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OI Saw You at l in It). .\Ie short dark hair. witlt two heardy hlokes. You heautiltil. tall. hlonde hair; sleek and hack . . . with heardy hloke. Yoti came alone to dance at close. Meet without the heards'.’l [7537/78 V I Saw You Satlchiehall St. Mon 35 July. 8:30pm, You: cute guy with cropped hair. walking the other way. Me: with friend and hike. We looked hack at each other. Fancy a eol'l'ee'.’ [7537/7‘)

0 I Saw You the loye or my lil'e. dancing rottnd our llat tonight. I loye you dearly. Iimily. Yottr \ery own trttndle \ [7537/Sll

V I Saw You heatttil‘ul ('atalan (iirll .‘ylet you and two l'riends iii a ptih itt (ilasgow two weeks ago and didn‘t take your numherll Your l'rtends were going hack to Spain ne\t day. Yott said you w ere a waitress and Inc in the Southside ol (ilasgow. Would he good to hear l'rom you. I would loy e to see those eyes again? [7537/Sl


VI Saw You l.i\eS. standing lllm lrom stage. (ill'l with reddish hlonde hair. green woollen sweater. silyer square liitks hracelet. Yott enchanted tne as you hlissed out to Annie l.enno\. .\Ie. (1'3" Sagittarius. [7537/l

V I Saw You on Monday 4 July during the (BS disturhances in St Andrew's Square. \Ye

moy ed around and took photos together. I tell to help two girls and didn't get your natne. Yoti were gone when I catne hack. (‘ottld we tneet and share photo \[UI'IL'S-5 [7537/3

V I Saw You heautil'ul curly hlonde girl eating alone at the lilephant House. I horrow ed your paper. and pretended to write htit instead drooled into my collee . . . would loy e to see yott again. [7537/3

9 I Saw You in the New Town Sat l()/7/()5. I was hy the window and yoti were sitting at the har with mates. ()ur eyes met seyeral times. httt I had to go. I’ancy a drink’.’ [7537/4

V I Saw You hello heatttil'ul ohscene girl. You are spoken tor I know htit I wottld low to play with your ringlets. Let me know when yoti get single . . . [7537/5 V I Saw You I)R.»\('(). Waterstones midnight l7/l)7. .\le: hlaek coat. hlonde hair. sily er earrings. You: se\y Slytherin hehind till. What I wouldn't giye to check yott tor a Dark .\lark. [7537/(i

V I Saw You I’olitics/(ierman 'I'im 30th June. ‘Icsco. Nicolson St queue. Sorry. so drunk at party httt was your l'riend's latiltl I don't know why. htit I think the world til you. [7537/7 VI Saw You irate looking manager ol‘ l’eckhants Stockhridge. looking like a (‘olumhian and talking ahotit line wine. Why don't you and your Panama hat take a hreak with some Veuy e (’licqttot and sttshi soinetime'.’ [7537/S

V I Saw You hew itching. honey-hlond loyely working iii Rose St I-‘opp eyery Sunday. One look trout those gorgeous eyes and l was in pieces on the floor. Will you pill the hack together again'.’ [7537/‘)

V I Saw You with red hair and dreads in the Junction Bar. two years ago. So glad you asked me out? l.o\ e you t‘\ er so mttch. despite teasing e-mailsl King l.I-'I.B \\\\\\ [7537/ll) 0 I Saw You Kelly l'roitt 'l'illicoutry. at \'ihe htit yott'y e lost your phone. :~l \Vould ont‘ to hear l'rotn you? \\\ [7537/ll 9 I Saw You a slim hrunette at the Pear Tree on Sttnday al'ternoon. l.Iuly 17th). You were with a pal. I was solo, wearing a denim iacket + stone jeans. \Yas there a click‘.’ [7537/l 3 V I Saw You huster grooy er shaka titaka. [' shake the tip like a cocktail. [' need to take me out immediately? [7537/l 3 U I Saw You on the (irassmarket. llttstered ’I'ttes lSth July atn. You saw my yellow mini. cruising with a cake on the root l I?) and stopped tne in my tracks? I

say ed yott a piece. [7537/l4 U I Saw You all the time. and now not at all. I miss yott peg. [7537/l5

