Probably better known as the musicianly half of Arab Strap alongside singer Aidan Moffat, he has released two fantastic solo records, currently playing live with half of the Delgados as his backing band. Almost relentlessly downbeat in its melancholy, Middleton’s inventive tunesmithery is matched by an almost hilariously depressing self-loathing. Here are five of his finest lyrical moments.

A Happy Medium “Woke up again today / Realised I hate myself / My face is a disease.’ Monday Night Nothing ‘On a Monday night I‘m nothing / On a Tuesday night I’m nobody / On a Wednesday, Thursday. Friday night I’m sad / Then the weekend comes to haunt me.‘

Autumn “Ah, autumn / You fucking cunt / Keep bringing me memories that I dinnae want.’ Burst Noel ‘Last year I got knives for Christmas / Stayed at home and no one missed us ./ Lying on the bathroom floor / I don‘t want to ho-ho-ho no more.‘

King of Bring ‘Did you know that I'm telepathetic? When I walk in the room. I know / All eyes turn towards me. everyone wants me to go / I'm only happy when I‘m sad and my good times are all bad / And my best years have all left me along with you.‘

(Doug Johnstone)

King Tut's, Glasgow, Sat 73 Aug; Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 77 Aug; Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, Fri 26 Aug.


I Madeleine Pritchard Trio Brel. 39—43 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3 6pm. Free. l-‘unk inlused. .soull'uI. Atlantic-sty le jazz. lrom the silky \‘olCCtl ex- (‘ommitments singer & band.

I The Michael Deans Quintet Bar Bloc. I 17 Bath Street. 574 6066. 5 6pm. Free. Quintet led by tenor SilXoplloIllsl Deans playing a modern blend ol bebop. jazz and lunk.

I Big Bob’s Jazz Band Bar I85. Buchanan Ilotel. l85 Buchanan Street. 332 7284. 5.30- 9pm. Free. Swinging Saturday jam. session.

I Primetime and Jan Douglas Archie's. 27 Waterloo Street. 22! 32 I0. 6—9pm. Free. New York-styled Iiye via/,1 entertainment lrom yeteran (ilasgoys' performer Jan Douglas and a rotating quartet ol great players including line young drttmmer l’addy l‘laherty'.

I Glasgow Singers Night The Universal. 57-7-59 Sauchiehall Lane. 332 889‘). 8pm. Jim ('leland. Ronnie Rae and Ken Mathieson proy'ide itiusical support at this open mic night lor Glasgow

36 THE LIST 11—18 Aug 200::

singers hosted by .\like Rogers and Sue .\Iclluglt. ll yott are interested in pcrlormng call Derek on 07077 507 I I2. I The Fusion Experience Saint Jude's. I‘)0 Bath Street. 352 SS00. 0pm. lirec; £5 alter l lptn. (ilasgoyy 's lincsl exponents olia/r-ltouse electronic lusion. \\ hose set includes coyers ol the Doors and .'\il‘.


I Sunday Jazz House the :\rtllouse llotel. I20 Bath Street. 5726002.

noon 4pm. l‘ree. linioy some smooth ja/r sounds on a Sunday alternoon lront a dillerent band each \yeek.

I Big Blues Jam Studio One. (it'osycnor 'lerl‘ace. 54l (35H). 7.30pm. l‘ree. Hosted by the Ne“ Blues Stll'let's \yith contributions lrom Studio One regulars such as Rey Doe and the \imnto Brothers.

Gwyneth Herbert Iron 'I"lieati'e. 63 'I‘rongale. 552 4267. Split. L'I2. Sensational neys talent in the ysorld ol .la// \yho's rise to lame o\ er the last IS months has been astronomic. propelled lurthcr by the critical acclaim surrounding the release last year ol her eloquent second album Bittersweet um/ li/Itt'.

Tuesday 16


I East Renfrewshire Senior Jazz Big Band RSAMI). llll) Renlreys Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. L'S tt‘4 l. The band perlorm classic hits such as James Bt'oyyn's / /'t't'/ (final and Sonny Rollins. lltll'lt'lll Nocturne.

Wednesday 1 7


I Bed-Head Sextet l.loytls .\'o.I. ISI West (ieorge Street. 22‘) 7560. 7 l0pm. l‘ree. Brand-spanking neys city-centre residency lor this lresli. neyy (ilasgoyy six-piece playing bebop and blues.

I Michael Simons 'I'chai ()\ na. lot) l)eanston l)ri\c.014l 64‘) 7258. Split. £2. (ilasgoyy -bascd guitarist playing lolk. blues and beyond.

