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Dougal Perman and Don MacLellan

Glasgow’s premier internet radio station, RADIO MAGNETIC, talks shop with Sandra Marron as they get set to take to the Clyde.

ver the past four years Glasgow—based

internet station Radio Magnetic has proved

what hard work and determination can do. With over l()().()()() individual listeners a month. two nominations (2003 and 200-1) for best online radio at the BI Broadband Digital Music Awards under its belt. and the priceless backing of Windows Media Player. it really is reaching the top of its game and fast. Radio Magnetic works with the creme de la creme of Scottish and [K I)Js. club nights and record labels to deliver a play list that covers the best in underground hip hop. soul. R&B. electro. techno. house. electronica. jazz. reggae and breaks. Radio Mtigiieties popularity and growing listenership is obvious to anybody who tunes in on a regular basis. It‘s got a diverse play list and laid back presenting style that’s been missing from radio since our beloved .lohn I’eel passed away. There is definitely an essence

of that type of radio broadcasting and sheer love of

music across the board at the station.

‘I think it's a combination of the music we play. which maybe isn‘t being represented on traditional radio.’ explains director Tom Lousada. putting its popularity down to simple yet effective methods. ‘We try to keep the essence of what radio is about. like having presented shows. having a live broadcast which maybe other online radio stations don‘t have. They jtist have on demand programmes which is good and it services a demand but we wanted to maintain the essence of radio but also have the interactive elements that broadcasting on the internet allows you. like the on demand stuff. I think you need to have

both sides to create that personality and demonstrate what your ethos as a station is.‘

Now. thanks to the great Scottish summer. that very essence and ethos will be getting an airing on the high seas (the Clyde) aboard the good ship Pirate Radio Magnetic Soundsystem later this month. It‘s picking up from the Broomielaw near the casino. and revellers will be treated to the sounds of the Radio Magnetic Soundsystem fronted by Dougal Perman and Don MacLellan. who will be playing an eclectic set encompassing the best in funk. breaks. house and upbeat dance music. ()ther I)Js entertaining on the day include Boom Monk Men (Mixed Business). Chief de Jaya (Bebedo/lrian Jaya) and Scott Problems (the Bump). Adding to the mix and fresh from their triumph at the T Break stage at this year’s T in the Park. blues rock band Staccato Set will also be performing live. ‘If you look at the line-up. these are all well respected DJs in their own rights who promote their own nights and here you can see them all under one sky. on one boat.‘ says Lousada. ‘I think it’s quite nice to introduce a live element which you don’t normally get. especially on a boat party with 1)] music and with live music. I think that is something which is quite unique and rich and hopefully summarises what Radio Magnetic is all about and also provides a good party for people attending.‘

Radio Magnetic Pirate Ship, the River Clyde (pick up from Broomielaw), Glasgow, Sat 13 Aug. Go to www.radiomagnetic.com to listen live and for more info. '

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