m4}. 4n ~01 ,:,->ii,, I: {i it,“ Mr, 1am,” m u u v,

Tickets are available from:

Tickets Scotland: 2159 Arger Street. 01.11 204 53161 Tickets Scotland: 12,‘ Rosc- Stroot. (>131 I)? Ripping Records: 91 South Bridge. 01:31 226 7010 Way Ahead: 0141 1’89 815.93 Ticketmaster: (28.70 16‘) t;16t)SECxtra 98.79:: ‘-.=.’

(.1 32’3-2

I Denotes just announced


I Michael Franti and Spearhead Liquid Room, Edinburgh,

21 Aug.

McLean Carling Academy, Glasgow, 22 Aug. i‘fi‘ie‘imm cam Exchange, Edinburgh, 22 Aug.

"file Departure Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 22 Aug.

I Saul Williams Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, 22 Aug. I Regina Spektor Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, 23 Aug.

I Sons and Daughters Liquid Room. Edinburgh, 23 Aug.

I-The Dresden Dolls The Exchange, Edinburgh, 24 Aug;

Cathouse, Glasgow, 25 Aug.

I The Undertones Garage, Glasgow, 24 Aug.

I The Magic Numbers Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 24 Aug. SOLD OUT.

I Josephine Foster Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh. 24 Aug.

I Kings of Leon SECC. Glasgow, 25 Aug.

I Juliette and the Licks Liquid Room, Edinburgh. 26 Aug.

I Happy Mondays Braehead Arena, Glasgow. 27 Aug.

I Basement Jaxx Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 28 Aug.

I Pixies Meadowbank

Stadium. Edinburgh. 28 Aug.

I Razorlight Corn

Exchange, Edinburgh.

29 Aug.

I The Charlatans Carling Academy. Glasgow, 29 Aug.

I Hot Hot Heat Liquid Room. Edinburgh, 29 Aug.

I Faithless Princes Street Gardens. Edinburgh, 29 Aug.

I Franz Ferdinand Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, 30 & 31 Aug.


I Stereophonics SECC. Glasgow.

6 & 7 Sep.

I Alison Krauss and Union Station Playhouse, Edinburgh, 7 Sep; Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, 8 Sep.

I Jamiroquai SECC, Glasgow. 8 Sep.

I Goldfrapp Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, 8 Sep.

I Jenn Legend Carling Academy, Glasgow, 9 Sep.

5 Reel Big Fish Carling Academy, Glasgow 11 Sep.

I The Offspring SECC, Glasgow, 12 Sep.

I Eminem and 50 Cent Murrayfield Stadium. Edinburgh. 12 & 13 Sep.

I Fun Lovin’ Criminals Barrowland. Glasgow. 13 Sep.

I Super Furry Animals Barrowland. Glasgow, 16 Sep.

3' David Gray Carling Academy. Glasgow. 20 Sep.

Texas Carling Academy. Glasgow. 29—30 Sep.


Texas Usher Hall. Edinburgh, 1 Oct.

I James Blunt Barrowland. Glasgow. 2 Oct. SOLD OUT.

I M People SECC. Glasgow. 2 Oct.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 2 Oct.

I Bloc Party Usher Hall. Edinburgh. 2 Oct: Carling Academy. Glasgow, 4 Oct.

The Magic Numbers Barrowland. Glasgow. 5 Oct NOTE NEW VENUE.

I Do Me Bad Things Garage. Glasgow. 6 Oct.

I My Chemical Romance Carling Academy, Glasgow 6 Oct.

" The Go! Team QMU, Glasgow, 8 Oct.

I Killing Joke Garage, Glasgow, 9 Oct.

I Goldfrapp Carling Academy, Glasgow. 12 Oct.

I Keith Urban Carling Academy. Glasgow, 13 Oct.

I Garbage Carling Academy, Glasgow. 22 Oct.

I The Coral Carling Academy, Glasgow, 24 Oct.

I Mylo Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, 26 Oct; Barrowland, Glasgow, Edinburgh. 27 Oct.

