I Comfortany furnished bed-sit, gay friendly flat. Alexandra Park. 1)ennistoun. flat screen 'I‘V/1)Vl). linen pro- vided. share kitchen and bath- room with one other. suit n/s. professional guy. £275 pcm inclusive except phone and ("11 Tel 0141 556 3966 eves or weekends.


I Central Newington flat. Single room. £165 only. Sharing with 3 other girls. Kitchen/dining room. all mod cons. N/S. suit professional female. Tel: 0131 667 8549.

I Rooms with a view. smack bang city centre. 2 love- ly double bedrooms available to respectable persons. £300 pcm per room. all inclusive. pltis deposit. flexible contracts. Tel 07816 216635.

I Lovely spacious room in large Marehmont flat. would suit friendly. profes- sional female to share with one female. £290 pcm. pltis ("11 plus bills. Tel 07879 813429.

I Exceptionally bright double room in new build flat. all mod cons including Sky TV. broadband Internet. video entry phone. private bathroom. suit n/s young professional. £350 including bills. plus ("11 available 15 ()ct. Tel 07979 530092.

I Young professional sought to share beautiful. spacious main door flat with 2 others. large double bedroom furnished with rUstic charm in Marehmont. all mod cons. £295 pctn. plus ("11 To view call 07970 433614.

I Room to let in new refur- bished flat. Boswell Terrace. Ferry Road. sunny and tasteful aspect overlooking gardens. £370 pcm. includes ("11 Tel 07811 457844.

I Double room in friendly. large central flat. sharing with 2 males and 2 females. would suit young professional. £290 pcm. plus ("12 plus bills. Tel 07717 436326.

I Bright double room available in central 'l'olcross flat. by Meadows. All mod cons. (}(‘H. wooden floor- boards. Sharing with 2 female young professionals. Would suit n/s female. Rent £270 pcm. plus ("12 plus bills. 'l’el (‘ath 0131 477 0244.

I Luxury, gay-friendly, brand new flatshare. McDonald Road. 10 mins city centre. sharing with one other. all mod cons. suit 25-40yr old professional. available immedi- ately. rent £330 pcm. plus bills. 'l‘el Michael 07801 440800.

I Flatmate needed to share with 2 others - 1 male. 1 female. n/s preferred. aged between 24-34. must be very clean. tidy and fun. l.eith St. room partly furnished. not a palace but good. £120 pcm. Tel 07976 712479.

I Large box room with funky double loft bed available in bright. spacious Stockbridge flat with lovely shared garden to share with couple. £275 pctn. plus (‘1. plus bills. Tel 07970 513217.

I Luxury double bed- room available to rent in fur- nished apartment with balcony & underground car park. Meadowbank area. Tel 07739 312871.

I Large room available in spacious. comfortable flat to share with 2 other girls. on 1.eith Walk. all mod cons. £240 pcm. plus ("12 plus bills. Prefer 6 month let. Tel 07890 654778 or 0131 553 3119.

I Double room avail- able in friendly. central flat at the top of 1.eith Walk. 15 mins walk from Princes Street. central heating 8; 1)(i. would suit n/s professional female. £252 pcm. including ("11 excluding deposit and share of bills. Tel 0131 478 0895.

I Large double room available in bright. sunny Marehmont flat. suit n/s. pro- fessional/post grad. to share with 3 others (1 girl. 2 guys in their 30s). & Pickles the cat. £215 pcm. plus bills. available ()ct. Tel 0131 228 3465.

I Fantastic modern flat, Meadow-bank. Double room with en-suite. suit couple or young professional. [Inderground parking. lift. fully furnished. £370 pcm. Tel 0131 656 9426 or 07980 759431.

I Room to let near llaymarket in spacious mod- ern fully equipped flat. Living with young professional male. 300pcm + bills must be tidy and available mid to end of November. Tel. 07766057073

I Juniper Green - dou- ble room in ftilly furnished colony flat. sharing with one other. close to city centre. lleriot-Watt University and all amenities. available now. £250 pcm. plus bills. plus deposit. Tel 07845 067436.

I Quiet single room in bright modern flat. share with 2. suit professional. £230 pcm. plus bills. plus ("11 Tel 0131 667 5678.

I Room to let in bright. fully furnished Morningside flat. available end September. sharing with 3 easygoing pro- fessionals. £225 pcm. plus bills and deposit. (‘ontact (‘allum 07906 928351 or Lil, 07821 172979.

