Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, star rating, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Paul Dale

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective l I2i .. t'l‘om Shadyac. l‘S. I‘M-ii Jim ('arrey. Sean Young. ('ourtney (‘ox 86min. When Snowflake. tttaxcoi of the Miami l)o|phinx. gocx mixxing. there’s only one titan for the iob :\ce Ventura. a L‘i't)\\ between l’hillip Marlowe and Dr Doolittle. ('arrey 'x wacky pcrxona doesn't outxtay its welcome in thix funny and bizarre mm ie. (' ('lm mt. lat/Ili/nn'e/i.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 4 is: 00.0 iSlL‘phan lillitill. :\tixtralia. 1004i 'l‘ci‘ence Stamp. llugo \Vcay mg. (in) l’earce. lli4mm. 'l‘wo tranx\extilex and a tranxxexual team tip for a trip acroxx the .'\u\tralian outback for a drag xhow in Alice Springx. Serioux ixxuex pop up from time to time. but the emphaxix ix on the camp humour of the in‘bux bitchinexx and outi'agcotix inuxical \L‘l picccx. ('t’lt't Il'lt’. lit/I'li/illl‘u/l. American Pie I 15! .O. ll’aul and (‘hrix \VetlI. lb. 100% Jason liiggx. litigcne l.e\ y. (’hrix Klein. 06min. 'l‘he latext in 1900‘s bumper crop of teenage comediex lurnx out to be a xurprixingly xweet-natured account of adolcxccni \e\ual fruxtration. \Vhat dixappointx ix xlnn'rit‘un l’n'K ultimate comenlionality. lintertaining. bitt hardly in the comic league of Him-("s Sunni/line il/Hllll .llun. (it'lt't'll'lt‘. lat/inluu'g/r

American Pie 2 l 15: 0. «J13 Rogei'x. l'S. Zlilil i laxon liiggx. litigene l,e\_\. Mcna Smart. [05min Inferior groxx out xetpiel. ("r/nun. Inli/i/mrg/i. American Pie: The Wedding l lit 0.. ilexxe Dylan. I’S. Zlili‘w Jaxon liiggx. t)omin. The third lilm in the

.vlnu'rn rm l’n' xcriex. Jim and Michelle are getting married xo they are going to hay e a blow out w eddmg that nobody ix going to forget. ("v/u Irn. lat/in/mreli.

Another Time, Another Place l IS) ... IMichael Radfot'd. l'K. 1033) l’hy llix l.ogan. (iregoi' l‘l\liL‘l'. llllmm. (areiully meaxured rural wartime drama ax a farmerx w ile'x unremitting xlog in the llighlandx ix momentarily reliey ed by the billetmg of Italian l’()\\’x and the proxpect oi t'otltance. (i/mguw I’ll/ll iii/It'il/I't'. (i/(ngir

Are We There Yet? ll’(ii .00

(Brian l.e\attl. l’S. 2005i lcc (‘ube. Nia long. .-\leixha .v\llen. l’hilip liolden. ‘l-lmin. Izmoyably xilly road trip comedy in which lcc ('ube xtai'x .ix a man xo dexpet'ate to

Red Trousers: The Life of the Hang Kong Stuntmen

if you like your Hong Kong actioners then don’t miss this exclusive screening of a film which takes a revealing look at life behind the scenes of one of the world’s most dangerous professions. Presented by Firecracker Magazine and Tai Seng Entertainment, this is a free, ticketed event. Visit for details.

I (3/ /, (Il'51f;(;o.‘x/Hui it“: Aug (Ni/VI.

imprexx liix new girlfriend (Long) that he agrees to drive her two children from \Vaxltitiglon l)(‘ to New York on New Year\ liyc. ('('I (Yule/rank. ('lwlt'hunk: (7(‘I Iii/iri/mrg/i. lithilhllli’ll.

Back to the Future (PG) .00

(Robert Xemeckix. l'S. 1985) Michael J Fox. I.ea 'l'hompson. (’rispin (iloyer.

1 16min. I)e,xer\‘edly popular little-travelling fantaxy adxenture with street-smart 80.x teenager w hixkcd back in time for a little chicanery with hix future parents. (' (’lt'fll’lt. [cilia/lurch.

Back to the Future Part 2 «Pm .... lRobCri '/.emeckis. ['5. 1939) Michael J l‘ox. (‘hrixtopher Lloyd. Thomas F \\‘ilxoii. 108mm. Directed and played with terrific \er\e. [if/’2 iii()\'C\ xo fast from one xet-piece to the ne\t that there\ no time to reflect on the baxic ridiculousnexs of the plot. (‘ electric. Edinburgh.

The Bad News Bears l 12A) lRichard Linklater. IS. 2005) Billy Bob 'l‘hornton. (ireg Kinnear. Marcia (iay Harden. Sammi Katie Kraft. 1 13min. Director Linklater‘x remake of Michael Ritchie's l‘)7(i family claxxic abotit an ageing. (lt)\\'ii-t)ti-lii\-luck ex-minor leaguer who coaches a team of mixlitx in art ulira-competitive ('alifornia little league. Reyiewed next ixslic. Selected l't’lt’(l\(’.

Batman i ll) ... (Tim Burton. IS. 1989) Jack Nicholson. Michael Keaton. Kim Baxxinger. 120mm. Nicholson ix on top form: pxychotic. w itty and zanier than ever. but the real triumph ix Keaton‘x. With less xcreen time than the (ireat l'pxtager. he produccx a performance of memorable xubtlely and power. which giyex a new credibility to the Bruce Wayne/Batman character. while remaining true lo the comic xtrip. With eerie angular design by Anton l‘urxt. a terrific score by Danny lilfman. a xuitably wacky xcript and a strong supporting cast. (' (’lt’l'll'fi'. I'ftli'li/iiilje/i. Batman Begins l 12A) 00. «(‘hrixtopher Nolan. l'S. 2005i (’hrixtian Bale. Michael (Kline. Liam Neexon. Morgan lireeman. (iary ()ldman. Katie llolmex. 1.3mm. The Bat is back in thix deeply

flaw ed but satisfyingly dark and realistic adaptation of both Bob Kane's original \iripx and Frank Miller'x lint/mm: li'ur ()m'. ('iln'n'nrltl Rt’ll/l't’it Street. Glasgow; Battle Royale l 1M 0... lKinji l‘ukaxaku. Japan. Jill)! l 'latsuya l-tijiwara. .»\ki Macda. 'l‘aro Yamamolo. 'l‘akexhi Kilziito. llein. Lord ()I The NIH i\ re- imagined as a yiolent pic-millennial nightmare ax a claxx of teenage Japanese xchoolchildren ix abandoned on an ixland. gi\ en a \aricty of w eaponx. and told that only the laxt sury i\ot' will be allowed to Ieay e. (it’lt’t‘ll'I-(fl Ifi/ill/ml'uli.


with live organ music

ichael 22232

323334 V m a '1 t243m

Solo piano & accompaniment to films A Propos de Nice ' & Manhatta )2

Sunday 6 November , -‘ 8pm .4-

£1 2.50 - £1 7.50

UsherHa” Box Office 0131 228 1155 'éPlNEYEQH'


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The List Surprise Movie has achieved cult status over the last few years with movies the calibre of The Llfe and Death of Peter Sellers. Pulp Flctlon, The Boume Supremacy and LA Confidential all being shown in front of a wowed audience of film tans.

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