Sister act


Miles Fielder catches up with the eclectic AUDREY NIFFENEGGER for a swift

chinwag in an artists’ colony.

udrey Niffenegger is very pleased that her self-

styled ‘visual novel' The Three lneesrimus

Sisters is going to be read by a wide audience. Down the phone line from the Ragdale Foundation. an artists" colony outside of her Chicago hometown where she is spending the summer. she tells me: ‘I am so glad that the book is finally available to a wider readership via modern printing technology and the publishers. This is a book that is very dear to my heart.~

Niffenegger. a professor at the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts. where she teaches writing. letterpress printing and fine edition book production. spent 14 years making the book in question. Making. as opposed to writing and illustrating. because Niffenegger originally self- produced the publication in ten handmade editions. In the first year she came up with the words and rough pencilled images for the quasi-fantastical story about three siblings (the author has two of her own) who live by the sea and vie for the love of a lighthouse-keeper‘s son. In the following 13 years. she produced the finished artwork (using a complex. antique process involving zinc plates. etching and nitric acid called 'aquatint‘). designing the book. setting the type and finally binding the leather. The originals tnust be extraordinary to behold. Good luck laying your hands on one of these collectables.

Unsurprisingly. Niffenegger prioritises making books over telling stories. ‘I make books [she has produced other visual novels] because I love them as these perfect artef‘acts. and because I want to combine text and pictures in order to tell a story.‘ Certainly. she does both (her artistic and literary inspirations include Aubrey Beardsley and Winsor McCay. Henry James

28 THE LIST (3 ~20 Oct 200:3

and Edgar Allan Poe). but more titan 90% of The Three Incestuous .S'r'srers‘ l-i-year production time was spent making the book.

During that time Niffenegger completed her graduate education. set up a print shop with a friend. mounted a series of exhibitions and began teaching. She also started writing a novel. The Time Traveller's ll’ife. That book is the antithesis of The Three lneesrrmus .S'isrers. For a start. Niffenegger had nothing to do with designing. printing and binding it. Second. it became a bestseller. translated in 26 languages around the world and delivered to bookshops on a print run significantly larger than ten. She laughs at the mention of the disparity between the two books. 'l never expected The Time Traveller’s Wife to become a bestseller. I started writing it before I had finished The Sisters. kind of fiitting from one to the other with no thought about what kind of life each would have.~

Given the fact that she‘s produced both a bestselling paperback and a collectable coffee table-sized art book. what's next‘.’ 'l‘m working on a couple of things.‘ she says rather vaguely. ‘At Ragdale‘." l inquire. ‘Yeah.’ she says. adding: ‘We're not really supposed to use the phone here. Just in emergencies.‘ Time‘s almost tip. then. and unlike Niffenegger‘s titular heroine l have no control over it. so I press her. ‘l‘m working on another visual book although 1 may not take l4 years over this one. I'm also working on another novel. a Victorian novel set in north London. titled Her Tear/ill .S'yinmerijv.‘

And with that this sister hangs up.

The Three Incestuous Sisters is out now published by Jonathan Cape.

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