Thursday 18


I Live Jazz Budda. l42a St Vincent Street. 243 22l2. 7 I0pm. l‘ree. See 'l'hu I I.

I Open Mic Night The l'niycrsal.

57 5‘) Sauchiehall l.ane. 332 SS0‘). Spin. liree. A chance lor aspiring ia/r musicians and singers to perlorm.

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Listings are compiled by Morag Bruce and Norman Chalmers.


I International Piping Forum 'I‘he I’iping (‘cntrc. .\Icl’ltater Street. ('oyycaddens. 2S7 55| I. I lain Iptn. £6 (£4). learn about the \artcty ol international piping traditions represented during I’i/tirte'i'.' 200.5.

I Pipe Bands in George Square (ieorge Sqttarc. l lam lpm. l-‘ree. Sample the sights attd sounds ol the \yorld's most lamous pipe bands. including many lined tip lor this year's lidinburgh .\lilitary Tattoo. l’at‘t ol l’i/ting l.ii't'.' 2005.

I Pipe Idol ’l‘lle Arches. .v\rgy le Street. 240 752S. | 2pm. ('ompcte to become l’ipc Idol 2005. Open to contestants ol all ages \y itlt lull proceeds going to the Scottish L'lltll'lly (tn/I fur Kit/L [Silll pri/c. l’art ol I’i/iine /.lI t'.' 3005.

I Piping Live Recital: Jack Lee The l’iplllg (‘entre. Mel’hater Street. (‘oyycaddens. 2S7 551 I. I 2pm. £8 IL'6I. l’ipe sergeant ol the lotlr-time world champion Simon Fraser l'niyersity Pipe Band. lrom Vancouyer. Featured on l.ismor's Ilirrltl's (irmlt'yl l’i/n'rs yolume I5. Jack also “on the 2003 (ilettliddich Solo l’iping Championship. l’art ol Piping l.iri'.’ 2005.

I International Showcase (ieorge Square. I 2.30pm. l‘ree. See .\Ion S.

I Celtic Piping Night Royal ('oncert llall. Sattchiehall Street. 353 3000. 7.30pm. £47.50. l’ipes lrom all ox er the continent. atnalgatnating in the coming together ot' these great traditions. l’art ol l’i/iine l.ii't'.' 2005.

I Piping Live 2005 Festival Club The Piping ('entre. Mcl’hater Street. ('tmcaddens. 2t 7 55I 1. 10pm 2am. £5. Tonight's artists are Xose Manuel Budino. lied Morrison and Jarlatlt llendcrson. l’art ol l’i/tittg't'.' 200.5.

I Piping Live Street Cafe The Piping ('cntre. Mcl’hatcr Street. ('oyycaddens. 2S7 55I I. I’ree. Inlormal sessions and recitals.


I International Piping Forum The l’iping (‘entre. Mcl’hatcr Street. ('oyscaddens. 353 (I220. l lam lpm. £6 (HI. Sec 'l'hu II.

I Pipe Bands in George Square (ieorge Square. I lam lpm. I-"ree. See 'I'liu I l.

I Pipe Idol The Arches. 253 .-\rgy Ie Street. 240 752Is'. I 2pm. See 'I'hu II.

I Piping Live Recital: Angus MacColI 'l‘he I’iping ('entre. McI’liater Street. ('oyy catltletlS. .353 0220. l 2pm. [S tl.'6t. Benderloch master piper .\Iac('oll plays yy ith a great \\'est Ilighland syying. l’art ol I’i/ting't' 200.5.

I International Showcase (ieot‘ge Square. l 2.30pm. l-‘rec. Sec II“! l l.

I Contemporary Piping Night The Arches. Argyle Street. 240 7523. 7.30pm. £15. All eyening ol contemporary piping \yith the Highland. Border and smallpipes in the l'inlay .\Iacl)onald Band. .\Iark Saul Band and Back ol the Moon. l’art ol l’i/ti/ie lire 2005.

I Piping Live 2005 Festival Club The l’iping ('entre. \Icl’hater Street. ('oyscaddens. 353 0220. Itlpm 2am. £5. 'I’onigltt‘s artists are the \\ ild. iconoclastic (iordon Duncan. l'iinlay .\IacI)onald attd .\lark Satil. I’art ol l’i/tine Lire 2005.

I Piping Live Street Cafe The l’iping ('entre. \lL‘l’llalel‘ Street. (‘oyy caddcns. 353 0220. liree. See 'I'hu I I.


I World Pipe Band Championships (ilasgoyy (ireen. (ireendy ke Street. tlS7l 200 3040. The Big () \\ ith the top bands lroni arottnd the globe. and including Scottish dancing competitions. plus a traditional cralt lair. llighland games and a children's lunlair.