I Bright, spacious room in ground floor flat sharing with l fetnalc and cat. Parkhead Loan. 15111 1. all mod cons. close to good bus routes. close to town. £280 pcm. Tel 07970 260950.

I Available now, single furnished room on (iorgie Road. great bus routes. young female. n/s preferred to share with similar. £180 pctn. plus bills. Tel 0131 337 0952.

I Double room available now in friendly flat on Broughton Street. would suit professional female. £320 pcm. ("1‘ included. 1 months deposit required. (‘all 1.eah 07951 055494 or (iary (17790458953. Previous applicants need not apply.

I Friendly, n/s house- mate wanted for double room in big. creative house. sharing with 2 guys (mid 20s). peaceful area. near by super- market. £220 pcm. plus ("12 plus bills. Tel 0131 445 5399. I Single room in clean and spacious Newington flat avail- able for n/s. huge lounge and separate kitchen/dining room with wireless broadband avail- able. to share with 2 profession- al males. £290 pcm. including ("1. Tel 07891 895274.

I Edinburgh, Haymarket - large, comfortable. bright double room in spacious flat. suit 1 or 2. share kitchen and bathroom. all mod cons. wash- ing machine/dryer. close to all amenities. (i(‘ll. no bills. no 1)SS. £90 pw. Tel (1131 667 6338.

I Central quality town house. lovely comfortable rooms available now. friendly. calm atmosphere. suit discern- ing n/s professional or post graduate. from £300 pcm. plus (‘1. plus bills. liurther details phone .lane 07962 633474.

I Large double room available in friendly 'l‘olcross flat over looking The Meadows. looking for n/s professional to share with 3 others. £200 pcm. plus ("1. plus bills. Tel 0131 478 2433 or 07739 114084.

Classified Personal



VI Saw You l.isa frolicking in the Necropolis with William Dick! Wow! [7533/1 § I Saw You gorgeous. interesting. smart. funny. witty. honest. tmderstanding. strong. patient. creative. talented. stable. well-hung. charming and perfect man in the Street last week. 1 was wearing a red '1‘- shirt. [7533/2 V I Saw You Big Bro (lax. Where were you for a pint 6' star in the note‘.’ The burgers ain‘t meaty and there‘s a seat for you. The terrible twins. [7533/3 V I Saw You on the 3:56 train to Neilston. 19/09. \Ve were both wearing Nikes and Walkmans. 1 should have borrowed that school kids pen to write you a note. ('an I call you'.’ [.7533/4 V I Saw You 14 months ago. You told me you were a SW. I shook my thing to Mann (‘hao. from travelling. to L‘l‘tot'i/o. our life and love is always interesting. 1 see you every day. and know that even when 1 don’t see you. my love is true. baby x [7533/5 V I Saw You Sarah. We spoke at ['rban Rocks. You’re doing textiles at l'.(‘;\. l'm doing photography in (ilasgow. I'd like to talk some more. How about another trip along the M8? [7533/6 V I Saw You: blonde hair. green jacket waiting for unbelievably delayed trains to Queen's Park. 'l'hursday. .‘vle: dark hair. blue jacket. didn't ask for your number. lake 2: Hi. what's your number‘.’ [7533/7 V I Saw You ()il (irccn hat . . come back?! Paintings on the Railings . . . dreads. [7533/8 V I Saw You looking for Alex. engineer turned marketing student. who was in the [him on 24th. celebrating his friends birthday. It's the lrish-looking girl with the gay- looking friend. (let in touch! [7533/9 V I Saw You so beautiful. in the ugliest town in Scotland. ltist let me hear you talk again. You stake my heart. striking dumb. then dearly depart. You’re with me like a water- mark. [7/533/10 V I Saw You the stunning Astra-driving blonde at the Braehead Burger King with your two friends 'l‘hursday lunchtime. 1 was the motorcy- cle guy trying without success not to stare. You're magnifi- cent. Would you let me get the potato wedges next tinte'.’ [7533/1 l


V I Saw You being thrown across the bedroom after snorting naile l)inae ken why. but baby you really rock my world. . . x [i/533/12

V I Saw You Zara. in the Street. long black flowing hair. tip and downstairs. Really enjoyed your spaghetti carbonara after l.ow (iravity. l)o yoti want to try my king prawn special'.’ x x [7533/13 V I Saw You drinking .ll)s and (‘oke in the Street. Saturday on your own using your Platinum credit card. 1'm the gorgeous brunette you couldn't stop looking at. Let's get it on x x s x [7533/14

V I Saw You staggering into the western Mrs Bowler. Red devil. you promised me a free dance. [7533/15

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