thing is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and the Devil is a great guy. So I’m just a good guy with good intentions. It's an in- depth character analysis told from the perspective of an unlikely protagonist in ()rlov. You don‘t normally see a movie told through an actual gunrunner‘s eyes.‘

Never the most coherent and definitely one of the most contradictory of interviewees. (‘age has been at pains in the last few years to distance himself from the Method school of acting. something he first declared himself a subscriber to back in the Brat Pack days of Rumble Fish (1983) and Racing With the Moon (l984) as a way perhaps of distancing himself from his big- haired cohorts.

‘The idea that I‘m not a Method actor implies that I don’t subscribe to any particular method of performance and I do have my own method.‘ he growls. ‘For example. at the time I agreed to do The Weatherman [being released in the US almost concurrently with Lord of War] I was going through a divorce and I was trying to Iigure out how I could take a negative and turn it into a positive. And when I received the script for The Weatherman [the story of a Chicago weatherman in the throes of a marital separation] I thought. “Oh well. here's a parallel." Sometimes I choose movies that help me. like a therapy. help me do something positive with a negative emotion. And The Weatherman was an opportunity to take this well of feeling that I had and just funnel it into a character.’

Iimerging from plenty of tabloid attention following his shotgun marriage to sushi waitress Alice Kim. a South Korean girl 20 years his

junior in July last year. (‘age has generally kept his press duties to a minimum.

‘()n top of everything else.‘ he explains slowly. ‘I find having to spend five hours in a room doing one TV interview after another knowing that everything I say will be a matter of public





record for the rest of my life makes me pretty uncomfortable in my own skin.‘

For a rare moment. sensing the interview is coming to an end. (‘age begins to loosen up and talk a little more openly about his personal life. maybe in an attempt to reassure that he is no warlord. just an ageing German Italian from Long Beach. California.

'I"or me things go in cycles. they wax and wane. I‘m just trying to get better at negotiating the waves. Right now. I‘m trying to be more neutral rather than ecstatic or depressed. I‘m trying to be right in the middle and to be better in all ways as an actor. as a father and as a husband. I'm not saying I have any control over my destiny but I‘d like to be better at surfing the waves of life.‘

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By birth, Nicolas Cage is really a Coppola and, as we all know, there are far too many of them. Paul Dale presents five other players you may never have heard of from the clan.

Carmine Coppola The man who brought the whole clan to Hollywood and so was responsible for their grip on the US media industry over the last

40 years was in fact a composer. conductor, arranger and flautist whose best known work is on the films of his son Francis Ford. He did, however, also provide a blinding new score for the new print of Abel Gance's brilliant film Napoleon in 1981. Grandfather to Nicolas Cage.

Talia Shire Sister of Francis. aunt of Cage and mother of actor Jason Schwartzmann. Shire will forever be remembered as the love interest in Rocky. All together now: ‘Adrian! Adrian!’

Eleanor Coppola Wife of Francis Ford Coppola and aunt to Cage. Eleanor is a multi-talented set decorator. documentarian and camerawoman. She also happens to be the sister of special effects guru Bill Neil (Judge Dredd, The Fifth Element).

Marc Coppola Cage's older brother is a jobbing actor who has appeared alongside his sibling in Vampire’s Kiss (1989) and Leaving Las Vegas (1995). Marc was also a well- known radio disc jockey for WRCN 103.9 FM in New York in the mid-19808.

Christopher Coppola Cage's other older brother. Physically about as different as it is possible to be from his brothers. Christopher is built like the proverbial brick shithouse and has the punched in looks of a club bouncer. He is also a reasonably well-respected producer and director of television shows and low budget feature films. His hits include. erm. Dracula 's Widow (1989) and G-Men from Hell (2000).

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