V I Saw You kissing me in the cay es at hooty lthltotlsI [7537/lo

VI Saw You sexy girl. with your .Iackie () sunglasses and stars tattooed on your Icet. waiting tor a htis down at the Shore. I'it‘ottt the guy in the denim jacket . . . [7537/l7

0 I Saw You sitting outside Assemhly. (‘ouldn‘t take my eyes ol‘l‘ yott and your green top. red hair and ama/ing eyes? You cart captiyate me again any time? X [7537/l.\’

V I Saw You a wry drunk & lahtilotis isla hlige deeiaying (0 Bootylushous Medina?“ [7537/l‘)

V I Saw You Annie t’ops . . . In the Street. You can take tne downstairs and show me your puppies any time? Bird baths and lots ol' loy e l'orey er. l'rom your httdgie \\\ [7537/3l) VI Saw You l’hillip working in ll&.\l sery‘ing tne eyery other day. l.oying your work young man. . .1 XXX [7537/3l

V I Saw You hot har man in the Street. [7537/33

V I Saw You attd your pants. [SR 'l‘inkerhell \\ [7537/33 V I Saw You I’oodle. hay e ney‘er loy ed anyone like you. l.ots ol' loye. Big [3 XX [7537/34

0 I Saw You in the Street. I)on't just stare at it. eat [III You're a 'l‘()'l‘.-\I. BABIi. (‘an I walk tny pig with yott'.’ [7537/35

V I Saw You receptionist l't'om National (iallery carrying a hig suitcase that was hu/Iing tincontrollahly. What‘s the script on'e'.’ [7.537/36

0 I Saw You that hot and sexy hairy heast in the Basement. I want to drown in your chest hair. ('all me? [7537/37

O I Saw You Iiric. in Iiinnegans \Yake. linjoy ed our chat. Keep seeing you httt yoti ney er see \lti. (‘ome (' me soon. [' know who xxx [7537/3S

VI Saw You . . . glad to see yott still in tow it? Just have to say Naomi. it you were chocolate. you‘d he the most e\pensi\e type and delinitely the sweetest? It's lilling just to see you” [7537/3‘)

V I Saw You Naomi in litirhurger. (ilad you stayed longer this time. (iot all night to look at se\y you. You rock my world. [7537/30

V I Saw You you llamed haired heauty? I would line to htty yoti a gin and tonic? You are the hottest red haired girl since .Itilia Roherts. [7537/3l V I Saw You with your hra/enly low slttitg trousers. l)\\'. l.o\ ing your work hahy. now let’s stop all this silly lighting? l.o\e AI). [7537/33 0 I Saw You in the Street. you se\y man. Thank yott tor a mini adyenture. You're my hitch now \. [7537/33

V I Saw You hlonde haired pink shirt stallion you'd rock my world. I'd loye to he in Bedrock with you. love NK‘. [7537/34

V I Saw You in (are l.uccano l3/7 wearing an all orange cardigan and looking hot! You were sitting with two l‘riends. It was a heautil‘til moment. Maybe we could make hacon together"? [7537/35

0 I Saw You in (‘ity (‘al'e on Sunday |7th July night. You tnay he a man. yott tnay he a woman. htit who cares'.’ Would like to see you in your full glory? [7537/3o

V I Saw You standing in l-‘opp. grttnting. [7537/37

V I Saw You the cute girl in (’loy'a. Iiancy a I’otter'.’ [7537/38

V I Saw You in the Street. You assumed I take it tip the Harris. llow yery dare you? [7537/3‘)

V I Saw You all sleek and hairless on the top lloor aren't you cold'.’ Love the new look. [7537/4l)

O I Saw You IiliRliliSllt-fil)? It wasn't that small in the shower. You always impress me with your sweet skills. I lose yoti. my loyer hoy. llmmmm \\ [7537/4I

V I Saw You working iii the Street. Sesy I)a\ id. hot hoy'. har man. I loy e you so much [7537/43

V I Saw You long dreadlock man unloading heay'y sacks into Real lioods. Broughton Street. I was sitting outside Baroque in red skirt and large sunglasseslct's talk nutrition and hay e wholesome l'unl [7537/43

0 I Saw You in the Street ‘lol/yliotta'. let's get it together and talk 'l‘hierry and (‘aramacs. hahesy'. [7537/44

V I Saw You hury'ing Salmon and Arnie. You wear that security outlit w ell. lieutenant. See yott iii Yeoy ill [7537/45