Flatshare cont.

I Edinburgh Grange - 1 single, 1 double in 4 bedroom main door flat. sotitli garden. easy parking. (}(‘11. n/s profes- sionals. available from Sept. £280 pcm. plus (‘T & bills. Tel 013l 667 9l86 eves.

I Room available in spa- cious farm cottage with garden. 7 miles west of city centre near Currie. excellent public trans- port into city ( 15 mins train). all the benefits of a fiat. plus peace & quiet. £195 pcm. including (‘T. Tel 0131 449 6021.

I Lovely room in Musselbtirgh Hat by the sea. share with 1 other. suit n/s female. spacious. all mod cons. £300 pcm including (‘T & bills. Tel 07813 6169I3.

I Double room available in new development in l.eith area. to share with one other female. lounge. open plan kitchen with large balcony. all mod cons. would suit profes- sional. available immediately. £350 pcm pltis (‘T & bills. Tel 07884 324473.

I Spacious double bed- room iii tastefully modernised traditional 2 bedroom flat. (i(‘ll. 10mins from city cen- tre. free on street parking. share with young professional male. n/s preferred. available immediately. £360 pcm. inclu- sive of bills & ('T. Tel 07967 650820.

I Newly refurbished/fur- nished flat off l.eith Walk. exclusive weekday use. sharing with landlady at weekends. suit n/s female. professionaI/niature student. available Sept. £425 pcm all inclusive. excluding phone. Tel 07960 258995.

I Stockbridge - his pro- fessional female wanted for single room in spacious. friend- ly Ilat. sharing with 3 females. available 21 Atig. £190 pcm. pltis (‘T & bills. Tel 0131 226 2746.

I Fully furnished 2 bed- room flat. very luxurious. 2 separate bathrooms & shower. single person. available Aug/Sept festival period. central - lluntingdon Place. Tel Sam 07910 010723.

I Sunny, large room on Portobello Promenade with stunning view .s. to share with 2 other females. £300 pcm including ("11 Tel 0131 620 I568 01' 07796 474624.

I Large double room in friendly Hat on Broughton Street. living 2 others. cosy kitchen with door to garden. would suit professional female. £320 pcm. (‘T included. I mth deposit required. Tel (iary 07790 458953.

I Double room to rent iii bright & friendly 2 bedroom central Ilat. available beginning Sept. £335 pcm including ("11 Tel 07977 197523.

I Huge loft style whiskey warehouse apartment behind the Shaw in l.eith. dotible bed- room. searching for female to share. own bathroom included. £400 pcm including (’T. excluding bills. Tel 07712 045390.




V I Saw You on the decks at [7tter Gutter. (‘an I snuggle beween your Ileshy pillows‘.’ [7528/1

V I Saw You Tyler Quinn. you're such a clever clinch! [f/528/2

V I Saw You in (il’l‘ staring as I stared back. you. you. you. you. you . . . X [7/528/3

V I Saw You with your sexy hairy chest. in Tinderbox on Byres Road. Yoti were drinking the same drink as me I think it‘s a sign. What's the dog collar all about thoughl‘.’ [.7528/4

V I Saw You in Tinderbox. The feisty strawberry blonde whistling at the waiter. 1 wish you would whistle at me. (ilagow Uni girll [7/528/6

V I Saw You Unloading a van on (ireat Western Road on Friday afternoon and you made my stomach somersatilt. I hope you didn’t see me covered in flour. sliiikiiig away from work. [.7528/7

V I Saw You Leslie in Vegas 30/7 with your remarkable facial hair. Will you teach me how to dance‘.’ [.7528/8

V I Saw You One and a half

years ago in Strikers. You're my lover. my best friend. Meet you at (ilasgow Airport Wed 17th 5.30pm. Pack your bags fora trip of a lifetime.


V I Saw You Rachel working at ()deon city centre. Fumbled over buying a ticket because of you. Me - cute boy. [.7528/10


V I Saw You tall. blonde. bubbly girl eating chocloate ice- cream in the Basement. Would love to meet tip for more laughs and a boogie! [7/528/1 l

V I Saw You Ilana you crazy cutie! You're like a beautiful Lllll)’ fairy. love and kisses xx [.7528/12

V I Saw You dancing in your tango shoes. your smile lit tip our lives. We love you!! [.7528/13

V I Saw You lovely Aussie man yah laffed at me jokes and you are just cute ~< call me! [,1/528/14

V I Saw You in my dreams. 1 want to extinguish the fire in your undies. Be mine Nakedfaee! [.7528/15

V I Saw You Sarah. trying to keep it together with your hair clip . . . Baby. you'll always be my ‘special friend'. three years and still the (‘ava llows. love to you! (‘alitii [,7/528/16

V I Saw You James. getting drunk at a private view. then at work and then with me! Shame on you! l‘tinny animal noises and drinks with sugar. [7528/17

V I Saw You tall. gorgeous. dark haired Robbie working in the Street. I'll be back again and again x [7528/18

V I Saw You all in the Street as it is the best place to pick tip and be noticed. l.()l.. come along and see for yourself- me! [7/528/19

V I Saw You Robbie and thought you were gay I‘m glad you're not. Staff in the Street. [.7528/20

V I Saw You playing tennis in the Stockbridge sunshine while I came to terms with just how beautiful you are. My first. my last. my everything. Keep being you. Mr 11. XX [7528/21 V I Saw You sitting in the (‘ameo watching 9 Songs. surrounded by pervy old men! You looked hotter than the sun [.7528/22

V I Saw You neat wee man with tattoos in the jacuzzi Tuesday afternoon. Both a bit shy in the Steamworks. Said a quick hello. .‘yle. 6ft dark blue eyes. Fancy a coffee? [7528/23 V I Saw You Sue & .\'eeta and thoughtfsistersl’. my most beautiful friends. ten years and still we are the only ‘special’ people in the village. l.ove to you both. [7528/24

V I Saw You with your sexy white [5(‘A badge on. Your sexy short hair made me go wild. Also, your portraits made me go wild. luv J. [7/528/25

V I Saw You leave our bed far too early this morning . . . btit at least 1 get to fall asleep with you every night. [7/528/26

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