I The Finlay MacDonald Band, Mike McGoldrick and Mark Saul ‘I‘he Arches. .-\rgy lc Street. 565 I023. 7.30pm. U7. .\'e\\-\\a\e piping lroin .\Iacl)onald. I'illean pipes and llttte lireyyorks li‘om .\lc(ioldrick. and antipodean bagpipes-u ith-beats I'rom Sattl. l’art ol l’i/tine l.ii-t' 2005.


I The Spikedrivers Studio One. (irosyenor 'I'errace. 34I 65l6. 0.30pm. l‘ree Rare. rootsy americana and rich \ocal harmony.



I Michael Simons 'I‘chai ()y na. l)eanston I)ri\e. 64‘) 7258. Spin. [2. (ilasgoyy -based guitarist playing lolk/ blues.

Thursday 18


I The Cast Star l‘olk (’lub. St Andre“ 's in the Square. oll Saltmarket. St Andre“ ‘s Street. 543 6020. Split. U) Ill-«ll. Seots traditional music and song lrom \ocalist. liddle and \iola play er .\lairi (’atnpbell yyith gttitar and \‘ocal accompaniment lrom l)a\'e Francis.

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Listings are compiled by Morag Bruce, Frances Boyson and Carol Main.


I Moray Concert Brass RS.'\.\II). I00 Renlreyy Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £8 (£4). (ilenn .\Iunro conducts a programme to include l)e llaan‘s l-‘n't' Il'nr/(l l'illllusy'. Stey'e Sy kes' Qiu't'n Rules and John \\'illi;itiis' ()lympit- l'iirtliirt' um! 'I‘lii'mt'. l’art ol the lo’llt l‘t’slll'll/ iii/frili's/I IimI/t ()ri'lu'slrus in Glasgow


I Grand Scottish Proms (Ilamis ('astle. (ilamis. 0I307 840393. 7.30.

£20 £25 It‘ll) “2.50). ()utdoor classical orchestral concert \Vltll Nicola Benedetti.


I Grand Scottish Proms (ilallils (‘astle. (ilamis. 0l307 840393. 7.30pm. £20 £25 t£l0 H250). An opera prom.


I Maiden Young Strings RSAMI). I00 Renlreyy Street. 332 5057. lpm. £5 H.250). Natasha l’etroy ic conducts a yaried programme ol \yorks by Bancltieri. Vaughan Williams. Rimsky- Korsakm. .\lo/art. IiIgar. Jeno 'l‘akacs. .\'eil Butteryyortlt. l’ercy (iraingcr. Brahms. 'I'chaikoy sky. Bethany l’etroy ic de .\Iaio and (ieot'ge Stey en. l’art ol the lb'llt l'i's/it'it/ (Ill/{I'lIU/l lilIlI/I ()I't'/l('\/I'tl\ ill (i/(l.\emt’

I Maiden Young Strings RS;\.\II). I00 chlrcyy Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. LS tfl—ll. (ieorge Steycn directs a pcrlormancc ol \yorks ('ltarles Wesley. (ieollrcy Keating. ('orelli. .lS Bach. llolst. l.cslic Scarlc. .\lo/art. Borodin. James I)'.r\ngelo. (‘ayalli and Sibelius. l’art ol the lb'I/I l't'\/ll'tl/ olliri/ix/t li’llI/I ()rt‘ltt'ylrtis in (i/tisgini‘

Tuesday 1 6


I East Renfrewshire Senior Concert Band RSAMI). lot) Renl‘reyt Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £8 (£4). Keyin l’rice conducts a perltu‘mancc ol Saucedo's l'llg’lll Ull/It' llllllltlt'l’l’lltl. l'ergall ('arroll‘s Song of Ur. Adrian l)ro\er's Suite ‘ll’t‘3 and Philip Sparke’s '12) (I New Dawn (Hltl. l’art ol the Mill l'i'slit‘u/ n/ [frills/i littiI/t ()ri'ltt'ylrtiy in (iltlyeiiii'

Wednesday 1 7


I Camerata Scotland St Andrew 's in the Square. St .-\ndre\\ 's Square. 54S 6020. 7.30pm. William (‘onyyay conducts a pcrlortttatlcc by the pre-prolcssional chamber orchestra ol the National Youth ()rchestras ol Scotland in a perlortnance ol Rm el's I.(' loin/tutu (lt’ ('itu/ti'r'in. Mettdclssoltn's l’iu/irt ('urtt'erlu in If .lliimr and llaydn's [um/rm Symphony. \Vllll soloist Kai (ileusteen.