I Kaiser Chiefs Carling Academy, Glasgow. 29 & 30 Oct.


I KT Tunstall Barrowland, Glasgow, 4 Nov; Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. 6 Nov.

Four Tet Liquid Room, Edinburgh,

4 Nov;

ABC, Glasgow 5 Nov.

I Michael Nyman Usher Hall. Edinburgh. 6 Nov.

I Martha Wainwright Carling Academy. Glasgow. 9 Nov.

I White Stripes Carling Academy. 13- 15 Nov.

I Bob Dylan SECC. Glasgow. 17 Nov.

I Ian Brown Carling Academy, Glasgow. 18 Nov.

I Antony and the Johnsons Carling

Academy. Glasgow. 26 Nov.


I Chemical Brothers SECC. Glasgow. 2 Dec.

Duran Duran SECC. Glasgow. 16 Dec.

31:4? No Hope in New Jersey, My Shotgun Sister and Achilles Barl'l)‘. 26() (Ink Street. ()S7() 967 ()9‘)‘). 8pm. £4. .\'o Ilope in Next Jersey are a young Maneunian hand

\\ ho lind inspiration in I‘uga/i. .\’eiI Young. the ('Iash and William Shatner. as you do.

I Red Sun, The Great Money Trick and Joan Kane Stereo. l4 Kehinhaugh Street. 576 5(ll8. 8pm. £4. Blaek (’rtm e\-\t_\le roeking Ironi Red Stilt.

I Exile and Germlin I3th Note ('ale. 5() 6() King Street. 553 I638. 9pm. £3. I)rum & haxx l'roin Ii.\ile and Iaptopiea li'orn (iernilin.

I Fade Nic‘e'ii‘SIezil}. 42l Sauehiehall Street. 333 ()9()(). 9pm. L3. Retro indie rockers.

I Paranoid Monkeys and Bob Cuba Tom Tom. 207 Bath Street. 248 2I23. 9pm. I‘ree. Indie roek.

Wednesday 1 7


I Remedy and The Schizophonics RUL‘Ix'L‘ls. l4 Midland Street. 22I 0726. 7pm. I‘ree. ('ountr}~ tinged melodies ll'UIII Rented}.

I Acoustic Open Stage The Hall Bar. 160 \Voodlttlltlx Road. 352 9996. 8pm. I‘ree. Weekl} unplugged \e\\lt)ll. I Chris Gorman Bret. 3‘) 43 Axhlon Lane. 342 4966. Split. I’ree. Singer/mug“riter pla) ing guitar and piano uith a dark edge to Illx rnuxie.

34 THE LIST 1 1

18 Am; 26;?)

I Green Peppers The (ioat. 1287 .'\i‘g_\le Street. 357 7373. 8pm. I‘ree. Ii\- Soup Dragon and BMX Bandit Jim .\Ie(‘ulloeh presents Ill\ latest \tarex.

I Michael Simons 'I‘ehai ()\na. I69 I)eanxton I)ri\ e. l)l4l 64‘) 7258. 8pm. £2. (ilaxgou -ha\ed gllllttt'lxl pla) ing l'olk. blues and I1e_\ond.

I Oceansize and Martin Grech Barll). 26() (Ink Street. ()371) ‘)()7 0999. 8pm. £6. Manchester-haxed

\k) \eraping roekerx \\ ith a sprinkling ol' prog inl‘Iuenee. \ttppot‘ted h) the hrooding metallie ttlllttixpllel’lex ol‘ the pt‘eL‘oeiottx Nlttt‘lttt (ireeh.

I Sing 8. Drink Stereo. l4

Keh inhaugh Street. 576 5(lltS'. Spin. I‘ree. \Veekl) open niie sexxion.

I Down the Tiny Steps NIL‘L‘dI‘SICiII}. 43I Sauehiehall Street. 333 0901). 9pm. £3. Idio\_\neratie I‘enee (‘olleetixe artist.

