’ Yott had to go too soon? Wltcrc did you go‘.’ Trying to littd you. I tltittk you ptit a spell on ttte gypsy. ltave to liitd you to ptit one on. [7527/64

m 7' co I. V,

V I Saw You Sexy AMi doc at the Western. Yott attd your beautiful brow n eyes stunned ttte. Didn't even find out your nattte? [7527/65

V I Saw You lass wearing blue and dark eyes. iit Sottterlield city centre one Tuesday evening. Yott saw ttte: blue-eyes. glasses attd headphones. We both examined the paltry selection of bread. Wislt I'd said something . . . [7527/66

V I Saw You (iill front Stirling (0 '1‘ iii the Park dttrittg the l)oves lit the 'l'ut‘s lettl. We talked tthotll Rilo Kiley. What was the American battd you recommended‘.’ 1 sltottld ltave got your email address to talk tttore music. [7.527/67

V I Saw You tall. dark. handsome mo-hawk bartender itt Brel. .\1e: pink T shirt attd long dark hair . . . don‘t be so shy . . . your smile is AMAZING? {7527/68

V I Saw You Mark at 'l‘itt’. .\Iet at the bungee. Yott liyed my phone then I lost you at Slant. (iive ttte a call. (iillian. [7527/69

0 I Saw You ./\1i(‘2 Wed 2 1 st July at the 'l'iera l)iablos. You were the blottd guy w itlt a blue 'li-shit‘l. I was the one iii the black T-shit't with the monkey on it. 1 was dattcittg like a fattdattgo w itlt a pint?? l.ov ed yer moves. sunshine???? [7527/70

V I Saw You at the (ilasgow Science ('entre Wed. You: dark hair. \ikc bag. .\Ie: pink head scarf. I wished we had walked across the same bridge then I could Itav e sztitl ltello. [7527/71

V I Saw You working itt 'l‘opshop on Argy le St. Black hair. specs and beautiful eyes. 1 “its lttll. pierced titld ltttloocd. l tltiitk we need to get together. Seal-boobs'.’ [752772

V I Saw You In a petrol station itt lidittburgh 18111 July. 1 was lost. you let me follow you 1oBootslthllcttllst.('ittl I get vott a drink to say thanks'.’ 175:7/73 '

V I Saw You Tools. :tltttost every day since coming ltontc frottt Japan. I'm so glad 1 did. I've enjoyed squeezing you lots. Let's move itt together aitd get a bttdgie. l.ov'e l’epe xx [7527/74

V I Saw You on evening bus to Sotttltside. Lovely brunette girl dressed itt black. We talked about the Carling Academy. You got off til I’ollokshields before I could ask. l-‘ancy meeting up'.’ [7527/75

V I Saw You lley seen you tttad boy itt bitts. my red ltair tk wild. yott brown attd sultry. .\'e\t time come up to speak. Don't be afraid I bite when l ltavc to : I’YI'.\I Yl'.\l. [.1/527/j(l

V I Saw You throwing slicks about for your dog like tltey were grenades at tltc top of the park on that ttice sunny 'l'ucsday ttigltt. \ice stttilcl? :41 [7527/77

' As :. T‘ THE LIST 61