The spectacular Falkirk Wheel (right) makes it possible to sail from coast to coast again

City cruise

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean leaving the Central Belt, as Robin McKelvie discovers on a canal boat cruise between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

he reactions from friends

when I announced that l was embarking on a week cruising the canals between (ilasgow and lidinburgh ranged from raised eyebrows to concerns that there were parts of both where canal boats really shouldn't go. A week later I was a convert to a lifestyle that opens up unique perspectives ol‘ Scotland's big cities. l’ntil 2002 the journey was not eyen an option. What were once the main arteries between the cities. the liorth & (‘lyde and l'nion canals. were no longer connected and much of the waterway was infested with clogging weeds and that ubiquitous Scottish aquatic interloper. the shopping trolley.

That all changed with an influx ol

Millennium (‘ommission money. which helped not only to tidy up the canals. build new bridges and locks. but also to erect the lialkirk Wheel. the truly epic structure that now


40 THE LIST it re Aug; moi)

allows coast—to-coast trips.

Setting out west lt‘om l-alkirk on the l‘tH'Ilt & (‘lyde Canal. all doubts about the trip faded as a green cloak of trees and tields. which were to accompany most ol the journey. descended around our boat and we settled into a 4111])ll pace. There is something supremely relaxing about not only sharing the water with swans but being overtaken by them. and alter quickly mastering how to steer the boat. we eased into the sort ol‘ relaxation that modern lil'e rarely allows.

Next morning. alter a night in a local pub near Kirkintilloch. things took a surreal turn as we sailed through (ilasgow's outskirts. past

Mttt‘yltill‘s lowet' blocks and on to l-‘irhill stadium. before arriving in the city centre at our base for the night at the British Waterways HQ on Applecross Street. [p we popped like submariners for a curry

and a pint bel‘ore retiring to our

mobile home. with proper double beds. a stereo and TV".

lleading back east we took on the lialkirk Wheel. all Very impressive to look at but quite daunting when you are humbled right underneath.

Met‘cilitlly. British Waterways stall.

were on hand to do the hard work. and soon we were tip on the lock- l'rec l'nion (‘anal with only 32 miles between [is and lidinburgh. a marathon when you have overnight stops to enjoy in l.inlithgow and Ratho along the way.

On the linal run to lidinburgh. the greenery momentarily gave way to concrete bridges on the reborn stretch through \Vester llailes. but across the ‘l’rince (‘harlie Viaduct'

we were soon back in a world of

rowers. reeds and birdlil’e as we approached lidinburgh‘s West lind and the newly revamped l.ochrin Basin. Sitting proudly by our brightly painted boat at one of the new restaurants that line the waterfront. we were the talk ol‘ the lunching oll'lee workers who looked

on with more than a touch of jealously. as we eased alter the

swans heading back out on Scotland's l'orgottcn canal artery.


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