I Palomino Ihe Bunker liar. I93 Bath Street. 22‘) I427. lllpin. I’ree. Standard indie roeking l'roni [Ills (ilasuegian group.

I The Low Miffs 'I‘he Bull. I42 Bath Lane. 243 I777. I().3(Iptn. L3. The I.o\\ Mills helpl'ull} deserihe theinxehex ttx 'Stoekhausen ineetx .Ion I’ertuee‘. ()h. like that . ..

Thursday 18


13:"? Mogwai and Trout :\li('. 331) Sauehiehall Street. 332 2232. 7pm. L'I-l. See pre\ ie\\ l'or .\log\\;ti \\ ho ha\ e

I 9‘)

rexeheduled “hat “ax to ha\ e been the inaugural at the .'\Ii(‘.

I The Free Candy Sessions 'I'lie liquid Ship. I7I I75 (ireat Western Road. 33] I‘)()I. Spin. l‘ree. See Ihu

l l.

I The X1, Your Vegas, The Down 8. Outs and The Last Project litll'll). 2M) (.I_\tIL' SII‘L‘L‘I. (IS-.70 007 (I999. Spin. L4. Indie roek lineup.

I Shrinking Violet, Recliner and Focara King 'I'ut'x \Vah \Vah IIut. 272a St Vincent Street. 22I 527‘). S.3l)pin. £4.50. IIIIII‘L'L‘IIIL‘CL' nieIodie t'oL‘Ixeh Shrinking Violet take the headline \lot. I The Chiles 'I‘lie IlaIt liar. I61) \Voodlttttth Road. .352 9996. 9pm. I‘ree. Indie roek.

I The Goldenhour, The Fast Camels and The Young Hips \it‘e'ii'Sletix). 42I Sauehiehall Street. 333 0901). 9pm. £3. Sunn}. nielodie pop eoinho. pla) ing traek\ lroin their lortheoining alhuni .-l/nu\'\ in I/It’ .Vun. I Susan Nisbet 'l‘inderhox. lH‘) Iiy'ex Road. 3 3‘) 3|(iS. 9pm. I’ree. :\eou\lie \et.

I The Grease Monkeys, the Nukes and Lummox l3t|i \oie ('ate. 5() 6() King Street. 553 I638. 9pm. L3. I‘uII on garage i‘oeking Iroin the (ireaxe .\lonke_\ \. \url' lll\ll'lllllt'lll£ll\ l'roin the Nukes and \\\;llll|) ia// \oodoo roek l'roin I.ununo\.

I Steve Arvey Sltltllo ()IIC. (ii'o\\eiior ‘l‘erraee. 34] 65 I 6. ‘)~ illpin. :\eou\tie and eleetrie hluex lroni thix (‘Iiieago nian.

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to jules.graham@list.co.uk. Listings are compiled by Jules Graham and Kenny Mathieson.

Thursday 1 1

Glasgow I Live Jazz Iiudda. I-Ila St \ineent SII'L‘L‘I. 34.3 Ill: 7 Illptlt. I'IL‘L'.

\Veekl}. Ii\ e. intimate inn and aeothlie sets in the upstairs bar.

I Lights Out By Nine Studio ()ne. (il'ti\\t‘llt)l' lerraee. 34 I 65 I 6. 9.39pm. \‘oealixt .'\| Ilughex lrontx thix e\ er poptilar \toniping hluex outlit.


I Patrick Flaherty and the Jazz Pharoahs'l'eliai()xna.-12()iago lane. 357 4524. 2pm. L2. .\'e\\ \xeekl) iax/ gig \xith drununei I'Iahert} and an Illlpl’t‘\\l\t‘ line up pla} ing original eoinpoxitionx in a \eu York \t}Ie. I’haroahx eoine in the l'orin ol' ‘I'oin .\Ie.\'i\ en ttruinpetl. I’aul I‘mxndrou talto \a\ophonel. Konrad \Vi/neu \le (tenor \a\ophonei. I)a\e I’atriek tpianol and lean Burton idouhle Imxxl.