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Christmas package

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Deluxe Christmas package

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i‘ I‘ FULLY REVISED FOR Looking for somewhere for I 2005/6 your Christmas Party? . {Lorri-e- 8. experience the . _ .

wontier of Waxy‘sw 0 Spectacular venue with 6 bars in the heart of Glasgow 0 Festive 3 course sit-down meal or buffet available 0 Areas available for corporate and private hire. for intimate groups to large office parties rii'.i,ts‘.‘. your iéfflilli"ill{-'li‘x H! to null-u: your (,illifwil'll‘l‘. booking; call «3141 554, 5o75 email salesglasgowtjywaxyoconnors.co.uk at. West George Street. Glasgow Gz 10H M: 0141 354 5151. tax: 011.: 354 5164

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